You R My Life part 59


Hi frnds… thanks for ur all support nd love guys…. i luv all of ur comments…. so plz keep commenting.. i will keep u guys entertain. Heres the nxt part of my ff… hope u like no no luv it more nd more.

The episode starts with amma nd appa reaching the emergency ward. Jst then aakash nd shagun too reach there.
Shagun goes to amma: auntyji… ishu ?
Amma: shagun beta… nothing will happen to ishu na.
Shagun: no auntyji….ishu will be fine.
They hug. Jst then nurse came out.
Aakash: nurse, can we see her ?
Nurse: yes u can but the prblm is i ve send mr. Bhalla to bring medicines fr the patient… aftr giving medicines u can meet her.
Appa: thank u so much.
Meanwhile raman came with medicines…nd gives them to nurse… she gave medicines nd asked them to meet ishu.
Everyone went in… ishu slowly opens her eyes nd saw everyone.
Amma: ishu…kannah… u r fine na ?
Ishu slowly talks: ha amma… im fine.
Raman: im so happy ishu.. ki u r fine.
Ishu: ur ishu wont go away that much easily raman.
Appa: stop it ishu…!
Ishu: appa…..!? What happened ?
Appa: what shld happen ishu… isnt it enough ?
Ishu: but whats the matter appa ?
Appa: ishu.. becoz of this man u r in such a condition… becoz of this man u r crying since 3 yrs… nd becoz of this man u r making ur life hell. But i cant tolerate this anymore… plz raman i beg u plz leve my ishu… plz leave her alone.
Raman nd ishu r shocked. Amma, Aakash nd shagun r worried.
Amma: ayyo vishwa…. y r u saying this… raman is not the reason for ishu’s condition.
Appa: then u say me whats the reason…?
Ishu: appa… what r u talking ?
Appa: see ishu…. what im doing is for u. So u plz stay out of it.
Ishu: but appa…
Raman: no ishu.. appa is right. Im the reason for ur condition… im the reason for ur sorrow… so i ll go away frm ur life.
Raman heads to leave…Ishu stops him by holding his hand.
Ishu: raman… stop this nonsense… r u mad ? I will kill u if u go away.
Appa: ishu let him go…with him all ur sorrow will go away.
Ishu: no appa…. hes my life.
Appa: oh… then u ve to choose anyone of us.
Ishu: appa…
Raman cries… nd leaves ishu’s hand.
Raman: goodbye ishu.
He goes out…aakash nd shagun follows him.
Ishu cries: appa… i dont know y r u behaving like this, what mistake did raman do ?
Appa: to be ur frnd… nd to love u. Nd also to leave u alone when u need him.
Ishu: appa… raman didnt leave me, i left him becoz i was angry at that time..nd i was crying becoz i left him. Y r u objecting appa ?
Appa: becoz he snatched all ur happiness ishu.
Ishu: see appa my happiness is with raman… nd now if u refuse i will not marry him… but remember one thing i will not marry anyone except him. I loved him, i love him nd i will love him only raman no one else.
Appa: but ishu beta….
Ishu: appa plz… u think raman is the reason for my present condition… but in future u will be the reason for my condition.
Amma: ishu u jst calm down… u take rest i will manage. Vishwa come with me…
Amma drgs appa out.
Amma: vishwa… wat u r thinking is wrong vishwa. Plz see how ishu became sad, do u want ur daughter to be sad like this forever…? Nd now u became the reason for ur daughters condition vishwa. How cum u can do this to ur ishu… im with my ishu vishwa nd raman will be her husband thts it.
Saying this amma leaves frm there. Appa worries..
Appa: am i doing any wrong ? Im doi g this for ishu’s happiness… but, i ve to think once again.
Meanwhile raman goes to washroom cring, aakash nd shagun follows.
Raman cries: really appa is right…im the reason for ishu’s condition.
He cries sying this. Aakash worries seeing him, shagun keeps her hand on aakash’s shlder
Shagun: akhi… im worried fr raman yaar.
Aakash saw her: shagun… r u mad ?
Shagun: y akhi…what happened ?
Aakash: r u in ur senses ?
Shagun: will u say me whats the matter ?
Aakash: y did u came here, its men’s washroom ?
