You R My Life part 62


Hi frnds.. here’s my next part… hope u love it more again.

The episode starts with all having dinner together.
Toshi: chalo  bai… aaj toh bad a Maza aya….. aur khana bhi bahuth swadisht hai…meri toh peth bhar gaya. (I enjoyed a lot today…nd food is also delicious…my stomach is full)
Jaanvi: ha ha….nach nach kar main bahuth thak gaya. (As I danced so much, I’m so tired)
Amma: I’m sleepy too…. let’s fresh up nd sleep. Tomorrow we ve so much to do.
Appa: ya..let’s go nd sleep.
Sharad: so let’s go kids… go to ur rooms nd sleep soon.
All went to their rooms. Appa, Bhallaji,  Arjun nd sharad in one room. Amma, toshi nd jaanvi  in one room. Simmi nd vandu with ananya nd shritija in on room managing with their kids. Shagun, ishu nd kavya in one room.
Aakash, Raman, rahul nd saurav in one room.
Everyone were relaxing after changing into night wear.

In ishu’s room…
Ishu: arey kavya what r u doing…?
Shagun: she’s applying sugar water to mehandi…so that it gets more red.
Ishu: oh really… do it for me too.
Kavya: sure bhabhi.
Ishu: OK thanks.
Kavya applied sugar water to both  mehandi.
Ishu: hmm… I’m done. until when we ve to keep this.
Shagun: as u wish…. but I’m washing it the next mrng.
Ishu: guys.. I will go up to the terrace  yaar… I’m feel to ve cool breeze.
Shagun: oh is ur breeze waiting for u there?
Ishu: nothing like tat… u just concentrate on ur work baby.
Shagun: OK OK…. ve a gud romance with breeze.
Ishu: shut up yaar… really I’m not going to Raman…. I everyday go to the terrace to ve cool air so plz meri maa leave.. stop pulling my legs, I may fall.
Shagun: just kidding yaar.. on go nd enjoy.
Ishu leaves smiling.

meanwhile Raman’s room.
Aakash: yaar saurav .. say to ur dhi ki don’t give such tasks like weight lifting yaar.
Saurav: y bhai ?
Aakash: ha u lifted ananya… u dont know my pain… if u had lifted Shagun na.. then u do.
Saurav: arey bhai that ok she’s ur love… u ve to bear it by urself… how can others do.
Aakash: ya even that’s true.
Saurav: hmm… where did the other boys go ?
Aakash: rahul was talking to his mom. Nd Raman… he went for a bath, my idiot will take hrs to come out from bathroom.
Saurav laughs. Just then Raman came out.
Raman: what r u guys discussing ?
Aakash: nothing yaar… vaise u came so early u take hrs to come out na.
Raman: chal bey kuch bhi bolta hai.. (u just talk nonsense )
Saurav: bhai… let’s sleep na.. I’m so tired.
Aakash: even I so much tired… Maine Jo weight lifting kiya tha na..let’s sleep… Kal haldi hai aur phir shadi…( I ve done weight lifting… ve to sleep tomorrow is haldi nd then shadi) so much hard working day.
Saurav: ha ha.
They both turned off light nd slept. But Raman isn’t sleepy yet. He went out of the room.
Raman: yaar… these guys na so boring. What to do…at this time what will be ishu doing…. may be she will be OK let’s go the terrace.
He puts on the radio keeping the earphone in his ear…..nd goes to the terrace. He gets surprised seeing ishu standing at the corner nd listening to music. He smiles.

Raman thinks: wow….what a timing ishu… nice breeze… nice mood very romantic.
He slowly goes nd hugs her from back. Ishu gets shocked she then turns nd sees Raman.
Raman: arey its me yaar… did u get scared…?
Ishu: ha. I was shocked at once.
Raman: arey who can hug except me…anyone don’t ve dare.
Ishu smiles: ya ya. But what r u doing here at this time.
Raman: I just came here… to ve some fresh mood. Nd I saw u.
He holds her hand.
Raman: yuck.. what’s this its so sticky..?
Ishu: I just applied sugar water to it.
Raman: y ?
Ishu: its just a trick to make my palms so red.
Raman: but what does it matter ?
Ishu: it means a lot to us. The much red this is.. the much we can be happy…even we girls like mehandi when its so red.
Raman: acha…really ?
Ishu: ha Raman…My amma used to say in my childhood ki if our mehandi is so red then we’ll get a gud husband who’s makes us happy nd cares us a lot.
Raman: hmm… these things r so funny to hear na…but I promise ishu…as ur amma said I will make u the most happiest person ever.
Ishu: ya… I know u will. Luv u Raman.
Raman: luv u too.
She smiles nd gives a peck on his cheeks… he too gives a peck on her forehead. They hug.

Just then ishu gets a call.
Ishu: ha Rahul…?
Rahul: ishu… something sad happened yaar…?
Ishu: what happened yaar?
He says something which makes ishu shock. She starts crying.
Ishu: where r u now..?
Rahul: I’m in the hospital… come fast.
Ishu: ya ya I’m coming. (She cuts the call)
Raman: arey ishu what happened yaar.. y r u crying ?
Ishu: Raman…voh…(she hugs him) Raman plz take me to hospital.. plz Raman.
Raman: OK fine but what happened to whom?
Ishu: u just come.
She drags him to his car… they went to a hospital. Ishu ran into one room.
Ishu: rahul… rahul… how’s he now ?
Rahul: ishu… I don’t know.. hes in the ICU drs r treating him but let’s  hope for the best.
Ishu: ya.
Raman came there to ishu after parking the car.
Raman: ishu
Ishu: Raman… nothing will happen to him m na.
Raman: yes ishu… but who’s he… ur frnd ?
Ishu: ya… he’s y best frnd chocolate.
Raman: chocolate…?
Rahul: ishu Dr came.
Ishu: ha I’m coming.
She went Dr.
Rahul: Dr… how’s chocolate…? No prblm na.
Dr: no no..its just a small fracture I ve dressed… he’s fine now.
Ishu: can we see him now.
Dr: ya sure.
Ishu: thank u Dr.
They went in.
Ishu: chocolate…. I’m so scared u know. 

Raman saw a dog lying on the bed nd gets surprised.
Raman thinks: I was scared too. Thank god…. chocolate is a dog…!
Ishu: Raman… I just forgot to introduce chocolate to u… come. Here this is chocolate… my best frnd in my clinic.
Raman: oh… gud nice dog.
Ishu: chocolate say hi to Raman.
Chocolate: boooww…!!!!!
Raman looks at ishu with a different expression. Rahul notices this nd laughs. He came to Raman nd whispers..
Rahul: Raman… actually its my dog… i used to take it to clinic.. ishu likes it more nd is so possessive abt chocolate. Don’t think she became mad.
Raman: so ishu can we leave.
Ishu: can e take him too.
Rahul: no no ishu… its not gud.. mom said ki she’ll  take care of him… vaise he’s not feeling well na.
Ishu: OK then… but take care OK na. Bye chocolate… get well soon.
She hugs him nd goes out with Raman nd rahul.
Ishu: rahul… u drop him take of him nd come tomorrow mrng… ok ?
Rahul: OK OK… u go nd sleep. I’ll cone tomorrow.
Ishu: bye.
Rahul: bye ishu… bye Raman.
Raman: bye yaar.
They waved.

Haldi celebrations.

Credit to: Priya K

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    Ha ha I think Raman will get possessive seeing Ishus closeness with the dog

  3. Superb yaar ur storyline is really perfect I love ur ff a lot

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