You R My Life part 52

Hi everyone… here’s the next part of my ff hope u enjoy this.

The episode starts with ishu going out of Raman’s office to the parking lot.
Ishu: thank God ishu..!!!! if u r still there then u may really kiss him. It’s so difficult to be far away from him yaar. But what do he deserves it. Even then it’s jst some days of matter…then i’ll propose a different way.
She smiles …then she ride her bike to her clinic.
Meanwhile Kavya calls Rahul.
Rahul: hi Kavya…
Kavya: hi..r u free now?
Rahul: no still there’s n appointment left, but y..?
Kavya: nothing…ok I’ll call u back.
Rahul: arey listen..(she cuts the call) yeh ladki ka kya problem hai..?(whats thus girl’s problem?) Anyways..where the last patient? I’ll call Rita.(he does) hello Rita.
Rita: ha sir..
Rahul: did the last patient came?
Rita: no sir..I’ll send her to ur room…when she comes.
Rahul: ok fine. (Cuts the call)
Meanwhile ishu came to the clinic… to Rahul’s room..
Ishu: hey buddy…!
Rahul: idiot..where ve u gone? I’m treating ur patients too also with mine. U know it’s so difficult yaar. I’m tired now. Nd still there’s a patient left .
Ishu: oh…I’m sry yaar idiot.
Rahul: ok fine but where the hell ve u been till now? It’s that much important?
Ishu: arey it’s not hell…it’s heaven yaar..heaven!!!
Rahul: but what’s that?
Ishu: I went to Raman’s office to..
Rahul: romance with him?
Ishu: no…but yes. Actually u know what happened?
She narrates the whole thing from the tire puncture to police complaint abt missing watch.
Rahul:???? really ishu…did he really liked the complaint?
Ishu: no he went to give the complaint but the refused to take it.
Rahul: but really it’s so funny.. really…???..!!!!!
Ishu: shut up yaar…don’t laugh. This says ki he loves me a lot..Nd he’s so possessive abt me.
Rahul: ohhhhioiooo!!!!!… ishq Wala love..?
Ishu: shut up ya..!
Rahul: ok ok…ishu so when will u complete this track…I.e., masti Mazaa ka drama…?
Ishu: ya actually it became so over Na..I think I ve to end it yaar..I don’t want to trouble him more. Ive decided ki I’ll propose him aftr some more masti Mazaa.
Rahul: hmm gud idea.
In meantime aakash calls shagun..
Aakash: u know baby…ishu came here our office.
Shagun: what she came here but y?
Aakash: she came to return Raman his missing watch .
Shagun: oh…so tha watch is with her?
Aakash: ya..but I know one thing, when I was going to Raman to show him a file…I saw them so close, too romantic mood mein hai voh dono…(they were in a romantic)
Shagun: what r u saying?
Aakash: arey truth…I’m saying the truth I ve seen. Really..but I thought of disturbing them so i disturbed.
Shagun: kya tum sach main duffer ho..ya idiot ho? Khud ko romantic nahi ban sakte ho, toh kyun romantic Jodi ko disturb jar rahe to?(r u really duffer or idiot? U urself won’t become y r u disturbing them?)
Aakash: hmm..toh tume ek Bahana chahiye jagda karneki hai Na baby? (So u want a reason to fight with me..right?) But sry I’m not in a mood to fight with u. So bye.( Cuts the call)
Shagun: kitna stupid hai yeh…fiance ko mana tak nahi aata…main toh bas Mazaak kar rahi hoon kya yeh bhi Sarah mein nahi aata hai kya? Rehne do baat hi nahi karna hai mujhe. (He such a stupid… don’t know how to convince his jst kidding him can’t he understand that? I don’t want to talk to him.)
Meanwhile Kavya came to Rita.
Kavya: excuse me…I came here to meet Dr. Rahul.
Rita: oh..mam so ve u appointment?
Kavya: ya of course.
Rita: Mam..there u go is Dr. Rahul’s room.
Kavya: ya fine thanks.
She goes to Rahul’s room door Nd knocks…
