You R My Life part 50

Hi frnds…OMG..I ve reached my golden jubilee’s really so exciting. My 50th episode..?!!!????this only happened because of u guys..Ur support nd cool cmnts. I would like to thank all of u… reshma pradeep, varsha, sharwani, kruti, safu, priya, ude, sanchitha, harsha, kv, shree, roshni, navya..Nd many. Sry I ve forgot anyone. I hope luv ? this one too.

The episode starts with ishu sees a person coming towards her on his cycle. It’s a teenage boy. She went to him.
Ishu: hi..will u plz help me..? My bike got punctured nd my phone is not network. I want Ur help.
Boy: actually dhi..I came to give u this food. I heard u saying that u r hungry. So plz ve it dhi.
Ishu: oh..thank u but..

Boy: didhi ve na.
Ishu: Ok..thanks.
Ishu opens the box containing food…she gets surprised seeing it.
Ishu: it’s I luv it.
Boy: oh’s gud.
Ishu: hmm it’s tasty too…vaise what abt u..? Where do u live..?
Boy: actually dhi I work in a mall while going home I saw u nd this happened.
Ishu: u work…? Means u don’t go to schl..?
Boy: no dhi..I go to schl….im studying 10th class…it’s a part time job.
Ishu: part time job? But y…?
Boy: then who will pay my schl nd hostel fees..? Even I ve to eat na.
Ishu: where Ur parents…?
Boy: they left me alone at my small age nd went to god. I just hate them.
Tears rolled from her eyes..she wipes them.
Ishu: who said u r alone..I’ll take u my home.

Boy: no dhi… I ve to become independent. I hate to depend on others so plz…let me live my life….I luv to live like this.
Ishu smiles: Ok if u don’t want to come with me it’s fine. But here is my card… if u want any help…just call me. Don’t forget ki u ve a sister.
Boy: Ok dhi..thank u.
Ishu: by the way what’s Ur name..?
Boy: my name is jai.
Ishu: jai..! My name is me ishu.
Jai: ishu dhi..! Vaise dhi where do u live..?
Ishu: near karim nagar..ashok villas.
Jai: oh..Karim hostel nd schl is in that area. So I can meet u when ever I like Na…?
Ishu: of course u can.
In the restaurant…
Shagun: hmm…I’m full now.
Aakash: too.
Shagun: akhi…call Raman’s getting late, we ve to go.
Aakash: no yaar.. I think we shldnt disturb them.. may be they r spending some romantic time like us.
Shagun: so what do u think we ve to do now..?
Aakash: we’ll go by taxi.
Shagun: OK fine.
They hired a taxi and went to home.
At the meantime….

Jai: so dhi u want anything more to eat.
Ishu: no no… I’m full now. I will get some water..from my bike.
She went to her bike..Nd got some water. Later she gets surprised seeing her bike tire normal as before.
Ishu: what…?!! Isn’t this tire got punctured..? Jai…!! Come here.
Jai: yes dhi… coming.(he came to ishu) what happened dhi..?
Ishu: look at this…my tire is normal.
Jai: oh..! Grt.
Ishu: but how this is possible..?
Jai: may be dhi it’s Ur mistake kindly u didn’t check properly… it can be happen Na ki Ur didn’t get punctured.
Ishu: ya..but I checked properly.
Jai: what r u thinking dhi… did anyone came Nd did this without Ur knowing..?
Ishu: I hope so, OK let it be my bike is perfect now…OK I will go jai…it’s already late.
Jai: bye dhi…!!!
Ishu: bye…!!
They wave..Nd ishu goes on her bike.

Just then Raman came to jai.
Raman: jai… thanks for Ur help.
Jai: thanks OK Bhai. I
Raman: arey yaar… Ur called her dhi..Nd now u r calling me Bhai. Arey I’m Ur jiju.
Jai: oh..sry jiju.
Raman: vaise…she didn’t get any doubt Na.
Jai: no no jiju… everything thing I’d perfect. She didn’t know ki u ve repaired her bike. I managed her with my story Na.
Raman: ya that’s right. But thank u so much yaar… here is my card call me if u want any help. Don’t forget ki u ve a jiju for Ur dhi. Bye jai.
Jai: bye… Raman jiju.
He went.
Meanwhile shagun Nd aakash reach home.
Jaanvi: where ve u guys gone. I was so worried.
Aakash: sry Maa… ki v went for dinner. I thought of informing u but forgot.
Shagun: means akhi u didn’t inform mom..? How mean akhi…Maa I’m sry..I didn’t know.
Jaanvi: that’s OK. Go Nd sleep it’s getting late.
Aakash: Maa.. papa slept Na.
Jaanvi: ha ha…he slept. Now I’m also going. U too go for sleep.
Aakash Nd shagun: ha Maa.

