You R My Life part 64


Hi frnds…hope u guys remember my ff….im really sooo sry for the delay. As im in hostel i cant update nd from now for some days I may be able to post few parts of my ff. today’s episode is going to be a big blast. thanks a lot for ur suggestion Sona its regular one but its OK.
Recap: haldi celebrations of ishra nd shakash.

So the episode starts with… after haldi…
Amma came to Shagun nd ishu.
Amma: I’m so happy that u both r getting married soon….to ur love. Really its a grt thing. I wish u four of u stay together happily forever.
Ishgun smile….amma smiles too. Shagun cries recalling her mom.
Amma: arey Shagun y r u crying…?
Shagun: kuch nahi amma…. maa yaad aayi. ( nothing amma… I just remembered my mom)
Amma: arey what’s this….am I not ur amma. See u think ishu as ur sis…then u will my daughter too.
Ishu: ha ha…Shagun my amma is urs too…like we share everything we will also share our affection amma. Come on stop crying like a kid.
She hugs her nd consoles her. Jaanvi comes there.
Jaanvi: oho… y my bahu is crying ?
She sits beside Shagun.
Ishu: voh aunty…Shagun recalled her mom, sharada.
Jaanvi: oh..Shagun beta. Yes I am ur saas but Am I not ur mom….see I’m not that much typical serial wali saas. I won’t make u sweep the floor or cook traditional food for a big join family.
Shagun laughs.
Jaanvi: I will treat u as my daughter. Even toshiji nd madaviji r also ur mom.
Amma: ha ha…. u r my daughter too.
Ishu: yaar Shagun plz stop crying.
Shagun to ishu: I ve stopped crying… but u r the one who’s overacting. Stop it yaar.
Jaanvi: OK OK… let it b. Actually I ve came here to announce u something.
Ishu: what’s that aunty.
Jaanvi: ki… u ve to not meet ur hubbies till shadi.
Ishu nd Shagun: oh god….!!!!!
Amma: yes yes…. I ve totally forgot about it. Its n important ritual so u guys ve to follow.
Ishu: amma….we can, but those, will they do ?
Jaanvi: u don’t wry abt it, toshiji is preparing them.
Raman: Maa…!!!! What’s this stupid ritual…I just don’t like it. Plz maa… kya main aapki ladle nahi hoon ? ( aren’t I ur lovely son ?)
Toshi: oyee phitte mooh tera.!!! Tu chup kar. ( u just shut ur mouth) its important so u ve to do.
Raman: but maa…
Toshi: Raman… Aakash is silent, y r u making noise like a kid. U will be with ishita for ur lifelong na so can’t u stay away from her for 2 days ?
Raman: OK maa… I will b silent.
Toshi: its better stay away from them… both of u.
She goes out of the room saying that.
Aakash: Raman… r u serious will u be silent ?
Raman smiles: its impossible yaar. How can I be silent ?
Aakash: what will u do ?
Raman: don’t know… but will think later how to meet ishu. For now I’m so tired I will go for a bath.
Aakash: yaar… wait wait.
Raman: what happened ?
Aakash: I will go first yaar…. u will take time to come out na.
He goes before Raman gets in.
Raman: saale !!! He went off. OK what do think Raman how to meet ishu….idea !!!!!!
He then makes a call nd plans everything.
Raman: so we shall start it now. Ok ? Bye… love u soo much darling.(He cuts the call.) Now let’s wait for my success.
Aakash coming out: what success yaar…what ve u done ?
Raman: I had got a superb idea yaar….really it will definitely work.
Aakash: really…what’s that?(Raman tells something to aakash.) Omg Raman…u r extraordinary plan will work. U r really amazing.
Saurav nd rahul came there.
Saurav: which plan Bhai….to meet bhabhi…?
Rahul: what else they can do ?
Raman: oho bhai saab…u will also be willing to meet ur Kavya one fine like us…so don’t criticize us.
Rahul: ok by the way what’s ur plan to meet ishu ?
Raman: u jst wait nd watch….by 10 mins there will b n announcement…nd then…wow what a wonderful plan Raman…shabash beta shabash !!!!

