You R My Life part 61


Hi frnds…I hope u guys luv my ff… heres the next part…hope u guys luv this track too…

The episode starts with That evening…ishu nd Shagun wear applying mehandi to their hands. Whereas Toshi, amma, jaanvi, simmi, vandu, kavya nd other ladies were singing the mehandi song:

“Mehandi hai rachne waali…
Haaton mein gehri laali..
Kahe sakhiya saawariyaan haaton mein khilne waali hai,
Mere Mann ko jeewan ko nayi khushiyaan Milne waali hai…”

Nd some were dancing with joy. Just then the men batch reach there. They were staring their beloved wives lovingly.
the lady who’s applying mehandi asks ishu her husband name.
Ishu: Raman.. u just write R nd I with a heart…but it shld be coved by he design.
The lady: OK.
The lady does as ishu said….nd finished her mehandi for both hands nd feet.
Ishu: wow… u r really amazing so nice… luvedΒ  it.
At the same way shagun’s mehandi is finished too.
Ishu: baby show urs..!
Shagun: here…how’s it ?
Ishu: wow…gud its so pretty.
Shagun: hmm…now show ur.
Ishu: Here its so pretty na.
Shagun: ya…so so nd solo much beautiful.
They both smile. Raman who’s staring ishu was lost in ishu’s smile. He called ananya.
Raman: ananya…come here.
She came.
Ananya: maamu…how’s my mehandi ?
Raman: wow…so beautiful as u. Vaise as u wished I brought u ur maami…. do u like her ?
Ananya: maamu….maami is so pretty nd gud. I love her more than u.
Raman: ha… will anyone say like that.
Ananya: I was just joking maamu.
Raman: OK do one thing for me.
Ananya: what maamu ?
He kisses her on cheeks…
Raman: give this to ur maami from my side.
Ananya: OK maamu.
She runs away nd goes to ishu.
Ananya: maami…!!!
Ishu: hey anu…! (She kisses ishu.) Wow !! Thank u anu baby.
Ananya: say thank u to maamu…he asked to kiss u on behalf on him.
Ishu looks at Raman..who’s staring her. She smiles seeing him…he smiles back.
Ishu: acha…!!!
She then kisses her on the same cheek where Raman kissed. Nd looks at him. Raman touches his cheek nd smiles. They shared n eye lock.
Ananya: maami….here how’s my mehandi ?
Ishu: ha nice…so cute like u. By the way how mine ?
Ananya: its so beautiful as u.
Ishu: acha…thank u anu.
Shagun: arey ananya…come here. Show me ur cute mehandi….so cute yaar….
Ananya: also urs is so pretty chachi.
Shagun: thank u so much….(she hugs her)
Meanwhile ladies came to the brides.
Toshi: I think ur mehandi I’d finished right.
Ishu: ha mummyji…. ve a look once.
Amma: wow ishu… so pretty.
Jaanvi: hmm… Shagun show ur too.
Shagun does.
Amma: ur is also so beautiful. OK then let’s the grooms nd let then search their names.
Toshi: ha ha… Raman !!!!!
Jaanvi: Aakash…!!!!!
Aakash & Raman: haaa…. maaa coming.
They came.
Jaanvi: now u guys ve to search ur names on ur brides palms OK.
Toshi: but brides… no cheating ha. Let us test these…. how they love u.
Simmi: nd who will find first they will ve a surprise gift.
Raman: arey simmi is this a competition? Its just a ritual.
Aakash: ha ha.
Kavya: arey my dear grooms…. this is a test.. to prove ur love.
Vandu: OK now let’s start.
Aakash went to Shagun nd sat in front of her searching his name. Shagun is just smiling.
Shagun: come akhi… faster I know u will hai na?
Aakash: arey will u pls close ur mouth. I’m confused. I don’t understand what’s design or where isΒ  my name. So plz shut up.
Shagun: OK OK… but faster… see how Raman is doing.
Whereas Raman is searching his name… ishu seeing him smiling.
Raman: ishu, plz yaar don’t stare me like that… I’m not able to do it….my mind is diverting towards u.
Ishu: arey then what shld I do.
Raman: do whatever u like but plz don’t stare me lovingly yaar.
Ishu: u first keep ur concentration on searching ur name.
Both were trying hard nd finally found their name.
Raman: I got it. Here is R nd I with a heart.
Toshi: arey mera puttar….!!! Sabhash hoi sabhash.
Ishu smiles.
Simmi: so… my bhai loves my bhabhi so much.
