You R My Life part 53

Hi everyone thanks a lot for ur love towards my ff yaar…I will make sure ki the coming episodes will be with twists Nd turns but will make u all happy. Here u go with the next part…hope u luv it.

The episode starts with ishu Rahul Nd Kavya talking.
Kavya: really ishita…I luv u. U r really really so gud. U forgave me…who ve ruined ur life. Really I’m lucky ki u came into my life…I’m again sry for I ve done.
Ishu: arey what’s this yaar… really I’m Fed up with ur srys… yeh kya sry sry…m I not ur frnds Kavya.
Kavya: ok I’m sry.
Ishu: oh god again sry.. seriously I’m Fed up.
Kavya: ok fine thank u for forgiving me.
Ishu: ya fine that’s ok.
Rahul: ishu.. I’m so lucky ki u r my frnd…. really even who ever a relationship with they r lucky.
Ishu: oh god …I’m going frm here yaar. I’m not a devi, u guys r praising me a lot. Ha…it’s too much.
She goes frm there. Kavya Nd Rahul smiles. Ishu goes to her room.
Ishu: oh god. How much they will be thankful nd apologize to me …..I can’t bear it.
Raman: arey ishu…u deserve it yaar.
Ishu turns: Raman…what r u doing here..?
Raman: y ? If u can come to my office…y can’t I come to ur clinic?
Ishu: I came there to give u ur watch.
Raman: but I jst came to see u…to spend time with u..only u nd me…!!!!
Ishu: acha u came to see me. But I’m sry..I’m busy.
Raman: no problem do ur work I’ll wait here.
Ishu: jst go away, orelse…
Raman: orelse what..?
Ishu: see this is not ur office…I will shout.
Raman: acha if u shout…will anyone come Nd rescue u?
Ishu: ha…
Raman: who that Rahul?
Ishu: ya…of course
Raman: ok come on, shout. I’ll do what I want…u keep on shouting.
She goes towards door but slips.. Raman holds her.
Ishu: leave me…!!!
Raman: r u sure? Ok fine.
He leaves her nd she falls….
Ishu: aaàhhhhaaaaahhhh,…..!!!! U r so mean Raman….!!
She looks for Raman…but finds him nowhere. Jst then Rahul Nd Kavya came there.
Rahul: ishu…r u ok..? What happened u fell down?
Kavya: ishita..come I’ll help u.
She gives ishu her hand. Rahul Nd Kavya makes ishu sit on the chair.
Rahul: how do u fell ishu?
Ishu: voh…I don’t know.
Kavya: did it hurt anywhere?
Ishu: no no…I’m fine. U guys go.
Rahul: r u sure?
Kavya: ki u r fine?
Ishu: ha ha…I’m fine. U guys go.
Kavya: ok fine.
Rahul: take care ishu.
Ishu nods…they went.
Ishu: I’m confused…did Raman come here..or m I dreaming? I’ll confirm.
She calls aakash.
Ishu: hello akhi.
Aakash: ha ishu.
Ishu: where is Raman?
Aakash: Raman?
Ishu: ha.. where’s he?
Aakash: ishu..he’s in a meeting with clients. Is anything serious?
Ishu: no nothing serious..i jst asked. Anyways thanks akhi. Bye.
Aakash: ok. Bye.(she ends the call) ? y is ishu asking like this ?…ve to say it to Raman.
Meanwhile ishu in her room…
Ishu: it means ishu u r dreaming. Oh god what’s this? Am I becoming mad day by day? as far I’m to him…I will be dreaming like this. I ve to finish this drama here itself. What I ve to..????? Think ishu think. What shall I do..shall I say it to shagun…? Ya, she’ll help me. I’ll call her now.
She calls shagun…but shagun, whos busy in a presentation , doesn’t attends the call. Ishu call her again…but no use..Shaun’s phone is in silent.
Ishu: ha…shagun is not lifting the call. maybe she’s busy. That’s Ok she’ll call me back later. I’ll go home… I’m feeling restless.
She packs her stuff in her bag, turns Nd sees Raman in front of her…
Ishu: oh god…?!!!!!. I know but plz ha, don’t talk to me…I’m really so irritated Nd my mood is really so bad. Do u get that?
Raman smiles Nd nods…she goes to her bike Nd drives. Raman sits on her back…ishu see him through the side mirror…he then hugs her from back.
Ishu: hey hello what r u doing? Leave me.
Raman: no no I won’t.
Ishu: what the hell..???!!!
She stops the bike Nd looks back….but finds him nowhere.
Ishu:??? …yaar yeh kaisi hallucination hai…? Meri dhimaak khaa rahi hai..( which type of hallucination is this…eating my brain?) I love him Na…but y is this disease roaming around me? I ve to take n appointment frm a psychiatrist…!
She then goes home…
Ishu: Amma…!!!
Amma: ishu …u came si early?
Ishu: Amma… actually I’m having headache…so I ve taken leave.
Amma: ayyo…ishu. headache? Wait I’ll bring u some medicine. Go Nd rest kanna…u take rest.
Ishu: ok Amma.
She goes to her room to fresh up.
Meanwhile shagun finished her presentation Nd came to her cabin…she checks her phone which has 3 missed calls of ishu.
Shagun: ishu called me… maybe she remembered me now..aftr a long time! Ok let’s call her back.
At meantime..
Amma: ishu see ve this milk Nd medicine..u will feel better.
Ishu: ok Amma…I want to sleep u go Na.
Amma: ok ok..I won’t disturb u…but call me if u want anything.
Ishu: ok Amma.(Amma goes..Nd shagun calls ishu) hey hi shagun.
Shagun: I ve seen ki u called me…
Ishu: ya..
Shagun: so aftr so many days u remembered me?
Ishu: voh actually…shagun baby..
Shagun: what happened anything serious?
Ishu: ya so serious…
Shagun: arey but what happened yaar?
Ishu: can u come my home aftr ur office?
Shagun: ya. Buy will u say me what happened?
Ishu: I can’t say it through phone yaar…plz come.
Shagun: ok…I’ll come with in half n hr.
Ishu: ok bye…!!!
Shagun: bye. (Ends the call) what happened to ishu.. she’s so worried. I ve to find it out.
Meanwhile in AR’s office….
Raman came out aftr the meeting with clients Nd went to his cabin. Aakash follows him.
Aakash: the meeting?
Raman: absolutely fine yaar…but y didn’t u come?
Aakash: actually..I’m preparing for the next meeting yaar…it’s so important one na.
Raman: ya ya ya…I totally forgot abt it yaar. Iss ishu ke chakkar mein…( becoz of ishu)
Aakash: ha.. Raman I jst forgot ki..ishu called me…Nd asking abt u.
Raman: what abt me???!!
Aakash: ya..u were in the meeting Na so I didn’t respond to u.
Raman: what she asked abt me yaar?
Aakash: she asked me..where were u. I said ki u r in a meeting with clients. I asked y r u asking like that..she said jst like that. Don’t know y…but I think she’s missing u.
Raman: yes yaar…but what to do..she isn’t realizing ki she still lives me. I ve to do it yaar.
Aakash: don’t worry.. we’ll do it.
Raman: hope so…?

Same precap:
Ishu decides to propose Raman.

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