You R My Life part 56


Hi everyone…im sry for the late update…as im a lil busy in some work. Nd now im back with the nxt part of my ff.
Hope u guys njoy…

The episode starts with raman going to their fav spot… which is a park near a lake, where ishra used to meet everyday.
Raman: i hope this is the place which shes thinking….or is the other one….no no…its this one.
He went to that bench which is facing the lake, where they used to sit nd talk…nd to the tree nearby…where they ve written their name…. ishita n raman…with a heart. He gently touches it nd smiles.
Meanwhile ishu gets ready…. amma comes to her.
Amma: ishu..r u hoing anywhere..?
Ishu: ha amma…to meet a frnd.
Amma: but whats the use to wear this dress, its jst a meet.
Ishu: ya amma…its jst a meet. But a special meeting with raman aftr 3 yrs. Ok amma bye…im getting late.
Amma: arey ishu…will u come home late..aftr dinner?
Ishu:hmm…. nice idea amma….ok as u said, ill come home late…bye bye…!!!!
Ishu is also on the way…to their fav spot.

At the meantime raman is waiting for ishu…then suddemly a girl comes nd hugs him frm back. Raman’s face is glowing, he thinks its ishu.
Raman: ishu..u came..(he turns nd gets shocked) shalini….!!!!
Shalini: hey… u remember me raman….? Nice yaar. Vaise how r u.
Raman: shalini…how many times shld i say u not to hug me like this. U arent changed…even in collage days u used to do this.
Shalini: yes… nd that ishita would always get jelous seeing us like this… hai na. Vaise…r u free now.
Raman: no.. but y?
Shalini: oh….! I thought of going for dinner with u. As u know its my dream to go fr dinner with u.
Raman: that dream will remein as a dream for u… dont ever think like that.
Shalini: but y raman…cant u come once.
Raman: no no never… i will only go with ishu not with any other girl.
Shalini: oh… u guys r still in a relationship? I thought u guys will seperate soon… bad luck.
Raman: shut up shalini… what r u talking…nonsense. we both r made for eachother…. chahkar bhi hum dono ek dusre se door nahi reh payenge…(we cant live seperatly even if we want yo)
Shalini: u love her so much na…. im so happy, really raman ishu is so lucky to ve ur love… but im the one whos unlucky as i cant ve ur love.
Raman: see shalini… i didnt mean to hurt u…. but there no place for anyone inmy heart except ishu.
Shalini: ya i understand..(she gets a call) ill come u jst be here.(she goes)
Raman: dont come again…! Vaise where ishu yaar…its getting late.
Jst then ishu reaches nd gets in the park…she searches for raman nd finds him…she slowly goes nd hugs him frm back. Raman leaves those hands.
Raman: shalini…. its a warning for u not to hug me again..(he turns nd gets surprised) ishu…? Hi
Ishu is shocked: raman…!
Raman: thank god u came at last… y this much late?
Ishu: whos shalini?
Raman: oh… she s our vollage frnd… u know her too.
Ishu: shalini… our vollage frnd?
Raman: ya,.. she evrytime used to roam around me… she hugs me frm back everytime when she saw me…. she likes me na.
Ishu: oh…!!! That shalini…? Stupid one?
Raman: ha…that stupid shalini…
Shalini: ha raman…. u called me stupid?
Raman turns: no no.. i said u r gud girl.
Shalini: ha ha… dont act smart… i heard u saying me stupid..
Raman : ok ok im sry.
Shalini: no no… i wont accept ur sry… i will give u ur punishment later…as u both r in some gud mood. Bye raman… bye ishita.
Shalini goes nd ishu laughs…

Raman: u know shalini is here when i said her stupid?
Ishu: ya… i know. I wanna ve some fun so i didnt say.
Raman: he he.. hogaya masti? (Finished ur masti?)
Ishu nods.
Raman: hmm.. u said ki ull say something.
Ishu: ya… actually raman. The day when we met in shagun’s engagement is vry memorable one… to be frank i was not at all angry with u.
Raman: what…?!
Ishu: let me finish yaar, ya i was not at all angry with u… but want to make u realize how much i suffered by the guilt… i know my raman will trust me more. But that silence has made me mad nd i was too confused at that time…. nd now in these days i wanna ve some fun… so im pretending to be angry on u nd was having fun. Everyday
Was so exciting when i met u… i missed the chance before of being pampered….nd now that has been fulfilled.
Raman: u will always say me a big dramebaaz na…. but really more than shagun u r a big drama queen. How much u troubled me… ha u will pay gor it ms. Ishita iyyer.
Ishu: oh hello my name is not ishita iyyer… my name is mrs. Ishita raman bhalla. Do keep yhat in mind ok ?
Raman: acha…!!!! Ok i think u forget something to say.
Ishu: whats that?
Raman: to apologize.
Ishu: oh really? Actually raman… i thought of saying some other thing, but if u want sry, ok fine i will say that only.
Raman: what is that some other thing?
Ishu: do u wanna jear that or this?
Raman: hmm… that!
Ishu: ok fine. I will say that.
Raman: then hurry up yaar.
Ishu: i… i luv u.
Raman smiles: i luv u too.
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays….. they hug.

Meanwhile shagun completes her work in office nd reached the flat.
Shagun: oh god… how much work. My mind is not worki g anymore… nd now ve to cook food. If i can skip this task it would b nice.
She then hears a knock at the door….goes nd open.
Shagun: yes….?
Man: man… here is ur order.
Shagun: order? But i didnt ordered anything.
Man: but the order is frm this address. Mam im getting late i ve more work… so keep it. (He goes)
Shagun: ajeeb hai yaar… i jst came now, akhi is also not there..then who will order. (Jst then she gets a call.) Hello.
Aakash: ha.. shagun, did u recieve the order ?
Shagun: order ? Ha… akhi u ordered this food.
Aakash: yes baby… i know u r tired right.
Shagun: u r a super hero yaar… really grt, jst now i was thinking yo skip cooking ucame with this order. Luv u yar.
Aakash: hmm…. save these, when i come u can hive a lot.
Shagun: shut up… come fast i’ll arrange them.
Aakash: ok ok… i’ll be coming in half n hr. Ok bye.
Shagun: bye.
Meanwhile raman nd ishu were spending some romntic time remembering their cute nd sweet memories.
Ishu: raman… i ve brought u something.
Raman:oh… whats that?
Ishu:here u go… with ur fav makkhan ki parata nd chole…i ve brought it frm the chourasta wali dhaba.
Raman: wow ishu…superb. i luved it. It passed so many days i ve eaten this. Nd now.. im eting with my ishu aftr a long time.
Ishu: so shall we start.
They feed eachother…nd smile.

Meanwhile in ishu’s home…
Appa: madhu.. wheres ishu?
Amma: voh vishwa… ishu went to meet raman.
Appa: raman? But they…
Amma: yes vishwa… ishu is again with raman… i said na ishu cant be angry on him for long time.
Appa: but madhu… i dont think its gud.
Amma: u r always saying this nd making my ishu cry a lot. See vishwa raman is vry gud nd we know him frm his childhood. So no need get wortied for them… they will be happy forever.
Appa: as u both mother nd daughter wish.
He goes frm there amma thinks abt ishra nd appa’s words.

Ishu runs frm raman as he is demanding for a kiss… jst then a disaster.

Credit to: Priya K

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