You R My Life part 67 (surprise episode)


hi frndzzzz…… this is a surprise episode….only for u alll… actually i came home for some issue so im posting this episode. hope u njoy this.
nd Parichary.. thanks for ur cute commnt yarr…also everyone one who commented….do keep on commenting nd supporting me which is my strenght. thank u all…!!!!!

recap: all reach patiala… shaila bua welcomes them. ayesha’s entry.

the episode starts with kavya going to her room..
kavya: what does this rahul think of himself…really… didnt he think of me…how could he say that.. i m so angry on him.
saying this she sits on the bed nd feels something. she lifts the blanket on the bed up… nd finds a letter. she picks it nd starts reading on which is written a big “SORRY…!!!! ”
also n instruction to go to the balcony. she goes to the balcony..nd gets shocked seeing a big box. she opens it… to her surprise she found a bis soft spongy nd pluffy teddy in baby pink. a broad smile appeared on her face. she immediately hugged it…she feels like she in the heaven hugging that teddy.
kavya: wow owow owow…..!!!!!! my dear teddy at last u came running to me frm that so called shop…? for me..? u love me that much…? aawww…love u too baby!!!!
she again hugged it.

rahul frm back: oh madam… i brought it for u…its didnt came running.its me who want to see this smile on ur face… but u (but kavya isnt listening to him.) oh hello…kavya.
kavya came into her senses: hey what r u doing here…?
rahul looks at her: actually i jst came here to give u this teddy… which brought a big smile on ur face. but u… r so busy hugging it. nd ignoring the who who brouht it for u.
kavya: so its u who brought it.
rahul: ha. y dont u want it… ok then i will give this to ishu.. she will take.
kavya: hey hey… dont dare to touch my rahul.
rahul: rahul..?! this one..?
kavya: ha… his name is rahul… my everything.
rahul smiles: acha… so u ve forgiven me?
kavya smiles: yeah…but dont u dare to say those again.
rahul smiles nd hugs her: sur, promise. luv u yaar.
kavya: luv u too… nd thanks for teddy.. its my dream u know.
rahul: ha ha… i know.
kavya: but how do u ?
rahul: haaammm… i know everything abt u jaanu.
they smile.

that evening…all were busy in decorating the house nd mandap for tomorrow’s shadi. jst then power cuts.
bhallaji: oh god… now how will we work without light.
raman: papa.. no prblm shadi is tomorrow evng.. almost the decoration is done… remeining we can do later.
arjun: but there r also so many works pending.
aakash: arey dad… come on chill we r there na… vaise its our shadi w ve to work too
raman: so for now u r take rest… u worked so much today… even we travelled.
appa; but raman…
raman: appa… go.. uncle, papa… jst go we’ll manage.
appa, bhallaji, sharad nd arjun went to take rest.then raman, aakash, saurav nd rahul sat around.
aakash: yaar… i think this power wont come soon.
saurav: yeah bhai… even i called the man, he said that it will take time coz main got damaged. i think we ve to live in this darkness till mrng.
rahul: oh my god…!!!
raman: idea… we shall arrange bonfire.
saurav: superb cool…it will be good.
rahul: what abt we call the girls too.
aakash: may b they r sleeping… they were tired na.
raman: ha.
saurav: no prblm… we shall continue.
they started arranging bonfire.

meanwhile…in girl’s room
ishu: yaarr… is anyone sleeping..?
all the other girls: no..!!!!
shagun: if we r feeling like this then what abt those men.
ayesha: maybe they r planning something.
kavya: ha.. they wont sit calm.
ayesha: shall i go nd check one.
ishu: okk jst go nd check.
ayesha leaves nd came with some news.
ayesha: u know what,… they arranged a bonfire nd were chatting.
ishu: oh really… we shall too join them come.
shagun: but y didnt they called us.
kavya: let it be yaar… its time to njoy… its so superb idea. come
they went to the men gang.

all girls: hi.
saurav: arey ayesha…hi. come sit.
kavya: saurav… even we came… u asking only ayesha to sit.
rahul: come jaanu sit with me.
ishu: idiot y didnt u called us to join u guys…?
raman: actually… we thought of calling… but later thought that u guys must b tired nd sleepy so..
shagun: oh.. but u didnt try to do… jst making stories?
aakash: baby…its not time to fight… but time to njoy. come ve a seat
Everyone went there nd sat around the bonfire.
Shagun: really yaar its so cool idea.
kavya: hmm shall we play any game?
rahul: yes yes we’ll play.
ishu: not bad but these games na we’ll always play… but now we r all frnds together… so what im saying is lets share our friend ship.

shagun: means?
ishu: means we’ll share our golden moments with our friends….like schl days college days our naughty antics…etc etc.
ayesha: wow… gud idea.
rahul: then firstly i would like to say how me nd ishu met for the first time.
ishu: no no i will start.
rahul: no i will… actually its my first day to the clinic… i met my senior dr. nd he said that ishu will be my colleague nd i ve to work with her every time. as i dont know whos ishu so thought of meeting her. so i went to her cabin she isnt there… our receptionist ria said me to wait there. after some time ishu came.
ishu: actually i was in a bad mood coz i came fighting with mma abt marriage…
rahul: as soon as she came started scolding me like anything… i was confused nd shocked too. i dont know her nd she dont know me… its our first meeting so y is she scolding me i thought.
ishu: i thought he was that stupid new compoundr who had stolen my brand new earphones. i told ria to call him to my cabin in a reason that i will give him a reward for his good job. as rahul was in some old fashioned formal clother i scoled him… even raised my hand to beat. then he confessed me that he is a dr.
raman laughed a loud…. all looked at him.

