You R My Life part 65

Hi frnds…. here u go with another part.

The episode starts with jaanvi, toshi nd kavya seeing Arjun, bhallaji nd rahul angrily.
Toshi: bhallaji…what were u saying its difficult to manage me ?
Bhallaji: no no… its.. its lovely. I luv u toshiji.
Toshi: bas bahuth boldiya…kya aap mujhe pagal samaj liya tha…. Maine suna aapne kya kaha…?(stop it u said so much…. do u think I’m mad…. I heard u saying that) see I won’t talk to u.
Bhallaji: arey toshiji…!
She turns away.
Jaanvi: I’m dominating u Arjun…nd nd u want independence from me ? U akhi… supporting ur dad ?
Aakash: no maa I just…
Arjun: actually jaanu..its all his fault. He made me said like that.
Aakash: papa….!!!!!!???? Its u who’s blaming me?
Jaanvi: stop u both just shut up. Arjun whatever u said that…I wont talk to u.
She went nd sat with toshi.
Kavya: nd u think only I ve feelings…only I’m human, not u? How could u say this rahul…did I trouble u anytime ?
Rahul: actually baby I’m saying abt others not abt u….u r very nice.
Kavya: acha…r u thinking I’m a fool, idiot ?
Rahul: yeah baby…!!! No no no… u r n angle u r so smart.
Kavya: its enough talking to u. Get lost.
She turns nd goes to sit with ishu where ishra sat together.
Kavya: ishu dhi I want to sit here with u nd Shagun.
Raman: u ve only this place to choose ?
Kavya: ha.
Raman: arey go nd sit with rahul yaar.
Kavya: don’t take his name…first u get up.
She pull him out nd sat with ishu nd Shagun.

Toshi: this men na…
Jaanvi: ha ha toshiji….they r so bad.
Madhu: leave it na samdhan Ji.
Toshi: arey aap ki vishwa nd aap ko kuch nahi kaha…( ur vishwa didn’t said u anything) but our husbands said that we r dominating them.
Jaanvi: let it be na toshiji….men r always men they won’t change.
Toshi: let us not talk to them until they apologize to us.
Jaanvi: yes toshiji. U r right.
This was heard by bhallaji nd Arjun.
Arjun: arey bhallaji….what is this ? They took this drastic step ?
Bhallaji: all this stupidity is bcoz mere saale son Raman.
Arjun: even that my stupid son joined us ji.
Appa: Jo hua, so hua….now u go nd apologize to them na…y to waste time.
Arjun: but how ?
Appa: actually not now…they r somewhat spicy… u can go later.
Bhallaji: OK Ji… as u say.
The Raman with a sad face goes to the men gang.
Saurav: what bhai….u r so sad ?
Raman: what to say…I went to sat with ishu….but ur Behan spoiled it.
Saurav: but y?
Raman: iss saale (pointing towards rahul) nd ur Behan had a fight…so she’s somewhat spicy today.
Aakash: ohh…so sad. For rahul nd u Raman.
Raman: OK let it b.

Ishu: what happened kavya?
Kavya: leave it yaar ishu.
Shagun: arey com on say me.
Kavya: didn’t u hear what he said… I’m dominating him ?
Shagun: who ?
Kavya looks at her seriously.
Ishu: arey rahul…aur koun ?(then who?)
Shagun: ohh dry.
Kavya: let it b na dhi… don’t want to talk abt it.

Rahul: Raman bhai….give me n idea to convince kavya.
Saurav: actually jiju….dhi will convince only when u make her happy…impress her nd make her feel gud.
Raman: ha…. u just buy a gift for her nd convince.
Rahul: but wat shld I buy…?
Aakash: don’t u know what she like ?
Rahul: she likes fashion designing…. like music nd love shahid kapoor. But I can’t bring all thoses right.
Saurav: oho jiju…. my dhi loves teddies so much.
Raman: ha ha…kavya loves teddies…in my childhood when I stamped her teddy unknowingly…. she cried a lot lot nd lot nd demanded me to buy other. Even she keeps names for them right.
Saurav: ha bhai.
Raman: so what is the name of latest one ?
Saurav: its chutki.
Rahul: chutki….what kind of name is this ?
Raman: arey I heard this name in some cartoon.
Aakash: u still watch cartoons ?
Raman: arey no yaar….annanya will watch na.
Saurav: leave it na bhai…its chutki from chota bheem.
Raman: ha yeah….!!!
Rahul: will u watch it.
Saurav: no no…but sid will.
Aakash: who’s sid ?
Saurav: our friend….studying 7th class now.
Raman: yeah ve to meet him yaar…its so many years coming to Patiala.
Saurav: yeah bhai.
Later while talking all slept.

Saurav while going hits a girl… he stares at the girl. They had nd eye contact


  1. Kv

    Where were u all these days dr??
    I really missed ur
    I thought u won’t continue hereafter
    Coming to today’s episode, it was awesome😍😍
    Loved it
    Plz update regularly dr

  2. Zaira

    oh !!!what a nice surprise priya glad to see you again I thought you will come after 2 years ……😅😅😅 but sooooioooooo happy to read your ff can you please complete it before going to hostel😃😃😃😃 because then I ll be waiting for your ff…….
    episode was superrr loved ladies gussa😂😂…

    are you now studying in chaitanya in vishakapattinam or in some other school in ap…please say …..

    • Lasya Priya K


      I’m studying in chaitanya college in Vijayawada…. hostel. First of all I’m so happy u remember me nd my ff… nd other thing is I’m so sry… I ve to leave to hostel by tomorrow so there will be another episode that’s it. Our college gave us only fees day hols. So I may not post my ff before still there is so much. By the way u guys ve to wait till dussera vacation. I’m really ssooooo sry for this.

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