You R My Life part 55

Hi friends… today im posting u my 55th episode.. 55 is a special number which is realted to ishra..coz, i (9) + s (19) + h (8)+ r (18) + a (1) = ishra (55). ishra in alphabetical addition is 55. i hope u like my logic nd the episode…

The episode starts with ishu and Shagun reach the flat.
Shagun: thanks yaar…
Ishu: arey dosti mein no sry and no thank u. So take back Ur thanks.
Shagun: OK OK…vaise come bhabhiji let’s go and meet my bhai.
Ishu: bhabhiji…bhai?
Shagun: ya…don’t question me…come let’s go.
Ishu smiles and they both went in and knocks the door.
Aakash and Raman who r happy abt the news heard the calling bell.
Raman: I think Shagun came…go akhi..go and open the door.
Aakash: yaar I’m in the bathrobe..u just go na.
Raman: r u blind…even I’m in the bathrobe…u go.
Aakash: that’s true….but y shld I go u go na.
Raman: arey she’s Ur fiancée… u can. But how can I?
Aakash: ya ya that’s true. OK fine I will go.
He went to the door and again came back to Raman.
Aakash: Raman what if its not Shagun…may be it can b ishu.
Raman: tum pagal hogaye ho kya…? (R u mad..?) Y she will come here.
Aakash: hosakta hai…tujhe dekhne ka Mann agaya ho. (May b she wanted to see u… so she can come na)
Raman: shut up and go yaar…I know its Shagun…coz she will come at this time.
Aakash: OK fine.
He opens the door… nd gets suprised seeing Shagun and ishu getting in.
Shagun: akhi…what’s this..came directly from bathroom…?
Aakash feels ashamed: ha.. as u will be waiting na. So that’s y came running.
Shagun: arey baby…y can’t u say Raman to open the door.
Aakash: actually he’s too in the same avatar.
Ishu and Shagun smiles.
Ishu: vaise akhi… where r Ur parents?
Aakash: they went to their home. U guys talk…I’ll change and come.
He goes to the room.
Raman: what happened yaar…its Shagun right. Vaise y r u feeling ashamed…?
Aakash: abbey u made reputation get spoil…yes its Shagun…but she came along ishu. All my reputation had gone in cont of her.
Raman : what ishu came here?!!!
Aakash: I’m going to kill u… u idiot. I hate u.
Raman hugs him: wow get news yaar…thanks.
He dressed up and went out.
Shagun: hey Raman…how dare u make my baby feel a shame…he’s feeling embraced.
Raman doesn’t listen to her…and goes in search of ishu.
Shagun: oh hello…what r u searching for?
Raman: arey Shagun…where’s ishu…akhi said ki she came.
Shagun: she came to drop me… and went away.
Raman: she went?
Shagun: yah…
Raman: what’s this yaar…she ve to meet me na. How can she go like that…?
Shagun: hmm… u can meet her tomorrow evening in it Ur fav spot na….y r u so worried then.
Raman: how do u know.. akhi said?
Shagun: no yaar… I heard it when ishu said…actually u know..(she tells him what ishu said her that evening)
Raman: what hallucinations????!!!! Ishu is having hallucinations abt me?
Shagun: ya…
Raman: see…she loves me a lot…but not more than me… What she said…anything more…?
Shagun: ya…she said..(she stopped and thinks no to say) nothing.
Raman: arey say na Shagun.
Shagun: I ve to prepare for dinner just go..I’m busy now.
Raman: ok fine… I’ll find ii for myself. U to Ur work…
He leaves Shagun smiles: Raman its a surprise can I reveal…I’m happy ki all is well now.
Meanwhile ishu is busy selecting a dress for tomorrow’s evening.
Ishu: what to wear…I don’t understand… that pink one..or this white one…or blue will be gud…or black…????
After a long time she selects yellow chudi.
Ishu: this is perfect… yellow one. Even its my lucky one. Raman says ki I look like a princess in this one…so this is final.
Ishu is so excited abt their date.
At meantime Shagun is busy in preparing for dinner. Meanwhile Aakash came there.
Aakash: so Miss Queenji…what’s today’s special…?
Shagun: nothing yaar…I’m so tired…help me na.
Aakash: OK I will help u..what to do say me.