Rahul: come in..( Kavya comes in) hey what a surprise..?
Rahul goes to her nd hugs..ishu turns Nd gets shocked seeing Kavya.
Kavya: u know…to meet u I took an appointment.
Rahul: oh…so the last appointment is urs?
Kavya: ya of course.
Rahul: hmm..u became so clever. Hey come I’ll make u introduce to my best buddy.
He takes Kavya to ishu..Kavya gets shocked seeing ishu there.
Rahul: hey ishu..this is Kavya, my hone wali biwi… Nd Kavya this is my best buddy ishu…ishita.
They both were shocked seeing each other. Tears rolled frm ishu’s eyes…
Ishu: Kavya…u? What r u doing here? Jst get lost.
Rahul: arey ishu what happened?
Ishu: I’m saying to u Kavya jst go away…!
Rahul: what’s wrong with u ishu? Do u know her?
Ishu: Rahul. She’s the one who made my life hell, who made me nd my Raman separate…who made me cry these 3yrs. This is the person… Kavya.
Rahul: what!!!!??? R u mad ishu…she’s my fiance, we r going to marry.
Ishu: believe me Rahul..this woman is such a cheat…such a cheap liar ki she made me cheap. I hate her…I hate her….I hate her.
She falls down Nd cries… Rahul is shocked. Kavya too cries.
Rahul: Kavya ..say me truth. Is it true what ishu is saying…? (She remains silent) I’m speaking to u Kavya…say me.
Kavya: ya…ta it’s true. But I ishita..I’m really sry for what I ve did. I was too crying how much u cried, feeling guilty…I swear ishita…I’m really now changed.. I searched for u to say the truth but u ve left that area…I thought of uniting u both. At that time I became mad in my love towards Raman…but now I understood that’s it’s not love at all ..urs is true love ishita. I’m still in guilty ki I ve became a wall in between u both…now I ve decided ki I’ll reunite. Plz ishita plz forgive me…give me one chance. plz…!!!!
Ishu remains silent…she gets up Nd goes to washroom. She cries Nd washes her face. She then came out. Kavya came towards ishu Nd is abt to speak but ishu interrupts..
Ishu: I know Kavya u r gud…u want to get ur love..but the way u choosed is’s really weird. Nd as u said ki that’s not live at all. See Kavya..u apologized I will accept it. But don’t forget ki I will not accept ur help. I will do it myself…Nd thanks for it.
Kavya: means ishita.. did u forgive me.
Ishu: ya.
Kavya smiles Nd hugs her…: thanks ishita…I know u r so gud than me. Now I will live without any guilt. Thank u once again…Nd sry too.
Ishu: that’s OK.
Rahul: Kavya..see that’s my ishu..she forgave u. It’s her good nature but u..
Ishu: plz Rahul…don’t blame her now. Everything is fine now Na…y r u again repeating the same? Rahul Kavya is very nice and adorable girl…I mean she’s perfect for u.
Rahul: but ishu.. she..cheated u.
Ishu: Rahul..I ve forgiven her…can’t u do that..? Plz..!!!
Rahul: ishu..
Ishu: Rahul plz…Kavya has changed..u said ki she’s like this is the proof ki she has changed…she loves u so much which I ve seen it in her eyes. Plz Rahul stop this drama and here ve her hand..
(She joins kavya’s hand to Rahul’s.) So now no jagda Nd no problems hai Na..?
Rahul: ishu ..u r really, really so gud. I live u yaar…I luv u.
He hugs her.
Ishu: arey say this to Kavya in front of me plz..?
Rahul: ok…I luv u Kavya..luv u so much.
He proposes in shah rukh style..Kavya smiles Nd hugs him. Ishu smiles seeing this.

Ishu calls Raman…
Ishu: Raman I ve to say u something.
Raman smiles: acha..what’s the matter?
Ishu: hmm..will u meet me in this evening? In our fav spot.
Raman: ya ya..of course.

The call ends.

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