You R My Life part 66


Hi everyone… thanks a lot for ur support again. I’m sry to this will be my last episode for now as I’m going to hostel tomorrow. But I will surely post the nxt episode in my another vacation which is in October. I’m sry once again. So for now let’s start our today’s episode.

The episode starts with After 3 hrs they reached Patiala. All got down near a big house…which is like a big oldstyle mansion.
Raman: wow…its still like that.
Saurav: ha bhai…!
Rahul: its so beautiful from outside.
Kavya: it will b heaven from inside…(looking angrily at rahul) Aakash: yaar… its cool.
Raman: yeah…arey where’s my bua ? Buaaa….??!!! Where r u ?
Just but then a lady came out with aarthi tali…smiling seeing everyone.
Raman: shaila bua…! (He hugs her)
Shaila: arey aagay meri bachu ?
He winks at her, she too winks at him.
Kavya: arey maa we r also here.
Shaila: I know…how r u ?
Kavya: fine maa.

Saurav: arey maa… when I’m there what will happen to dhi.
Shaila: that’s what my prblm is. (All laugh.) Chotu kaise hai tu ? (How r u chotu?)
Bhallaji: arey dhidhi….I’m fine.
Toshi: I’m so happy bhabhiji ki u came India…or else Raman’s marriage would b incomplete.
Raman: yeh toh sahi hai. (Its true)
Shaila: vaise…where my bahu.
Raman drags ishu: bua…this is ishu…ishita.
Shaila: ohh… bahuth pyari hai.
Raman: selection kiska hai.
(she keeps her hand on ishu’s head. Ishu smiles)
She does arthi for ishra. They took blessings from her. She then does arthi for Aakash nd Shagun. They too took blessings from her.
Shaila: jeethe raho beta …. hamesha khush rehna. (Always be happy)
Shakash smile.
Kavya: maa… now let the couples get in na. They must b tired.

Shaila: arey… actually I forgot abt my jamai sa.
She then calls rahul nd makes him stand beside kavya.
Shaila: u both r so gud together. (Rahul nd kavya look at each other.)
She does arthi for them. Nd later all entered the house.
Shaila: so all of go nd freshup saurav arrange rooms for everyone.
Saurav: ha maa.
Shaila: u all sit here….I’ll bring u some coffee.
All were sitting in the hall. Ishu , kavya nd Shagun were chatting. Raman is staring at ishu. Aakash nd rahul were in the same situation. Saurav went for arranging rooms… just then a girl came running hits saurav….she’s abt to fall he holds her. He stares her…they had n eye lock. Suddenly the girl…
Girl: hey saurav….!!!! How r u man ?

Saurav in shock makes her straight.
Saurav: how do u know my name.
Girl: how mean ? So u don’t remember me? Really r u serious.
Saurav: wait a sec.
He takes his purse nd took a pic out. He compared the face on the pic nd the girl.
Saurav: so u r…?
Girl: ha ha… I’m…

Saurav: Ayesha !!!!
Ayesha: yeah…thank god. U r really so mean…don’t u remember me ?
Saurav: sry Ayesha …. actually it has been many years. u were so small wearing a chudi total punjabi attire but now fully changed to modern girl. So I was confused.
Ayesha: don’t u like this change.
Saurav: no no…its gud… suits u.

Ayesha: thanks yaar. How r u vaise.
Saurav: perfect. What abt u?
Ayesha: gud…vaise one thing I wanna ask is, what si my pic doing in ur purse ?
Saurav blushes: voh….
By then someone calls saurav.
Saurav: ha ha ji coming. Ayesha I’ll talk to u later. Bye.
Ayesha: bye saurav.
Meanwhile.. Aakash msgs Shagun to come aside. She asks y… he rpls her that he want to talk to her urgently.
Aakash: Raman..I’ll just come.
Raman: where ?
Aakash: aaahhhhmmm…. washroom?