raman: really ishu…bechara rahul… tujhe kis angle mein iss chehra (pointing towards rahul) compounder jaise dikha…? (in which angle this face looked like a compoundr?)
ishu: im so sry yaar idiot…
rahul: thats ok pagal.
kavya: oh.. i shld b at that time to see rahul’s face…(rahul makes a pout face) but what is this idiot nd pagal.
rahul: thats becoz the first word ishu spoke to me is idiot… nd the first word i thought abt her after that incident is pagal. so thats y.
all laugh.

ayesha: nd now its my turn. raman bhai u dont know na…. me nd akhi were frnds. i used to say u.
raman: oh he’s this duffer.
aakash: even i used to say u abt ayu.
raman: but how yaar in schl..?
aakash: actually before coming to delhi… we used to stay in banaras… until my 4th. later in 5th we came to in banaras…i found my frnd…ayu.
ayesha: im his junior. in schl… but in apartment we used to play alone… no one except us. we usually dont join other to play with us.
shagun thinks: yaar anyone plz make her stop this bakwaazz… im fed up. she’s behaving as if she’s his fiance….not me. she how she caught akhi’s hand. haaa im losing my patience. i cant control my anger anymore.
shagun: haa…
saurav: now i will say abt our gang. me nd kavya dhi used to say in patiala our whole schling nd college too.. raman bhai, simmi dhi nd ayesha used to came here for every vacation. we used play a lot but out of all raman bhai is the one who play naughty antics on us.
raman: then what shld i do yaar… u r soo silent u will do what ur dhi says… nd other all r girls… so im the only man to do naughty thing.
kavya: yeah thats true..(all laugh at saurav ) ok noe raman, say abt ur frnd ship with ishu, shagun nd aakash.
shagun: i will say… coz if he say na he starts praising himself or talk aby ishu nothing else.
all laugh… ishra blush.

shagun: so… me nd ishu were frnds frm our LKG. we were classmates, bench mates nd everything always being like sisters. i think in our 4th class.. there was a new joining which mr. raman kumar bhalla. we thought he was smart soft cute nd sensitive. but we were wrong. once our class teacher made raman sit in between us, coz w both r alwayas chatting.
ishu: we introduced ourselves to raman. that day went away as a formal. nd the vry nxt day, he showed us his real roop.
shagun: omg… reallly we were wrong abt him. he’s not at all soft, nor sensitive.
ishu: but smart nd cute.
ayesha: ohhhooo bhabhi…smart nd cute…???!!!
ishu blushes: ha of course.
raman: acha…? but u two r not less. they didnt even think that im in between them they were talking like madness…. not at all stopping. my two ears were not working for few days…. nd later it became a habit for me.
all laugh.

shagun: later in our 5th standard again a new joining, akhi. one day in our lunch break… we were eating… suddenly akhi fell near me.
saurav: oh so bhai fell for u at 5th class.
all laugh.
aakash: arey shut up… i fell near her not for her… actually i fell becoz of her bag… which she kept in the middle of the way… while going i didnt see nd fell.
shagun: then, i apologized for him…even he had a small injury… becoz of me… well i cleaned it.
ishu: nd then he too joined our group.
raman: we were they naughtiest gang in our whole schl.
ishu: oh hello its all becos of u three everyone thought that im naughty too.
shagun: oh… my poor ishu, u r so innocent na.
ishu: ha.
all were remembering their golden moments….nd later slept ther near the bonfire the whole night.

precap: shadi.

im sry for the same precap. nd i think u guys were surprised through my sudden surprising episdoe na… so now its ur turn. surprise me with ur comments. plz dont leave the site with out ur remarks. theres nothing to loose frm u if u comment but the thing is we, i mean the writers will be happy seeing ur love towards the story so plz make me surprise with ur comments.
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  1. Wow nice dialogue among all gangs.
    Bonfire is great and easy to talk about old memories and happy days.
    Love it and can stop laughing when I read Rahul and Ishu first meeting then Ishu after meeting with gangs.

    1. Lasya Priya K

      thanks parichary…loved ur previous nd present comment too

      1. My pleasure Lasya 🙂

  2. You are always welcome Lasya Priya K!!!!

    Wow nice dialogue among all gangs.
    Bonfire is great and easy to talk about old memories and happy days.
    Love it and can stop laughing when I read Rahul and Ishu first meeting then Ishu after meeting with gangs.

  3. Superb dr…Are u in holidays..?
    B’coz there s three days holidays in TN..
    If possible,post the next episode soon…I am eagerly waiting dr

    1. Lasya Priya K

      yeah of course… as i said i will post one or two of my parts. nd thanks for ur comment

  4. Kumud

    nice episode and storyline love it

  5. superb episode….eagerly waiting for next one…..

  6. Veronica

    It’s really good yaar

  7. Nice full entertainment episode yrr plzz updates next episode

  8. Nice and missed it ff tooo much

    1. Lasya Priya K

      thanks kumud, ishan, veronica, nisa nd priyanka for ur comments

  9. Words r limited bt to praise u I need an unlimited word…… I can’t bring out my feelings in words as u r such a brilliant writer……

    1. Lasya Priya K

      thank u yashu

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