You R My Life part 57

Hi frnds… thanks for forgiving me again…. so this episode is full of surprises, here’s the nxt part. Hope u like it.

The episode starts with shagun freshens up nd arranges the food on the table. Meanwhile aakash came.
Shagun: u came baby.. come on go nd freshup we ll ve dinner together.
Aakash: yah… i ve brought some other surprise too.
Shagun: oh whats that…?
Aakash: here i ve brought u ur fav pine apple pastrie…!!!
Shagun: wow akhi… i luv u so mush yaar…!!!!
She hugs him nd gives a peck on his cheeks.
Aakash: wow… nowadays u r becoming so romantic. I like it.
Shagun: the fact is if u surprise me like this… i will become romantic.
Aakash: oho…!!! Then i will make u surprise even more.
Shagun: ok… for now go nd fresh up.
He goes.
Meanwhile ishra were feeding eachother…
Raman: wow… so many days aftr im having this dhaba wali food. U surprised me a lot today.
Ishu: aftr so many days im spending time with u raman… i though of making it special.
Raman: thank u ishu… for being my life again, for bringing happiness again into my life, for being with me forever. I cant say how much i luv u… its uncomparable with any of the thing.
Ishu smiles nd cups his face: i luv u too raman… i luv u so much.
They hug… later she keeps her head on raman’s sholder. They were remembering their sweet nd cute moments.
Jst then aakash came out to the hall aftr freshing up. Nd gets surprised seeing shagun in a pink short dress. He was stunned seeing her.
Shagun: how am i looking akhi…?
Aakash: actually…
Shagun: not gud ?
Aakash: not bad… in fact its amazing…awesome. u r looking so s*xy yaar shagun.
Shagun: oh… really akhi…?
Aakash: but wait a sec.. u dont like it when i gifted to u na.. but whats this sudden change ?
Shagun: y ? Shlddnt i change for my baby ? Dont u like it ?
Aakash: no no i luv this change…actually ti want yjis change to b forever.
Shagun: shut up akhi… i jst thought of surprising u as u surprised me a lot.
Àakash: ok im sry lets ve dinner first im hungry.
They had their dinner.
Aakash: hmm.. im done yaar. My stomach is full.
Shagun: akhi… really the food is so tasty i luved it so much.
Aakash: oh ya its so tasty.
Shagun: akhi.. what im thinking is…. shall v ve a dance ?
Aakash: dance ?
Shagun: ya… dont u want to do ?
Aakash: shagun, aaja kya tujhe office mein baba nazar aya hai ? (Did any baba met u in ur office today ?) U r really surprising me a lot today
Shagun: will u dnce with me or not intrested ?
She forwards her hand.
Aakash: ya ofcourse. (He holds her hand)
They both dance on Bol do na zara….frm azhar
The same way raman forwards his hand to ishu…
Raman: ishu.. shall we dance ?
Ishu smiles nd holds his hand: yes of course.
They both dance…. Bol do na zara plays…
Raman: its gud to dance with u… its like im dreaming.
Ishu: its not a dream yaar.. its real. Ur ishu is always urs. No one will make us separate frm eachother.
Raman: ya thats true…!!! No one can bear my madrasan except me.
Ishu: u r so mean…. anyways no one will marry this ravan kumar.. im tat lucky girl to do it.
Raman: i dont think the girl whos marrying ravan kumar is lucky.
Ishu: may be its true… but im lucky to marry my ravan kumar… i luv him a lot. Hes not like u hes so sweet nd caring.
Raman: acha…ravan is sweet nd caring. Then what abt me ?
Ishu: i sry mr. Raman but my heart is with him, so i ve to marry him na.
Raman: no prbs ms… even my heart is with my madrasan…shes such a sweet, cute nd bubbly girl i ve ever seen… i luv her frm my childhood… shes my best frnd nd my better half.
Ishu smiles: oh really.. thats grt mr. So when u r martying her?
Raman: i dont know but vry soon. Then wht abt u
Ishu: i too dont know but vrrrrryyyy soooonnnn.
Raman smiles: as u r marrying him… so can u give me a last kisss…?
Ishu: hmm…. noooo.
Raman makes her closer: arey y cant u… think it as a last kiss… as u r marrying ur ravan kumar.
Ishu leaves him nd runs: no no noooooo….!!!!!!
She runs… he chases…at last he cought her.
Raman: u cant run away frm me like this.
Ishu: ok fine… i will give u.
Raman: then..(he holds her waist nd makes her closer)
Ishu: but u ve to close ur eyes.
Raman: ok. (He close his eyes)
Ishu: raman can i ask u one thing.
Raman: hmmm…
Ishu: ha… whats the time now ?
He opens his eyes: r u mad ? What r u doing ishu.
Ishu: arey say me yaar.
Raman: its 10:30 pm.
Ishu: omg…10:30, its bramha muhurtam raman… in this time we shldnt kiss like this.
Raman: what brahma muhurtam…? What does this mean ?
Ishu: its a vry powerful sign… we shldnt do any bad work at this time.
Raman: but kissing is not a bad thing na.
Ishu: ya its not a bad thing but…. in our side we shldnt do it at this time.
Raman: r u kidding me?
Ishu: no raman… im serious.
Raman: really..whats this yaar ? This brahma muhurtam or something shld come now only…?
Ishu laughs….raman notices this nd understood the drama.
Raman: but ishu theres no prblm for me. I will kiss u.
Ishu: no raman… im a tamilian.
Raman: arey if u marry me u will become a punjabi na… so no prblm.
Ishu: no raman plz….
Raman: thats ok i can understand but my heart say to do it so plz understand my situation too.
Ishu: no no… i wont… nd u cant.
She runs away…. he again chases. She runs…he chases. Ishu while running goes out of the park…. to the road….raman also follows her…jst the a car hits ishu.
Raman is shocked…ishu fell down on the road. Raman came running to her.
Raman: ishuuuu…….!!!!!!

No precap… full of suspense nd also a gud storyline.

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    Oh….Ishu KO kya hogaya ?? Is she safe ? Plzzzzzz post the next one soon yaar……….It’s really Interesting……..

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    It’s just amazing full of suspense love u n ur ff?

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    OMG ishu’s accident .please reveal the suspense fast

  6. Awesome episode…ishita’s accident omg…pls update next update soon

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