You R My Life part 63


Hi frnds… I know u guys r waiting a without any delay…let’s start todays episode… hope u like it.

The episode starts with Shagun waking up nd finds ishu nowhere in the room.
Shagun: ishu didn’t come yet… where’s she ?
She goes out searching.
Just the Aakash too woke up for drinking ng water nd finds Raman nowhere in the room.
Aakash: oh god where did Raman go…. saurav saurav…!!!
He wakes up saurav too.
Saurav: what bhai…what happened ?
Aakash: yaar… Raman is nowhere.
Saurav: maybe he is in the washroom.
Aakash: no yaar I checked… but he’s not there.
Saurav: I don’t know bhai… I’m sleepy.
Aakash: arey help me in finding him na.
Saurav: Raman bhai is not a kid… he will come na… u too sleep don’t disturb me. (He closed his eyes nd sleep)
Aakash: let it b… I’ll do it for my self.
He goes out in searching for Raman. So as Shagun is also in search of ishu…. nd then suddenly hits someone…. its Aakash.

Shagun: akhi…???!!! What r u doing here ?
Aakash: what r u doing ?
Shagun: I m searching ishu…. she’s not there in the room.
Aakash: Raman is also not there in the room.
Shagun: then pakka… ishu is with Raman I think so.
Aakash: vaise where r these… where r they hiding nd romancing.
Shagun: how romantic Raman is… bina bole ishu ko itna pyaar Detha hai…aur ek tum…?!!! (without asking he gives so much love to ishu… nd u..??!!)
Aakash: plz yaar shagun…. I’m so tired nd sleepy too.
Shagun: oh hello… did I said u anything or blamed u…?
Aakash: Shagun….plz stop it.
Shagun: OK fine let it… its waste of time talking to u sweetly. I just hate u.
She leaves but slips nd fell on Aakash. They both fell on the floor.
Aakash: aaaaaahhhhh….!!!!!
Shagun: ha…oh god its paining.
Aakash: arey oh madam I shld ve pain… u fell on me.
They were still on the same position.

Shagun: but its also panning yaar.
Aakash: chii…!!!! What’s this Shagun… all ur mehandi made my shirt dirty.
Shagun: oh arey my mehandi got spoiled.
Aakash: don’t wry… it is dried na so go nd clean it.
Shagun: hmm… u r right.
Aakash: is it comfortable ?
Shagun: no… but that’s OK I will adjust. (She laughs)
Aakash: arey Shagun… r u in ur senses… get up yaar… its paining.
Shagun: I like it yaar… its so gud here… like this.
She hugs him.
Aakash smiles: so u r saying ki u won’t get up.
Shagun: hmm… y don’t u like it..?
Aakash: actually….(he hugs her back) its so… nice… but paining.
Shagun: OK fine.
She gets up nd goes from there.
Aakash gets up: arey baby… wait. (He runs behind her nd stops her) OK fine I’m sry…plz do my put a weird face like this… u don’t look pretty. U look pretty when u smile… u look cute when u scold me …. u look gorgeous in a traditional attire nd…. u look s*xy in that pink short dress.
Shagun widens her eyes: chi… !!!! akhi.. u r shameless. (She beats him)
Aakash: ha ha… I ve forgot to say ki… u look Kaali maata when u beat me.
Shagun: oho… really…???!!! Then wait I will show u what this Kali mata can do.
She takes a stick nearby nd starts beating him…he tries to escape from thises beatings. He then hold the sticks nd pulls Shagun towards him… too closer.
Aakash: but one thing is left ki… how much u look pretty, cute, gorgeous, s*xy or Kali mata…the thing is…. I luv u the most. After my mom ur the one who takes care of me, luv me, nd nd nd fights with me…. whichs makes me the most happiest person in the world. I promise I will make u the same happiest person ever. How much my mom nd u took care of me nd made me happy…the more happiness I will give u my baby…!
Shagun was touched nd has a drop of tear in her eyes…. which came onto her cheeks. Aakash wipes her tear.
Shagun: I luv u too… akhi. Luv u so much….!!!! (She hugs him nd he too does the same.) Akhi… I promise too, to make u happy by giving u a lil Aakash.
Aakash gets shocked: what…?!
Shagun: I mean to say ki…in future not now. R u shocked at once.
Aakash: u made me mad at a second. Nd what r u saying is that u will give me lil Aakash… that’s gud, or else I can’t bear another lil Shagun in my life.
Shagun: acha… really… then I will give u lil Shagun as cute as me.
Aakash: oh god…!!!! then u ve to save me from these two shaitans.
Shagun stares at him angrily… aakash makes a pout face… then Shagun laughs seeing him… they both laugh.

Aakash: OK baby… bye gud night. I’m sleepy.
Shagun: ya I’m too. Gud night.
Aakash: ya ya… ve sweet dreams abt me.
She smiles… they bid gud bye nd went to their rooms
Meanwhile ishra were going in the car.
Ishu: thank god Raman… chocolate is five.. or else I would not sleep today thinking abt him.
Raman: hmm…..
Ishu: I’m sry I became so…
Raman: hm that’s OK babs..vaise u care for chocolate so much na…?
Ishu: ha ha… aftr all he became my best frnd. Nd u know one thing.
Raman: what ?
Ishu: whenever I remember u… I used to see u in chocolate.
Raman sees ishu in a shock: what…?! Seriously…. u mean to say ki u find me in chocolate?
Ishu laughs : ha… u r absolutely right. OK I’m tired yaar… i’ll sleep wake me up when we reach.
Raman: ha… u carry on.
Ishu sleeps.
Raman thinks: so now u became a dog for ishu ha…?! Nice nd good that she compared u with a dog like chocolate… not more weird animal.
Then he looks at ishu who’s sleeping peacefully nd smiles.
Raman: beautiful girls will be more beautiful while they sleep.
He then takes that pic of ishu sleeping.

