You R My Life part 54

Hi everyone…how did u guys spend ur may month…too hot Nd cool Na. then enjoy this episode.

The episode starts with shagun coming to ishu’s home.
Amma: r u…?
Shagun: I’m fine auntyji…how r u?
Amma: ya ya .I’m fine.
Shagun: auntyji…where’s ishu?
Amma: in her room…u guys ve a talk.
Shagun: thanks auntyji.
She goes to ishu’s room…
Shagun: hey ishu..
Ishu: shagun…! (She hugs shagun)
Shagun: arey ishu…y did u call me here… anything serious.
Ishu: it’s so serious shagun baby.
Shagun: what happened baby?
Ishu:  I ve a disease… hallucination. I’m seeing Raman everywhere…but he’s not actually there…..(She explains everything to her.) Now say me..what I ve do.
Ishu: u r laughing???!!! Shagun u r laughing???!!! This is not comedy shagun. I’m so serious.
Shagun: I’m sry….! Kya yaar..aaj kal tum dono comedy classes jah rahe ho kya..? Aise comedy bhi Raman ne aaj police station mein kiya hai !!!…tume kahne ka matlab tujhe  hallucination ho raha hai…aur vo bhi Raman dhik raha hai? ( What’s this yaar… nowadays u both r going to comedy classes or what? The same comedy Raman ve done today in the police station… what u r saying is that ki u r having hallucination…Nd u r seeing Raman?)
Ishu: ha..I thought if I share with u..u will give me n idea for this but u r…?.
Shagun: I’m sry yaar…but what can I do… situation demands me to…ok leave it. So what’s ur problem now?
Ishu: arey give me n idea Na…to stop such these hallucination…!
Shagun: it’s means ki u miss him a lot Na…so y can’t u forgive him yaar.
Ishu: actually…u know I ve already forgiven him…but just pretending to be like I’m angry on him.
Shagun: ishu ki Bachhi…u r so mean. Really…means u r no more angry on him.
Ishu: ya…I’m not.
Shagun: bechara Raman… he’s not at all sleeping thinking how to impress u convince u…but here u r. Really, u r such a selfish girl.
Ishu: oh hello….bechara is me… u guys don’t know how much I cried.. and now I’m not making him cry…just having some fun…I’m having masti  mazaa..u know its gud to be like that…u will be pampered nd u feel like u r really a princess….!!! U don’t know all this. Actually I missed this chance before yaar…. of getting now the scores r balancing. But the prblm is that ki my hallucination…as far I stay to him na..this is chasing me.
Shagun: so…my drlng is having fun. But in these 3yrs is this hallucination isn’t there right….u r far from him.
Ishu: ya…but at tat time I was angry with him na..when he came into my life again…Nd when I be forgiven started
Shagun: u know these hallucinations occur only when a person wants to b with other but couldnt… here u want to b with Raman… and thought of having fun so couldn’t, u r remembering him and hallucination occurs. Got the point?
Ishu: ya. I want to b with him yaar… but my fun… ? Its stopping me.
Shagun: ishu…the best way to put a full stop for Ur hallucinations is to put full stop for Ur masti wali drama. Go and say ki u luv him and forgiven him… then u can be fun even more na. Even Raman he’s becoming mad in Ur love. Think…I be said what’s better…now its Ur choice.
Ishu thinks very well…and says: u r right shagun. I will do what u say. I will say Raman ki how much I luv him and I ve  forgive Him.
Shagun: hmm… that’s my ishu. I luv u yaar. And hum charon phir se dost bangaye…vapas usi tarah. (We four again became friends as before. The same as we r) hai na…?
Ishu: ya of course.
They both hug…and gets happy.
Ishu: now itself I will call Raman.
Shagun: as u wish.
She calls Raman. Phone rings but doesn’t lift. She again calls but no response.
Ishu: where is this idiot yaar? Doesn’t attending the call. Itna busy hai kya…?
Shagun: oh..may be he’s busy.
Ishu: rehne dono…jab phone dekhega  na tab vahi call back karenga. (When he checks his mobile then he will call back me.)
