You R My Life PART 6


Episode 6
The episode starts with ishu saying that groom is coming to india.
Shagun: wow! Ishu I’m so excited to see him.
Ishu: so will u guys go nd pick him up frm the airport..?
Raman: what? We?
Ishu: yes u three…
Shagun: ok… bye we’l
They went to the airport.
Aakash: shagun, did ishu send u the name of the groom…?
Shagun: ha…. He’s ABHIMANYU RAGAV.
Raman: abhimanyu?
Shagun: ha.
They stood there with the name plate. The plane landed nd the passengers were coming out. A bold, dashing, smart nd good looking man in white suit is coming. He sees his name plate holding by shagun nd goes near her.
Abhi: hi… I’m abhimanyu. R u ishita?
Shagun: no no jiju I’m not ishita I’m her friend, shagun….nd these r raman nd aakash.
Abhimanyu: oh hi… shagun!
Raman: hm… Shall we leave?
Abhi: ya sure…!
They leave frm there to ishu’s home.
Abhi: hm… Nice house…hey shagun, will u plz show me my room, I’m so tired I wanna take rest.
Shagun: sure jiju…! Come.
They go.

Raman: yaar this man…. Will he only talk to nd abt girls or what?
Aakash: hm… talking to is ok, but talking abt is…what r u jealous of him?
Raman: what nonsense?
Aakash: ok. Say me one thing, do u love ishu?
Raman: ya.
Aakash: then tell me truth r u jealous?
Raman: ya…… I’m jealous…fine?
Aakash: raman… there’s still time left, jst say to her that u love her a lot.
Raman: no yaar…. See how she looks cute when she smiles (pointing towards ishu). I jst don’t want to erase that smile.this smile is becoz she’s going to engage. Every girl dreams abt her marriage right. I jst don’t want to spoil those dreams. I want to see her happy.
Aakash stared at him.
Raman: what r u seeing me?
Aakash: ishu’s love changed u yaar….. u became so filmy.
Raman: ha ha very funny joke… Come on.
Meanwhile shagun shows abhi his room.
Shagun: this is ur room jiju.
Abhi: thank you sarliji.
Shagun: ok take rest jiju. Bye!!!
She goes to ishu.
Shagun: ishu shu ishu ishu…. What a choice yaar!!! He’s superb, amazing yaar…so handsome. U’re vry lucky.
Ishu: really? Is he that much handsome?
Shagun: s yaar more than I expected.
Ishu: oh… I too wanted to see him yaar… but I can’t.
Shagun: I have n idea…. Close ur eyes.
Ishu: y?
Shagun: close na….( ishu closes) noe I’ll describe him…. U jst imagine how nice he was.
While shagun describes abhimanyu… ishu starts imaging but she can see only RAMAN’S image. She opens her eyes.
Shagun: what ishu? Did u imagine?
Ishu: no… but…
Shagun: then?
Ishu: I saw RAMAN!!!
Shagun: WHAT?!
Ishu: yes…. I saw Raman when I closed my eyes. Don’t know yaar it’s a strange feeling.
Shagun: may be u r falling for him.
Ishu: what nonsense? There’s nothing like that. he’s my best friend forever.
Shagun: don’t know what’s going on…everything is on ur faith… god’ll decide ur future with
Saying this she leaves, leaving ishu in confusion.

The next morning ….
Ishu is sleeping. She’s dreaming……where she’s in a beautiful garden. She sees Raman coming towards her. He came close to her nd opened a box which has a diamond ring. He bent on his knees nd proposed her. Ishu was impressed for his proposal nd is abt to accept… someone woke up’s ishu’s sister…Vandu.
Ishu: how rude akka…? Woke me up na…. (Beats her with pillow)
Vandu: ishu it’s 9:00 am, will anyone sleep till this time? Will u continue this even after ur marriage?
Ishu: yes of course…I’ll. Becoz Raman is so sweet that he can’t see me struggling.
Both vandu nd ishu r surprised.

Precap :
The engagement happens with an amazing twist!!!!

Credit to: priya

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