Soon they reach home… he got down nd called ishu to wake up…. but she isn’t listening to him.
Raman: is she acting ? No no.. may be she’s really so tired. What to do now…!!!!???
He then carries ishu in his arms to her room. He knocks the door. Kavya comes nd opens the door nd gets surprised seeing them.
Kavya: arey wah… !!! Midnight romance ha…???
Raman: oh hello will u plz move aside…let me make her place on the bed.
Kavya moves nd Raman makes ishu sleep on the bed.
Raman: oh god…!!!
Kavya: hmm…so ???
Raman: what is ur prblm? I know what u r thinking but it isn’t that. Its different. Ask ishu when she wake up in the morning… also ur rahul. For now I’m tired nd sleepy too. Bye gud night.
Kavya: OK OK Raman… u go for now. I will see tomorrow.
He goes nd kavya shuts the door.
The next mrng…..all were busy in haldi preparations.
Ishu gets ready in a light yellow colour anarkali…. so as same with Shagun.
Raman gets ready in yellow Kurta nd white pyjama… as aakash.
Saurav came to them.
Saurav: arey bhaion… first class lag raheho. (U both r looking first class)
They both smile.
Raman: vaise y r u buttering us.
Saurav: bhai… really I’m not buttering.
Raman: acha so I ve to believe u. Abbey say me what’s the matter.
Saurav: actually bhai…this is not buttering…this is pulling legs.
Aakash: what do mean..?
Saurav: I mean ki…u two r romancing midnight with ur brides ha…?
Aakash nd Raman blush…..
Aakash: arey now do u know ?
Saurav: when u said me to search Raman bhai I refused… but later thought of joining u… but there I saw u nd Shagun romancing. What a dialogue yaar? Really its super. Even my eyes were wet at that time.
Aakash: shut up saurav… u don’t ve manners na.
He starts beating him.
Raman: arey stop it guys…!!!
They stopped.

Raman: nd u got to know abt me through ur sis kavya right.
Saurav: ya ya…! Vaise what happened ki u carried ishu bhabhi to the room.
Raman then notices kavya hiding nd listening… so he calls her in.
Raman: kavya madam… come inside. U wanna hear the story na… y r u there, come come.
Kavya: oh… so u caught me. Then tell me what happened.
Raman: actually… ishu got a call that chocolate, which is rahul’s dog, is injured.. so I took her to the hospital.. nd later while returning to home…ishu slept in the car nd I thought of not disturbing her as she’s sleeping peacefully so carried her to her room. Nd then u caught me.
Kavya: hmm…is this the real one… or a story created by u?
Raman: if u ve that much doubt go nd ask ur bhabhi.
Saurav: dhi… I think he’s telling right. Leave him na.
Kavya: OK fine. Nd nd coming to u Aakash…. enjoyed a lot ha?
Aakash: I think Maa is calling me… I’ll leave.
Hr heads to leave but kavya nd saurav stops. But he escaped. They laugh.
Then all of them went to start the Haldi ki rasam.
Raman nd Aakash sat on one side. Ishu nd Shagun on the other side. toshi, bhallaji, arjun, nd jaanvi does haldi rituals. All apply haldi to the grooms. Then amma came nd asks for haldi which shld be apply for the brides too. So after that, the haldi is taken to brides nd is applied to then too.

No precap. Want some ideas yaar…. I’m so confused. I will mention ur name for ur suggestion. But plz don’t leave the site without commenting. Keep loving my ff.

Credit to: Priya K

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  1. Dear,For what u need suggestion?? I am from TamilNadu..And really I dunno anything about north side marriage?.
    And coming to Today’s episode its superb and very lovely…?

    1. Yeah even im frm south… andra pradesh. I l knew only some rituals in north that to frm thoses hindi soaps. Anyways thanks for ur love towards my ff.

  2. Zaira

    loved the episode priya??
    akash and shagun scene was nice and in last episode loved chocolate scene very much
    I will think some thing and say you

  3. Loved it yaar

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    First of all , I am Really SORRY for not commenting on ur Previous Part ( Part 62) Actually Now only I saw it……..I was soooooo Busyyyyy today Bcoz of my classes………& Coming to both Parts, Its AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG AS USUAL YAAR…………..LOVED IT TO THE CORE…………ESPECIALLY THE CHOCOLATE PART IN PREVIOUS ONE & EK DUM MAST WALA PART IN THIS ONE…………..REALLY ITS SOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL………….

  5. this episode……. U always don’t miss a chance to surprise us……….u always rock my dr dhi……… Keep rocking all the time……

  6. after haldi rasam bride and groom are not allowed to see each other.. so u can write about their chup chup k milna ?

  7. It’s superb and lovely…

  8. Awesome episode…loved it!? By the way..will u introduce Ruhi in the distant future???

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