Shagun gets embaressed … she goes out immediately.
Shagun: what the hell did u do shagun… really akhi is right, im mad.
Aftr sometime aakash nd raman came out.
Shagun: raman dont wry… i will talk to uncle.
Raman: no shagun… not needed.
Aakash: raman unvle is some wat angry as he couldnt see ishu in that condition…so he needs sometime later evrything will be alright.
Raman: i dont think so yaar, even i cant live with out ishu, i luv her so much, i want her, but i wont go back coz im the reason for ishu’s sorrow. But i luv her so much….
Saying this he hugs aakash.
He consoles him as well as shagun.
Raman: akhi.. plz shall we leave, i cant stay here anymore, coz i may again think of ishu. So plz.
Shagun: ya lets go akhi.
They left.
Appa hears this.
Appa: i dont understand anything.
There ishu in the room cries, whereas amma consoles her, raman aakash nd shagun reach their flat.  
After 2 days…. in Raman’s flat,
Someone knocks at the door. Shagun goes and opens nd gets shocked seeing ishu.
Shagun: ishu..! How r u? (She hugs her)
Ishu: where’s Raman ? (Angrily) what does he think of himself ha…? Where is he Shagun ?
Shagun: voh… he’s in his room with akhi.
She goes to the room…Raman nd Aakash r working on their office project. They saw her nd gets surprised.
Raman: ishita… what r u doing her? Any prblm ?
Ishu: oh… ishita ? Nice, much change. Anyways… akhi i just came here to ask him my heart, which is with him. I want it back… coz I can’t move on in my life na. So plz….
Raman: what’s wrong with u ishu…?
Ishu: no no… im not ishu, im ishita dont call me like that Mr. I jst hate that name of mine. actually i hate u, i hate u, becoz ……(she holds his collar) coz i love u. But u, a big sacrificer, who thinks he did a gud job by sacrificing his love to his appa, dont love me at all na. I’m the one thinking my ravan kumar loves me a lot. On that u r right, saying that a girl who marries ravan kumar is unlucky, yes im unlucky really i am.                     Raman is shocked: im sry ishu… but i ve to do it, becoz im the reason for ur sorrow. im the reason for ur bad condition. im the reason…
Ishu then gives a tight slap: not a word more…… who said u this… my appa ? if he said u will accept it ? r u mad or r u dumb…my appa cares abt me, but u…. but u love me na…. if u really love me u would ve proved ur love in front of my appa…. my appa doesn’t knw how much u love me buddu. he jst thought ki i cried a lot in the past 3 yrs becoz of u… but he don’t know ki i cried becoz u were not there with me then… nd when u came back to me…i started smiling again..he didnt recognize that…. i made him realize ki i luv u nd u love me, we r made fr each other. hello can u understand me…?
Raman: ishu…i m sry i can understand but…i cant.            
Appa:y cant u Raman…?                  
All turn nd sees appa nd amma standing there.                        
Raman: appa…                                  
Appa came forward to Raman, he took ishu’s hand nd kept it on Raman’s: Raman beta, i came here with a proposal…. will u marry my daughter, ishita..?            
Raman: but appa..                      
Appa: what i ve said, plz jst forget it… i m sry for what i ve said but plz marry my daughter. she loves u alot… she cant live without u, i realized this so late.          
Raman: appa… appa no need to say sry… infact i m sry, plz appa forgive me.    
Appa: ok, but only when u agree to marry my daughter.                  
Raman smiles nd looks at ishu who’s not seeing him: of course appa…. i luv here too.                                                                                                                  All smile… Aakash hugged Raman …Shagun hugged ishu but ishu in angry.

Ishu is angry on Raman where he tries to console her.

Credit to: Priya K

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