You R My Life part 51

Hi friends…I’m so happy ki I ve crossed 50 episodes. Thanks for u support guys. Hope u luv this one too….again???.

The episode starts with Raman, aakash Nd shagun going to complain about that missing watch.
Meanwhile ishu gets ready..
Ishu: wow ishu u re looking so pretty in this blue top… which is Raman’s fav color??. Today…I’m going to give him a shock…with my presence in his office. Get ready Mr. Raman Kumar Bhalla…to get surprised…here Ur princess is coming. But before I ve to go to cancel some appointments.
Then she had some breakfast Nd went to the clinic.
Ishu: ha..Rita actually I’m having some work…so plz cancel the appointments which r in the mrng.
Rita: but mam… that lady is in emergency…as u came Ivan check her Na.
Ishu: oh..OK send her to my room. I’ll treat her.
Meanwhile Raman, aakash Nd shagun reach PS.
Raman: inspector sir…excuse me sir….!!!!
Inspctr: yes…wht do u want.
Raman: I’m Raman Bhalla….I want to give u a complaint abt a missing thing.
Inspctr: oh…so Mr. Bhalla what’s missing…u just file the complaint.
Raman: actually something previous Nd valuable is missing..which is very lucky to me nd it’s my life.
Inspctr: oh what’s that.
Raman: sir…my watch..which is gifted to me by ishu…is missing sir. Plz find it.
Inspctr: what…??!!! A watch….?. OK fine is it stolen by a theif..?
Raman: no sir… actually I don’t know how it was lost. Plz sir…plz find it for me… plz.
Inspctr: r u mad..? Will anyone file a complaint of a missing watch..? At least it’s not stolen by a thief. How will v find it.
Raman: Sir sir…plz..I ve it’s pic…here it’s the watch. (The inspctr looks at the watch) it’s gud right..?
Inspctr: see Mr. Bhalla…this is not funny. R we police men here to find Ur missing watch..? Don’t we ve other things to do?
Raman: but sir..
Inspctr: I’m warning u…just go away. Go Nd search Ur watch urself I think u don’t ve any work.
Raman: OK fine…I’ll do it my self. But remember ki…main iss bezati ko bookings nahi..!(I won’t forget this insult of mine) I will do it…I’ll find it.
He goes.. aakash Nd shagun follows him. They got into the car. Raman who is driving, was so worried abt his missing watch. Aakash Nd shagun were controlling their laughter. But at last they couldn’t stop.
Aakash Nd shagun: ?????
Aakash Nd shagun: ?????
Raman:?..y r u guys laughing now..?
Shagun: Raman…it’s too funny yaar
Raman: what. What’s funny my in this?
Aakash: funny…u r asking what’s funny? Arey what u ve done is itself a funny thing. Raman seriously…will anyone…do it? I’m sry but I couldn’t control my laughter.
Shagun: akhi…now I understood y u wanna come along with Raman…to ve some fun like this Na?
Aakash: ya shagun…u r so intelligent.
Shagun: thank u baby…!!!
Raman: arey shut up u both.. see I’m so possessive abt ishu..I don’t want to loose any of the thing which is related to her. Even her breath. so please guys..I wish u guys understand..Nd stop acting funny. Do u get that ?
They both stopped laughing.
Shagun: sry yaar…I thought of kidding u.
Aakash: ha ha.. really…but Raman seriously its too funny. I’m sry….but .
Shagun: shut up akhi..don’t laugh.
Aakash: acha beta…now u r saying me who’s doing the same..?
Shagun: see akhi…it’s not time to fight. so plz just calm down.
Aakash: hmm…so I ve started this fight Nd going to fight with u, hai Na.
Raman: hello guys plz…stop it yaar. OK is Ur office.
Shagun: oh…OK bye Raman…bye akhi.
She went. Raman Nd aakash went to their office.
Meanwhile ishu in her clinic.
Ishu: how r u feeling now mam…?
Lady: fine doctor..thank u.
Ishu: hmm that’s is the prescription. Ve those daily thrice.
Lady: ok doctor..I’ll now. Nd thanks, u r so gud.
Ishu smiles: thank u.
The lady goes Nd ishu removes her white coat.
Ishu: now I ve to leave…it’s getting late. (She came Rita) Rita..I’ll come back after lunch, so say to the patients ki I’m not there..or else tell dr. Rahul to manage.
Rita: ok mam.
Ishu reached Raman’s office. She then goes to the receptionist.
Ishu: excuse Raman Bhalla there…? Can I meet him?
Receptionist: ha mam…sir is in his cabin. May I know Ur name plz..?
Ishu: ha..I’m…his relative.
Receptionist : ok mam…I’ll ask Sir’s permission…(she call Raman, who’s so worried for the watch) excuse me sir…a lady came to meet u.
Raman: oh..who’s she..?
Receptionist: sir..she’s saying that she’s Ur relative.
Raman: relative ? Ok send her to my cabin.
Receptionist: yes sir..! (she cuts the call) mam..u can go.
Ishu: thank u.
She goes upstairs Nd to Raman’s cabin. She waits outside..