Raman: oh okk carry on.
He went nd Shagun follows him.
Jst then ayesha enters the house. She hides nd looks at all of them… actually she’s finding Raman So she found that person nd slowly went towards him hiding. Then suddenly closes his eyes.
Raman: arey who’s this….?
She tells everyone to keep quite.
Raman: who’s this ?
Kavya: u ve to find by urself.
Raman then smiles: I came to know who’s this…. Ayesha….!!!!!
Ayesha: wow… u r a rock star.
Raman: I know that.
She hugs him…. where ishu feels jealous.
Ayesha: by the way how u came to know its me ?
Raman: I can identify u through ur touch Darling.

Ayesha: oh how sweet.
Raman: vaise u changed a lot. Super stylish.
Ayesha: thank u.
Ishu in her mind: wah wah….kya dialog vaise who’s she… girlfriend ?
Raman makes Ayesha sit beside him nd were talking.
Ishu: I’m sure its his girlfriend. Let me see can he identify me through my touch.
Kavya: ha ha… its so funny.
Rahul: arey what’s funny in this.
Kavya: rahul u just shut up.

Ayesha: that’s OK dhi… by the way who’s he?
Before kavya could say anything rahul interrupted.
Rahul: hi Ayesha.. I’m Rahul, naam to sunahi hoga…?!!!( I think u heard my name before)
Ayesha: yeah… in shah rukh movies. Vaise nice. So I think u will be my jiju right…. kavya dhi’s fiancé?
Rahul: of course right. U r smart.
Ayesha: voh to main bachpan se hoon. (From my childhood)
All laugh.
Shaila: arey Ayesha…when u came.
Ayesha: arey aunty just now.
Shaila: ok. Once come with me I ve brought u something.
Ayesha: ha.
She goes along with Shaila.
Meanwhile Shagun nd Aakash in one room..
Shagun: what happened akhi… y did u called me here?
Aakash: actually Shagun…. I just wanna spend time with u.
Shagun smiles: really yeh kab se ?
Aakash: arey u r my fiance my something so can’t I do it for u nd for me.
Saying this he came close to her.
Shagun: akhi anyone can see us.

Aakash: no one can see us coz its store room.
Shagun: this so not our home akhi…plz leave me.
Aakash: I won’t leave u until I finish what I want to do.
Shagun then hugs him nd then gives him a soft peck on his lips…which shocks him.
Shagun: I think its enough for now. Bye I’m gonna leave.
She runs from there leaving Aakash chases her to stop.
Meanwhile ishu from backside closes Raman’s eyes.
Raman: Ayesha baby…. just now u played nd i also gussed right na so y again.
He removed those hands nd turned nd saw ishu standing angrily.
Raman: arey ishu y r u playing these stupid games with me ?
Ishu: oh stupid games…that’s y u played with her. Leave it.
Raman: arey…
She turns to leave but he hold her hand. But she removed his hand nd went away.
Raman: what happened to her?
Kavya: may be she’s angry at u.

Raman: I know that but y ?
Rahul: becoz u…I don’t know.
Raman:I’ll go nd ask her directly.
Raman leaves. Rahul then came nd sat beside kavya…she’s abt to leave nut he stops.
Rahul: yaar kavya I’m sry sry sry…soooo sry. Maaf karo na. (Forgive me)
Kavya: rahul plz I’m dominating u….only I ve feelings…only I’m human u r not. Plz leave me.
She goes from there.
Rahul: u r stupid rahul… see how she’s angry at u. U ve to take a big step to convince her.
Meanwhile Aakash chases Shagun where Shagun saw Ayesha nd stops getting shocked.
Aakash: arey baby what happened?
Shagun: Ayesha…?
Ayesha gets surprised seeing Aakash nd shagun.
Ayesha: akhi…!!!!
She goes nd hugs him.
Aakash: ayu…how r u? What r u doing here.
Ayesha: I said u na I’m staying in Patiala. Me, Raman bhai, simmi dhi, kavya dhi nd saurav r childhood friends.
Aakash: ohh…gud.
Ayesha: how do u came here.
Aakash: arey me, raman, Shagun nd ishu r high schl friends. Nd also we r getting married too.
Ayesha: ohh so u r the other couple other than Raman nd his fiancé.
Aakash: vaise congrtas yaar.
She again hugs him.
Shagun thinks: bina hug kiye bhi congrats bol sakti hai na… chipki…!!!!( she can say congrats without hugging na always sticks to him like gum)
Ayesha: also congrats to u too Shagun.
Shagun gives a fake smile.
Ayesha: OK yaar….well so we’ll masti mazaa in this shadi.
Aakash: of course ayu.
Meanwhile ishu goes to her room where Raman follows her.
Raman: ishu.. what happened?
Ishu: what else shld happen ha? Go ur ex must be waiting there.
Raman: ex?
Ishu: ha voh…what’s her name ?