Meanwhile Aakash came to his room and sat on the bed.
Aakash: Raman…abbey sale how much time will u take to come out yaar…? From 1/2 n hr u r in the bathroom. Even I ve to fresh na.
Raman from bathroom: abbey go to shagun’s room and fresh there na yaar.
Aakash: ya…but all my things r here na vaise that kaali Mata will kill me if I use her bathroom. Come fast yaar.
Raman: OK fine…just wait 10 mins.
Just then Raman’s phone vibrates that there r 3 missed calls from ishu. Aakash saw it.
Aakash: arey 3 missed calls that to frm ishu…? Raman beta…. ishu called u.
Raman: what..r u kidding me?
Aakash: no yaar..there r 3 missed calls from her….come fast and pick the phone.
Raman came out quickly in bathrobe from the bathroom.
Raman: give it to me.
Aakash: see…I’m begging u from 1/2 n hr…but u time passed there…and when I took ishu’s name u came running ha?
Raman: that’s OK yaar u can go now.
Aakash: saale… sach main tum ek no. Ki dramebaaz ho.
Raman: chal bey chal…bahuth sunliya..ab jaa ke naaha ke aao. (Jst go and do Ur work)
Aakash: tujhe bone ki zaroorat nhi hai…mai. jaa rahi hoon.(no need to say to me, I’m doing g tat.)
He goes and Raman calls back ishu.
Ishu who’s talking with shagun , gets excited seeing Raman’s call.
Ishu: hey Shagun…yaar Raman is calling me back. I said na he will definitely call Mr back.
Shagun: OK..but lift the call yaar. U will make him wait or what. But put it in the speaker.
Ishu: OK fine. (She attends the call and put in the speaker) hello..!
Raman: hi ishu… did u call me?
Ishu: no.
Raman: no? Then y there r 3 missed call from Ur no…?
Ishu: then may b I called u.
Raman smiles: oh..then y did u called me?
Ishu: nothing.. just like that.
Raman: no no…there’s something which u r hiding…u want to tell me but not.
Ishu: ya…actually I want to tell u something.
Raman smiles again: oh really what’s that?
Ishu: do u know what I’m gonna tell u.
Raman: ya..I know..but I want to hear from u.
Ishu: but I can’t  say it now…hmm..will u meet me tomorrow evening at our fav spot?
Raman excitingly: of course…anything for my ishu.
Ishu smiles: OK then…meet u tomorrow evening.
Raman: sure..!
Ishu: Bye….!
Raman: bye princess…!!!!
Ishu: bye.
Raman: bye..
Ishu: hello…stop this bye yaar. Plz cut the call or else I can’t wait till tomorrow… I may come there now.
Raman: then come na…waiting for u.
Ishu: no no… I ve to prepare na. OK then bye….cut the call.
Raman: y can’t u do it.
Ishu: no yaar I can’t.
Raman: then how can I baby?
Shagun gets irrigated: if u both can’t do…then I will.
She cuts the call.
Ishu: how mean Shagun.
Shagun: stop this drama yaar. OK I’m going its getting late.
Ishu: arey..wait na.
Shagun: I ve to yaar…after this there won’t be any buses.
Ishu: oh…hey shall I drop u…?
Shagun: y to see Raman…?
Ishu: not like that…actually yes..and also for u.
Shagun: OK. Thanks u saved my bus charges.
Ishu: that’s ok yaar…if u like every day I will drop my clinic is near Ur office.
Shagun: that sounds good. OK let’s go.
Meanwhile Aakash came out after his bath…he saw something weird ki he can’t open his eyes.
Aakash: abbey Raman…what’s this. (There no sound) sale Raman…!!!
Raman: what happened akhi…y r u shouting?
Aakash: (still he’s closing his eyes) arey idiot…is there any change…see urself.
Raman checks and gets shocked seeing his bathrobe knot open. He immediately ties the knot.
Aakash : what happened to u u don’t know whats going around u?
Raman: akhi…its a grt news. Ishu said ki she wants to say me something… means she wants to propose me.
Aakash: oh that’s grt. So finally..we all r becoming one again…it sounds gud yaar.
They both hug.

Ishu and Raman r excited for their evening meet.

R u guys excited as ishra…?
Soon is going to be a twist with a happy ending.

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