Ishu: I’m so excited to meet him…but y. My heart is beating faster…my breath became warm…but y? I think this is love. OK fine go ishu…after a long time u r meeting him with pure love. Be cool.
She takes a deep breath Nd knocks the door.
Raman: yes come in.
She goes in… Raman gets surprised seeing ishu there.
Raman: hey…ishu…???!!!! What a pleasant surprise…I luv u yaar…I’m just thinking of u..Nd u came..see this is love.
Ishu: bhas bhas..yeh dialogues mat maro…Maine ek kaamse ayi join.(stop Ur dialogues…I came here on some work.
Raman: oh..but first u just sit come on.
(He makes her sit he sits opposite to her in the other chair) say me whats Ur work that too with me.
Ishu: actually…I got something in my vehicle last night…a person’s watch…who ve repaired my punctured tire…? so I thought of returning his watch to him. Nd here Raman..Ur watch.
Raman: really…wow…thank u so much im searching it since a long time Nd by the way how do u know? ki this watch is mine?
Ishu: hello ve u forgotten ki I ve gifted u this watch..? will u remember when u don’t believe me.(she acts like crying)
Raman: oh god again the same issue..?
Ishu baby…I ve said it many times ki I believe u…I believe u..Nd I luv u.
Ishu looks at him…into his eyes..
They had n eyelock.
Raman: so will u believe me ki…I luv u?
Ishu: that can’t be happen…don’t even think of it. How much I cried becoz of u… I’ll make ur situation the same.
Raman: oh hello…how much u cried..the more I ve too cried…becoz of u.
Ishu: acha beta now will u take revenge?
Raman: no can I ishu baby..I won’t.
Ishu: ya ya u can’t …that’s y u helped me yesterday indirectly? What a dramebaaz u r…what n action..Oscar milega tujhe..(u will get Oscar fr ur acting).
Raman: thank u baby..vaise u r looking so pretty in this blue top…which is my fav Na…u know this…hai Na?
Ishu: shut up Raman…don’t u think to praise me.
Raman: ok then i’ll cmnt u…hmu r so s*xy yaar…so s*xy.
Ishu: ?what…ve u gone mad? Chee..shut up. Don’t ve manners?
Raman: I don’t ve manners…I can do anything now…becoz we both r alone here…no one will come.
He came close to her..
Ishu: no Raman jst go away…( he doesn’t listen to her) Raman… plz go away…
Raman: do u think i will listen to u?
Ishu: anyone can come.. akhi or anyone.
Raman: jst shut ur mouth…let me do wht I’m doing.
He makes her too close to him by holding her waist. Ishu closes her eyes. Raman came close to her to kiss….but there was a knock at the door which interrupted them. So the moved apart.
Raman: come in.
Aakash came in…he sees ishu.
Aakash: hey ishu…how r u? I’m surprised to see u here.
Ishu: hi akhi… actually I came here to give Raman his watch.
Aakash: oh…toh voh watch Tumhari pass hai..(so it’s with u) do u know what happened?
Raman: akhi..shut up. Is it needed to say to her..?
Aakash: yes yes’s so important.
Raman: no akhi…
Ishu: arey say Na…he can’t stop u saying. What happened?
Aakash: ok.. Raman thought that his watch was missing….so…
He said the whole story….
Ishu: what..really.?!!!??!!??????. Yaar’s so funny..I can’t believe ki ….sry I can’t control from laughing.
Raman: aftr a long time I’m seeing u like this ishu… so happy…orelse u’ll keep a weird face.
Ishu looks at him
Raman: but akhi…I’m not going to leave u.
He came to him Nd punches him.
Aakash: aahhhh…!!! Raman..jst stop it yaar…ve u gone mad..? Ok fine I’m sry.
Ishu: arey Raman…plz leave him Na..
Raman: ok..I’ll leave u akhi…becoz u made my ishu laugh.
Aakash: acha I’ll leave yaar ishu..may I ve disturbed u both. Bye.
Raman: ha…now u realized ? Ok fine let it be…bye akhi..I told u to call the clients Nd discuss abt the meeting Na. So did u do that?
Aakash: no yaar…. I’ll do it. (he goes)
Ishu: arey akhi…
Raman: what akhi..I’m here Na..y that idiot.
Ishu: it’s so bad Raman…y dis u send him…that’s becoz u want to spend time with’s ok we’ll ve it later..but..
Raman gets surprised at her words…while ishu realizes what she had said.
Raman: what do u mean ishu…u want to spend time with me ? If u want u can baby…I know u will understand me.
Ishu: it’s not like that…I ve to go.
Raman: arey.. agar haha take avatar toh…kyun intezam jar Rahi ho? Bol do Na ki u luv me…(if matter came in front of me…to what r u waiting…confess ki u luv me)
Ishu: oh plz…stop Ur non sense….I’m going. Jst go away.
She heads to leave but as usual he stops
Raman: see..if u only came to give this watch…u would ve already went..but u r still here, that’s says ki u came to meet me. Right?
Ishu: no..not at all.
Raman: if yes …. u would ve now left…but no…u r still here.
She looks at him..Nd goes from there.

Kavya meets ishu.

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