Raman: Ayesha?
Ishu: yeah. Go go she must be waiting. Badi ayi baby Darling…ha.
Raman: u r mistaken ishu..she’s not my ex she’s my sister…actually she our neighbour.
Ishu: Raman don’t make stories.
Raman: ishu I’m serious…. If u want I’ll make her say who’s she. Come.
Ishu: no no… its OK. U just go out.
Raman: r u sure.
Ishu: ha.

Raman: vaise tell me one thing.. r u jealous.
Ishu stares him: ha. What will u do ? I’m possessive abt u… I cant see u with other… if I saw na, I will kill u nd that girl too.
Raman smiles: arey if u r with me… all other girls will b my sisters. I don’t ve guts to see other girls too…also Mann nahi lagta kisi aur ladki ko dekhne ka……kyunki koi tumse zyada khubsoorat Jo nahi hai. ( also my heart won’t let me see coz there no there girls who’s more beautiful than u)
Ishu smiles: acha…aaj kal filmy dialogs bahuth sare maar rahe ho. (Nowadays u r telling many filmy dialogs)
Raman: madrasan… I luv u…luv u for ever.
He hugs her.
Ishu: luv u too Raavan Kumar.
Ayesha: I’m sry I didn’t see anything.
Ishra moved away.
Raman: arey Ayesha… ve to knock nd come na.
Ayesha: I’m sry bhai…but,

Ishu: that’s OK leave it na.
Ayesha: vaise bhabhi…I didn’t introduce me to u na.. this is Ayesha, Raman bhai ki choti Behan…I live next to this house. We were childhood frnds. Nd u know one thing, I’m the first to know abt u…ki bhai loves u so much…I think its in my 5th class. Then bhai is 8th standard.
Ishu gets surprised nd looks at Raman.
Raman: arey Ayesha shut up.
Ayesha: no no.. y shld I..I ve to say na.
Raman: if u open ur mouth na I will kill u.
Ayesha: OK OK….but bhabhi I will continue the next episode later bye.
She leaves. Raman tries to avoid ishu’s eye contact but she stops him.
Ishu: seriously ?

Raman: actually ishu..
Ishu smiles nd blushes: u took that much time to propose me ?
Raman: yeah… actually I want to propose u only when u r well settled in ur studies when u get a degree in medicine. So that u can take a gud decision abt ur life partner.
Ishu smiles.
Raman: Kal shadi hai…yeh smile Kal ke liye bachado (tomorrow is our marriage… save this smile for tomorrow)
Ishu: OK Mr. RK
He smiles.

Ishu weds Raman…??
Shagun weds Aakash …??

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  1. Superb episode…ishra was just awesome…and precap….what to do have to wait till October…have a great future dear….

  2. Purna

    Nice episode………..One more thing……..I really liked the cover pic ………..good selection dear!!
    Enjoy ur hostel life !!!

  3. Lasya Priya K

    thanks a lot ishan nd purna. nd i promise to give u gud episodes in my oct vacation

  4. Oh what a amazing story, Lasya Priya?

    Cute women get angry on men. Poor men get suffering by their wives.

    Raman changed topic to men when he noticed women stood angrily by hearing husband dialogues to save himself from them. Poor husband for not being honest about wives.

    Ayesha blindfold Raman then he get to know who is behind this. Then Ishita did this and how stupid Raman think that it is Ayesha. Poor Ishita get angry on Raman and leave.

    Cute quarrel between Raman and Ishita. Ayesha should tell Ishita full story but why Raman get scared of it and stop Ayesha for tell the truth to Ishita. Oh god Raman is not Raavan Kumar but chicken. LOL

    Can’t stop laughing at Shagun thinking statement of Akhi and Ayesha hug.

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