Meanwhile toshi came to ishgun…nd explains the whole drama how Raman nd  aakash reacted, to them. Ishgun laughs.
Ishu: mummyji I’m saying u, they will play any antics to meet us.
Shagun: yeah.
Toshi: don’t wry…I’m there na. My fellow will listen to me only when he get a tight slap from me.
Ishu: ayyo mummyji will u beat Raman even now.
Toshi: u don’t know ishu…he’s so ziddi (naughty) boy he won’t listen to anyone so easily.
Ishu: yeah I know that.
They were talking….jst then bhallaji came there.
Bhallaji: arey toshi ji…dhidi called me saying us to come to Patiala for the marriage.
Toshi: arey bhallaji but when did she came from London?
Bhallaji: actually she wanted to see Raman’s marriage so she booked ticket for tonight’s flights nd will come by tomorrow. Also we ve to go there too.
Toshi: but bhallaji how can we all reach there suddenly here all the arrangements were done.i think no one is interested to go there.if she wants ask her to come here.
Bhallaji: arey toshi ji…she wants us to come there so that there is some parivaar wala pooja which is done only in Patiala its our khandan ritual. It’s must to go pack ur luggages I ve called a tempo traveler we will start tomorrow early in the morning.
He goes saying this
Toshi: hadd hoti hi…how can we leave all this nd go there.
Ishu: it’s ok na mummyji….it will be fun there.
Toshi: ok then pack ur luggages….I will inform this to all.
Toshi went to Raman’s room nd informed this.
Raman: what the hell maa…. am I a human or a robot. I hardly accepted not to meet ishu… now what’s this marriage shifted to Patiala…???? Sry I can’t come. U guys go nd njoy there.
Aakash, rahul nd saurav looks at Raman in surprise.
Toshi: Raman… nowadays u became so ziddi….I’m not asking ur permission but informing u. Don’t waste ur time shouting Like this, pack ur luggages we ve to leave early in the morning.
She goes saying this.
Raman closes the door hard nd gives a hi-fi to aakash.
Rahul: so this is ur plan. But what’s the use even there u can’t meet here as ur via I mean saurav’s mom will b there.
Saurav: oh jiju….my mom is a big fan of Raman bhai….she does what Raman bhai wants.
Rahul: I understood ur plan Raman…even I ve to impress my saasu maa. I will pack my luggage.
That night all were busy in packing their stuffs.

The nxt mrng….
An Ac bus came stood near the gate. All men were placing the luggage into the bus nd were settled.
Raman: yaar y do these ladies always take time to come..? Oh god Papa…how r u managing with maa these years
Bhallaji: as how others will manage their wives.
Appa: u know madhu will always be in my control. Here I’m not praising me but feeling lucky to ve her.
Raman: ahhhooooooo appa….!!!!!!
Aakash: yes uncle…really u r lucky. My mom too dominates my dad. Hai Na  Papa ?
Rahul: yeah…they think that only they ve feelings nd they r humans not we. They r always dominating.
Aakash: yes yaar  it’s a fact.
Saurav: arey jiju…u r not yet married to mydhi but feeling dominating?
Arjun: I was waiting for independence day in my married life.
Aakash: wow dad what a grt thought. Actually I think we men shld ve a special independence day frm our wives !!!
Arjun: then tat day is my favorite day. I will b waiting for that day every year.
They all laugh. Raman notices something…
Raman: yaar change the topic. It’s so dangerous to discuss now.
Bhallaji: oho putter u r not still married….u don’t know the difficulty of being married. The difficulty of managing wife.
Raman: Papa… understand y I’m saying.
He signals to look there. An all the others were shocked to see their wives standing there angrily.
Aakash nd arjun: aaj toh hum gaye….!!!!!
All the ladies:

On the way to Patiala…all men apologizing to their Ladies.

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