She goes.
Aakash: where is Raman..? He didn’t reach yet.
Shagun: he will come akhi..bachha to do Na jai voh..(he’s not a kid Na)
Aakash: ya..but it’s already 11:00pm…. shall I call him Once ?
Shagun: arey yaar he’ll come Na.. u don’t worry. Vaise I’m going to sleep u too fresh up Nd sleep… he’ll come soon. Don’t disturb him.
Meanwhile ishu reach home…she lifts the seat up to take her bag….Nd finds a watch near her bag. She takes it to her hand.

Ishu: this watch…? (She remembers the moment when she gifted Raman a watch.) Ha..yeh vahi watch jai Na…Jo Maine Raman ko gift kiya tha…(this is the watch which I gifted to Raman). Means Raman helped me..he did this Na. I know Raman won’t leave in trouble, he loves me a lot…(she smiles) kitne dramebaa hai Na…(such a dramebaaz)
Wait I’ll see him tomorrow.
She smiles Nd knocks the front door of her home. Amma opens the door.
Amma: the time to come home?
Ishu: Amma I’m sry..but listen..
Amma: no ishu what do u think I will forgive u, I’m trying Ur phone u switched it off. It’s so mean ishu.
Ishu: Amma…Amma listen to me. My phone’s unreachable coz there’s no network where my bike got punctured. Thank God Raman Nd jai helped me.
Amma: Raman helped u..?
Ishu: ha Amma.
Amma: oh… so u both r friends again now.
Ishu: ya Amma. But Im going to ve fun with him….I’m acting as if I ve not forgive him.
Amma: arey ishu that’s no gud.

Ishu: what Amma… always something. See u don’t say to anyone.
Amma: but y..ishu y don’t u say him.
Ishu: that’s becoz I want some masti…Mazaa. in films they’ll show Na..hero will torture heroin to luv him.. he will try to impress her.. they will b some memories. So thats y keep quite.
Amma: I don’t understand Ur intentions. OK fine had Ur dinner?
Ishu: ha Amma… I’d my fav uttapam. OK I’m sleepy gud night.
Amma smiles Nd says: murghan…I hope all gets fine as many days after I’m seeing ishu happy…that’s becoz of u Raman. I want u both together. God bless u.

The next morning….in the flat Raman came out of bath room, chooses a suit Nd gets ready. He then goes to the dressing table, in search of his watch. He searches but doesn’t find it anywhere.
Raman: where’s my watch…? Ishu gifted it…oh god…. akhi..akhi..!!!
Aakash: ha Raman..what happened?
Raman: where’s my watch ?
Aakash: what do I know?
Raman: yaar…that’s gifted by fav watch.
Aakash: but Raman… u shld know abt it yaar..I don’t know.
Raman: yaar…plz search for it Na…it’s so important….plz akhi…do it fast.
Aakash: ha ha…I’m doing. Don’t shout.

Shagun: y r u guys shouting like this…?
Raman: arey shagun…my watch is missing..which is gifted to me by ishu…plz yaar search it for me.
Shagun: OK OK…I’ll help u guys.
They search for the watch in the whole house but if finds it nowhere.
Shagun: yaar…I think u ve lost it somewhere..but not in the house.
Raman: it’s my fav lucky watch. I’ll find it at any cost.
Aakash: but where is it gone…do u ve any idea?
Raman: shall v give a complaint in police station?
Aakash Nd shagun: what….???!!!!!
Raman: I’m going to do that…will u guys come with me…?
Shagun: Raman, ve u gone mad? How can u give a complaint abt missing watch?
Raman: u don’t it’s value shagun…that’s OK..I’ll alone go there.
Aakash: no no ill come with u buddy .
Raman: OK come let’s go.

Aakash: ya ya let’s go.
They went…
Shagun: what happened to these..? Its not like overreacting..? OK Raman is so possessive abt ishu…but akhi? What happened to him? Gone mad? Hmm…god plz keep them safe. Don’t know what’s going to happen. ? I ve to save them from beatings…… hey wait akhi… Raman I’ll also come with u….hey wait yaar.

Ishu came to Raman’s office.
Ishu: hi Raman..r u surprised?
Raman: ishu what r u doing here..?
Ishu: I just came to return Ur thing.
Raman: my thing?
Ishu: ya…

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  4. Reshma Pradeep

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