Aakash: Omg…!!!! At last I ve found it. Here is my name written in Hindi.
Jaanvi: oh akhi…. that’s gud my son.
Kavya: so Aakash… u love Shagun so much na.
Aakash: ha ha…so much.
Shagun smiles.
Simmi: as said who will find first they will be a surprise gift for them…. so hai what do u want.
Raman: no nothing ..Β  nd thanks.
Kavya: arey how can it be…ve to demand something.
Raman: meri maa I don’t want anything.
Vandu: OK then will u accept a task.
Raman: what?
Simmi: any task.. but say that u will do it.
Raman: OK… but only if I like nd can do.
Kavya: then u ve to lift ishita nd dance.
Raman nd ishu r shocked.
Ishu: what…????!!!! Is it a punishment for me.
Raman: oh hello I ve say this not u.
Ishu: what do u mean ?
Raman: I mean, I will do the task.
Kavya: hmmm that’s the spirit Raman.
Toshi: arey but y only Raman… y can’t Aakash nd rahul join.
Kavya: maami.. ??!
Jaanvi: ha ha…toshiji is right come on akhi…come on rahul u too.
Aakash: maaa…. it will be weird.
Rahul: ha ha… Raman nd ishu won.. so the task shld be for them.
Raman: no no… I won’t agree…ma u r right…let’s come na don’t be shy…. come ishu let’s rock it.
Ishu stares at him rising her eyebrows.
Raman: arey come on… let’s prove them tat we r the best.
Shagun: akhi… let’s u s join too.
Aakash: what?!
Shagun: arey don’t u ve dare ?
Aakash: no… I ve. But…I don’t ve tat much strength.
Shagun: shut up nd lets prove it yaar.
Aakash: OK…. mera kishmat hi kharab hai.
Toshi: now rahul… come lift kavya.
Rahul: but masi..
Toshi: arey do it… don’t be shy…we r family yaar.
Rahul: OK.
Raman lifts ishu in his as Aakash lifts Shagun nd rahul lifts kavya.
Ananya: maamu… I too want to dance.
Raman: oh I can’t lift u now baby….as maami is my hand.
Ananya: but I want to.
Saurav: don’t wry anu baby… I will dance with u.
Ananya: sachi chachu.
Saurav: ha come let’s dance.
Saurav lifts ananya.
Simmi: so these lovely couples r ready… vandu play a beautiful song yaar.
Vandu: ha.
She plays subhanallah…Jo ho raha hai… pehli dafa hai wallah…. Asia hua..
They dance.
Ishra were enjoying the dance….
Ishu: are u feeling heavy ?
Raman: no yaar… if anyone will do it whole heartedly then there will be no trouble. I luv u… so I luv this to do such things too.
Ishu smiles: chooo chweeet. Today u r looking sooo cute meri pyaari Ravan Kumar.
She gives a peck on his cheeks.
Raman: ishu… all r seeing yaar.
Ishu: let them… they shld know na.. how much I luv u.
Raman smile: OK OK… later we can romance.. for now let’s concentrate on dance or else ur mehandi will make a design on my shirt.
Ishra smile.
Then coming to the remaining couples…
Aakash nd Shagun were dancing with difficulty.
Aakash: arey shagun ur mehandi… is touching my shirt.
Shagun: sry akhi…ouch u r stamping my leg yaar.
Aakash: I’m sry… I’m some what nervous.
Then coming to rahul nd kavya… they were just lost in reach others eyes…. looking into eyes na dancing.
Whereas ananya is enjoying the dance…with saurav.
Ananya: wow chachu… u r dancing well.
Saurav: its all u who taught me…. mam. Am I perfect now?
Ananya: yes chachu…by the way how am I doing?
Saurav: u r always perfect drlng.
Ananya: ha ha…thank u thank u.
Nd there the music stops nd all clap for everyone.

Ishu gets a call which made her shock.

Credit to: Priya K

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  1. The way u express their love is just magnificent!! Can’t wait for the next update…..
    Thank you for such a blissful ff….

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    great episode Oriya??
    I loved the way you express the love between all the couples mainly ishra .????
    sorry if I have not commented in last episode
    love you priya????

    1. Zaira

      sorry its priya

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Loved it…….Its AWESOME……. ISHRA is sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee

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