You R My Life part 5


Episode 5
The episode starts with Raman realizing what he had said nd says: akhi… it’s nothing like that…
Aakash: Raman… jst answer to my question…. – Do you love ishu?
Raman: no no akhi…. It’s not like that..She’s my friend what r u talking?
Aakash: don’t lie to me raman… will u say or shall I tell this incident to ishu?
Raman: yes ….. I do love her… vry much more than my life.
Aakash: then raman why don’t u say this to her?
Raman: no yaar…i don’t want make my love funny…. She had made her decision… idon’t want to stop her…but plz u don’t tell her promise me… if u tell then u’ll be the one who breaks a promise…
Aakash: but raman…
Raman: promise me akhi…
Aakask promises.jst then Raman gets a call frm ishu. He wipes his tears nd attends the call.
Raman: ha ishu…
Ishu: raman… Where r u? is aakash there with u?
Raman: yes aakash is with me… we had bought the gift nd coming.
Ishu: gift? For whom?
Raman: for the groom you told it right.
Ishu: no..!!!i didn’t …ok come fast all r waiting.

Raman: ok bye… (He ends the call)- akhi what does she mean she didn’t tell us to buy the gift?
Aakash: actually raman..It’s my plan to get the truth frm u… becoz I’ve heard ishu nd shagun talking…
He narrates the whole story…
Raman: means they got doubt on me?
Aakash: yes.
Raman: I’ve to be careful….. – Ok come on let’s go.
They go to ishu’s home…
Raman: akhi..plz yaar don’t reveal this to anyone..plz plz
Aakash nods. They went inside the house. They were singing, dancing and busy intheir works. ishu is keeping mehandi to her hands nd shagun is feeding her sweet. Ishu sees aakash nd raman standing at the door.
Ishu: hey guys…. What r u doing there come here?
They go nd sit beside ishu. Ishu shows her mehandi to them.
Ishu: how is my mehandi?
Raman: vry beautiful like u ishu……!!!!!
Aakash: wow superb ishu… nd here we bought a gift for the groom. Will he like it?
Ishu: hm… perfume? U should know it as it’s for men ..but it’s nice. Did Raman choose it?
Raman stared her in shock nd so aakash was.
Aakash: how do u know it?
Ishu: hmm… well if u have to choose then u’ll choose a perfume which smells wild but this smells sweet nd it’s really gud. So I jst guessed it.
Aakash nd raman stared her in surprise.
Shagun: hm… Really nice choice Raman – come on ishu eat it or else aunty ‘ll scold me….
Ishu eats the sweet. Jst then shagun gets a call nd she goes keeping the bowl there. While amma calls aaakash so he goes. Raman is busy staring ishu.
Ishu: wow it’s yummy…amma has some power in her hands…hm where’s shagun?
Raman: she went as she gets a call.

Ishu: oh… then raman plz jst feed me the sweet yaar… it’s yummy….i can’t wait till shagun comes.
Raman: me?
Ishu: ha… plz yaar.
Raman: okay sure.
He feeds her the sweet. Ishu closes her and enjoys the taste of sweet. She looks so cute with that expression. Raman smiles seeing her cute expression and snaps her pic (without her know).
Ishu: do you know Raman I love this sweet vry much.
Raman: oh…
Ishu: actually raman I jst wanna ask u something.
Raman: (tensed) what ishu?
Ishu: sorry to say… but nowadays u’ve changed a ;lot. Not fighting with me, not taunting me, speaking vry sweetly, u’re jst behaving strange yaar… what’s the reason for this change?
Raman: nothing ishu…not like that.
Ishu: no no there’s something…. Nd this is happening only when I told u abt my engmnt. What’s the matter?
Raman: there’s nothing ishu..
Ishu: tell me the truth Raman. I won’t leave u until u tell me the truth.
Raman: (seeing into her eyes with tered eyes) u r not that ishu…with whom I fight, taunt nd meant my best friend. Now u r that ishu who’ve responsibilities like marriage and career on her. I can’t be with this ishu with whom I used to be. Forgive me if I said anything wrong.
Saying this he goes….. aakash hears them. He went near ishu.
Ishu: what had happened to him yaar aakash?
Aakash: he’s not that Raman who is ur best friend ishu. He’s different.
Ishu: e…what r u saying?
Aakash: nothing…
Ishu: have u guys gone mad? Saying something… idiots.
Aakash: oh god… u’ve to decide their destiny…don’t know what’ll happen.
The groom arrives frm US to India… Raman to get jealous of him.

Credit to: priya

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