You R My Life part 60

Hi everyone….a small delay coz I’m a lil busy. I know u guys r so excited to know what happened next. So without any delay I will start the episode. Hope u luv it more again.

The episode starts with Shagun bringing sweet nd giving to all.
Shagun: is khushi mein moon meta karna zaroori hai… hai na auntyji ? (In this happy moment… having some sweet is good… right auntyji ?)
Amma: ha ha… u r right Shagun !
Appa: so.. coming to the point what on thinking is… how it will be if u two couples marry in the same venue…?
Shagun: wow that’s amazing uncle.
Aakash: u mean to say… Aakash weds Shagun nd Raman weds ishita in the same venue ?
Appa: yes beta.
Aakash: wow.. it will be really amazing uncle…nice idea.
Raman: ya Appa… we four r always together in every situation… nd now even in our own marriage… its gud Appa. What do u say ishu ?
Ishu stars at him: Appa..what u do is for my happiness na… so ur wish appa.. do whatever u like….nd I will be happy with ur decision.
Appa: that’s grt. So madhu shall we leave.
Raman: arey Appa…. y ?
Appa: beta… I ve some work, to take muhurtam for ur marriage na. Nd I ve talk to ur parents Aakash’s nd also Shagun’s dad.
Raman: OK OK Appa.
Shagun: uncle plz make our parents agree with this.
Appa: don’t wry beta.
Amma: ishu u can be here.
Ishu smiles: thanks amma.
She hugs her nd Appa. They left.
Aakash: yaar idiot… really what a news, what a news…??!!!! I m still in the sky.
Shagun: really ishu… ur Appa is very nice. Get idea na.
Ishu: ha ha… all r nice but there’s someone who’s n idiot. Born to b n idiot.
Raman: arey ishu… now what happened ?
Ishu: what shld happen still ?
Shagun: OK OK guys now u plz don’t start again.
Aakash: ya Raman…plz.
Raman: is it me who’s starting…?
Aakash: whoever starts u ve to be calm… that’s better for u nd her.
Raman: I’m sry ishu baby….plz…!!!!!
Ishu: OK fine.
Raman: luv u.
Ishu: luv u too….!!!!
Shagun: OK let it be….what I’m thinking is… as today is Sunday, shall we spend this day all together. We’ll dine together..?
Aakash: yes of course.
Shagun: OK… ishu come let’s together cook.
Ishu: hmm…but..
Shagun: arey come na.
She drags her to the kitchen.
Aakash: then meanwhile Raman shall we continue our work ?
Raman: yah…!
Meanwhile Appa, Amma, Toshi, Bhallaji, Arjun, Jaanvi nd Sharad r discussing abt the wedding.
Appa: so wat do u all say Ji ?
Toshi: idea is gud… but can we all manage.
Jaanvi: ha.. as we ve only 2days for the mahurth of marriage.
Amma: arey no prblm Jim we all r there na…even vandu, simmi, r there.
Sharad: yes yes…if we all work together we can manage.
Arjun: yes jaanvi….we can.
Bhallaji: toh yeh hui na baath…from now we ve to start the arrangements.
Appa: so we can share our works…we gents can manage catering, venue nd invitations.
Toshi: nd we ladies will manage shopping, pooja nd decorations.
Jaanvi: so all done then.
Raman: so that is how we again united nd our marriage is fixed.
Saurav: hmm… nice bhai. Nd also so romantic ha..!!!!
Raman: chal re… vaise wat abt u… any girlfriend in ur work place?
Saurav: no bhai….. bhabhi jaise ladki ab tak nahi mila hai. ( no one met who’s like my bhabhi.)
Raman: oh… u want a girlfriend who’s like ishu…that’s impossible coz she’s a unique piece available in the world.
Saurav: bhai… atleast let me try yaar.
They laugh. Meanwhile kavya came to them.
Kavya: hmmm… u guys r here, sitting at the corner nd talking… I was looking for u guys.
Saurav: y dhi… any prblm ?
Kavya: arey shadi ki ghar hai… there will be so many works na.
Saurav: now what’s ur prblm with us ?
