You R My Life part 58


Hi guys i know u r so excited… so without any late i will start the episode. Hope u luv this one.

The episode starts with raman in shock seeing ishu falling down on the road. He cries seeing ishu in that condition.
Raman: ishu… plz plz… open ur eyes….ishu…!!!!
Then the man came to them…
Man: excuse me sir what happened ?
Raman: sir plz help sir… a car hit my ishu…plz sir .
Man: come on… here my car we ll take her to the hospital.
Raman lifts ishu in his arms nd gets inyo the car. That man drives. Raman makes her sleep on his lap.
Raman: ishu… plz open ur eyes…. ishu… ishu…!!!
He cries, his tears fall on ishu’s face.
Ishu slightly tries to open her eyes….
Raman: ishu ishu…. open..!!!

Ishu: raman… raman…(she cries)
Raman: ishu… ishu dont worry everything will b alright… im here with u na… no need to worry…. arrey bhaisab plz go fast yaar…my ishu.
Man: ya im going na..dont wry sir.
Raman: ishu plz u dont wry…omg how much blood..
He takes his hanky nd keeps it on the wound
Raman: noyhing is going to happen ishu… u ll b fine, i promise u.
Ishu slighyly smiles…..
Ishu: raman… dont wry i will b with u… i know i will survive i trust u coz i ve to torture u na… i will come back dont wry…
Raman: shut up… dont wry… dont talk… y r scaring me…plz nothing will happen to u… u jst
Then she gives a peck on his lips….raman is surprised.
Ishu: i luv u raman,.. i want to live with u forever…

Saurav: wait wait wait….
Raman: arey what happened yaar ?
Saurav: kya bhai… itni serious situation mein kya romantic drama ho rahi hai ? (In betwn a serious situation…whats this romantic drama)
Raman: arey what i ve done ? She gave me.. i didnt ask right.
Saurav: ya.. thats right. But y did bhbhi give it to u ?
Raman: dont know yaar.
Saurav: ok ok… what happened nxt…?
Raman: then the scene shifts to the hospital…
Raman carries ishu in his arms to the hospital… he places her on the strecher..
Raman: doctor,…?!!!!
He takes ishu to the emergency ward…
Doctor: u plz wait here… we ll take care of her.
Raman: doctor plz save her…. nothing shld happen to her.
Doctor: yes mr. Bhalla we ll try our level best.
The doctor goes to the ward with ishu. Raman was waiting restlessly outside. He was praying for ishu.
Aftr 1 hr doctor came out to raman,
Raman: doctor… is ishu alright ? Nothing is happened to her na… shes fine right ?
Doctor: calm down mr. Bhalla !
Raman: dr say me somthing..
Doctor: mr. Bhalla shes perfectly alright. Theres jst a small injury on her forehead like a scratch. We had dressed it now theres no prblm.
Raman: really dr…?? Thank u so much.
He hugs him in happiness.
Doctor: thats ok mr. Bhalla its my duty.
Raman: can i see her now?
Doctor: no no.. shes sleeping now. U can go later, now its already 3:00 am u too go nd rest.
Raman: no dr… if i leave this hospital its only taking ishu along.
Doctor: ok fine.

Then raman calls aakash nd amma nd informed everything.
Amma: omg raman… is ishu fine now?
Raman: yes amma… but… hello amma..? Hello..?
Jst then call cuts as theres no signal.
Amma: hello… hello raman…!
Appa: what happened madhu… with whom u r talking at this time ?
Amma: voh…(she cries nd informes to appa)
Appa: omg… madhu come lets go
Amma: ayyo vishwa… ishu … i think its a serious matter.. ishu was in ICU…!
Appa: mafhu dont wry ishu will be fine.
Meanwhile aakash goes nd knocks shagun’s room door.
Shagun opens, she yawns: what do u want now akhi…?
Aakash: arey shagun… r u awake?
Shagun: r u drunk akhi…(she closes her eyes md yawns)
Aakash brings a jug of water nd throws it on shagun’s face.
Shagun: aaaahhh… r u mad akhi… what r u doing?
Aakash: arey oh sleeping beauty wake up… ishu has met with n accident…!
Shagun: what…???!!!!!! Is it serious ?
Aakash: no yaar… its jst a small injury like a scratch on forehead.
Shagun: but is she fine now ?
Aakash: ya… shes perfect now.
Shagun: thank god… my ishu is fine now.

She hugs aakash.
Aakash: ok now lets go there to see ishu.
Shagun: ya.. lets go.
Meanwhile in the hospital…
Nurse came yo raman,
Nurse: kya aap ishitaji ki reltive jo ? ( r u releted to ishita?)
Raman: yes..?
Nurse: then here bring these medicines frm the pharmacy down for the patient.
Raman takes the prescription: ya sure…
He goes to tje pharmacy.
Meanwhile They all reach the hospital… amma nd appa goes to the reception.
Appa: excuse me where’s my daughter….?
Receptionist: sir whats the patients name.
Amma: ishita… ishita iyyer.
Receptionist checks in the system: patient is in the emergency ward… its in the 2nd floor.
Appa: thank u.

Appa blames raman for ishu’s condition. Raman is broken.

Credit to: Priya K

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  1. Love it…awesome…poor Raman appa blames him for ishu’s condition

  2. Bisma.Fazlani

    Awesome poor Raman is me in Raman ki Kya galti…. Waiting for next episode….

  3. Nice but he shouldn’t be blamed for ishu condition

  4. Honey


  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Poor Raman…….Its Nice yaar…….

  6. Zaira

    superb episode priya
    feeling pity on Raman.
    is Raman saying saurav his story??? anyways loved the episode ???

    1. Yes Zaira… actually he’s saying how ishra united again.

      1. Zaira

        thanks priya

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