Shagun: arey kamaal hai yaar akhi…if I ask u to do something u would refuses but what happened to u today…u r acting gud.
Aakash: arey really baby…I wanna help u. Say me what to do.
Shagun: OK fine then…chop these onions.
Aakash: hmm…nice. I luv chopping.
He starts doing. Shagun foes the other one.
Shagun: I think u don’t help Ur mom in the kitchen before na.
Aakash: dad will help her, y will I do. Maa se todi na romance karoonga. (I can t romance with my mom na.)
Shagun: means u came here to romance with me?
Aakash: arey anyone will come to kitchen to romance yaar…its a
Shagun: shut up akhi.
Aakash: ya..(he starts crying) oh god…my eyes r paining…tears r rolling down…don’t know y I’m crying.
Shagun laughs: akhi…while we chop onions na…those tears will roll no need to worry. Come on continue the work.
Aakash: arey so u gave this knowingly..?
Shagun: actually…I thought of getting saved from crying.
Aakash closes his eyes and starts shouting…
Aakash: aaahhhhaahh!!!! … Shagun plz do something yaar…its so paining.
Shagun smiles at his innocence: akhi…stop wait I will so something so that it pain feds away.
She cleans his eyes with water.
Shagun: is it better now..?
Aakash: ya better…but these tears r not stopping at all.
Shagun wipes his tears and cups his face.
Shagun: I’m sry akhi…its all be oz of me na…I shld ve chop them instead of saying g to u.
Aakash: Shagun yaar..plz I can’t bear
It. I cant take it anymore….
Shagun gives a kiss on his eyes…. and Aakash was surprised at her behavior.
Shagun: u r right akhi… Anyone will come to kitchen to romance with their partner. (He opens his eyes and smiles) I think now Ur pain is gone right?
Aakash: actually its gud when u kissed. Oh god now how will I sleep to night…. I will give Ur kiss back to u.
He drags her too closer…
Shagun: r u mad akhi…no…I don’t want Ur kiss…leave me.
Aakash: arey I can’t sleep tonight…then what will u do…so plz..u ve to accept.
Shagun: but akhi…if Raman saw then..? It will be weird na.
Aakash: arey Raman is busy in his work.
Shagun: but akhi…
Aakash: shhh…will u be quite.. u say to me to be romantic and when I will create a romantic atmosphere and came to kiss u ….u r avoiding…its so difficult to understand u yaar. Seriously…!!!!!!
he heads to go but shagun stops…
shagun: ok fine… if u like u can kiss me… but plz ha dont be like a mood off person… i luv when u r playins pranks on me nd bear my scoldings.
aakash: achha ji… so my baby understood my intentions…ok then lets start.
he pulls her closer…nd slowly kisses her….a big breathless kisss…but their kiss was broken due to the cooker whistle. they both laugh seeing eachother.
the nxt aftrnoon…. raman came home so early…leaving all the work to aakash. moreover aakash volunteered to do his work too. he gets ready in a white shirt nd black pant nd oopar se black coat. nd is rehearsing what to say to ishu. whereas ishu ve completed all her job nd goes to parlour…to look more beautiful. she then goes home nd gets ready in yellow chudi.

ishra meet…. a big twist

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  1. I hope they will Unite soonnnnn……I am Soooo Excited to know the twist yaar…………& About The Logic….ISHRA = 55…..Really funny yaar…….Aaj tak koi bhi nahi socha hoga aise………???????????????????????

    1. Thanks reshma…for ur aprreciation on my logic… i was thinking it when there no power in our area.

  2. ISHRA=55….wow just loved the lofic.It may be the first time evr I am commenting but I really like ur ff….too interesting.Dont stop it….

    1. Thanks vero…??????

  3. ishra =55 great logic yaar in precap u mentioned big twist right am guessing it maybe ishita accident

  4. nice one…loved it!

  5. waiting for ur epi 56…pls post soon

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