Kavya: I don’t know but toshi maami is calling u. Nd u dhule saab…mammaji is asking where did u kept the receipt to shock we ve to give to the catering workers.
Raman: ya… I’m coming. Chalo saurav… let’s again get involved in the work.
Saurav: ha ha.
The three went down.
Meanwhile ishu nd Shagun were getting ready for the mehandi function.
Ishu in simple light blue anarkali…with silver work. Looking stunning with her hair open nd lil makeup.
The same way.. Shagun gets ready in a simple light green anarkali…with golden work. Looking gorgeous with her hair open nd lil make-up.
Then ananya came to them..
Ananya: maami…!!!!!
Ishu: arey anu…?
Ananya: maami…here maamu brought me a new dress for ur wedding… how is it ?
Ishu: wow anu… its so pretty. Nice selection. Ur maamu loves u so much na.
Ananya: ha…of course.
Shagun: ananya won’t u show it to ur chachi ?
Ananya: not like that chachi… here ve a look.
Shagun laughs: hmm…  nice.
Ishu: vaise anu… now r we looking ?
Ananya: wow maami nd chachi… looking so pretty.
Shagun: oh acha where’s ur dress for mehandi function?
Ananya: I will go nd get ready now… bye.
Ishu: bye any baby…get ready fast OK ve to apply mehandi na.
Ananya: OK maami bye.
Ishu nd Shagun smile. Just then vandu nd simmi came.
Ishu: arey simmi, vandu akka… didn’t u guys get ready..?
Simmi: we just came to see u whether u r ready or not ?
Vandu: ishu, Shagun u both r looking like twin sisters yaar… really beautiful.
Shagun: thanks vandu.
Kavya: arey simmi dhi… vandu bhabhi…go n get ready…its only half n hr left.
Simmi: ha ha.
Vandu: vaise toshi auty, amma, jaanvi aunty r ready ?
Kavya: no bhabhi they r doing… but I’m faster than them.
Ishu: ha ha.. kavya… u r looking ng pretty too.
Kavya: thanks yaar.
Simmi: OK come on vandu let’s get ready.
They went.
Meanwhile Raman went to Aakash.
Raman: arey yaar akhi…. what r u doing ?
Aakash: nothing yaar just getting ready for today’s function.
Raman: for voh mehandi function..?
Aakash: ha.
Raman: abbey tu waha Jake kya karega yaar… mehandi lagwavoge ?(what will u do going there… apply mehandi on ur palms ?)
Aakash: no yaar… I will just go nd search my name on shagun’s palms. Y aren’t u coming ?
Raman: but it important ?
Aakash: Raman don’t u know…? If we find our name on our bride’s name then our marriage will live long forever.
Raman: oh really…then I will come too.
Man: surprise….!!!!!
A voice came… its rahul.
Rahul: hi everyone…!
Raman: hey rahul. Thank god u came yaar or else ur fend would kill me.
Rahul: that’s y I came.
Saurav: arey jiju… u came for my dhi or for ishu bhabhi…?
Rahul: arey Sarle Saab toh badi smart hai…. samjliya mera mann !!! ( u r solo smart… u understood my intention)
Raman: ohoooo…. so u came for kavya.
Rahul: yes of course… but also for ishu yaar… she’s my one nd only fend na.
Aakash: OK guys… jokes apart come let’s go.
Rahul: u guys go… I’ll come.
Saurav: OK OK jiju… meet my sis nd come back soon OK.
Rahul: how will u caught me yaar..? OK fine… I will.
Rahul goes to kavya who’s helping ishu nd Shagun in their make up.
Rahul: hey girls…!!!
They turn…nd gets surprised.
Ishu: hey idiot…?!!!
Rahul: hi pagal…finally ur shadi na.
Ishu: ha ha…but its tomorrow yaar…u ve to here till my shadi. OK?
Rahul: ha ha I will…. I ve to be here only na.( seeing kavya who’s smiling at him)
Ishu: oh hello… Dr. Rahul verma… I’m here not there where u r looking.
Rahul: ya I know. OK I will go now…men gang is waiting for me. Bye.
Ishu & kavya: bye…!!!!
Rahul smiles.

Mehandi function.. ishra desi romance.

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