You R My Life part 49

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The episode starts with Shagun gets shocked seeing the man.
She looks at him with anger. He’s aakash. She controls her anger.
Shagun: wow !! what a surprise…I loved it akhi.? Thank u so much.
Aakash: really… did u like it.
Shagun: ya of course…I liked it that much ki..i wanna kill u..(she starts beating him)
Aakash: aa……hh…ouch..!!!! baby atop it..don’t beat yaar. Ok I’m sry..plz stop.
Shagun: u stupid..idiot..duffer..little.. saale…pagal…I will kill u.
Aakash: arey yaar don’t shout..Acha Ok I’m sry..I’m really sry.

Shagun: I was scared akhi…I was scared..(she cries)
Aakash: r crying..?!!! (He hugs her) I’m sry yaar..I just thought of kidding u. I don’t know ki my queen will get scared like this. I thought u r so brave but…
Shagun punches him: will u just shut up. Idiot…!!
Aakash: aaahhhh..!!! Ok Ok…sry once again.(he holds his ears)
Raman: arey forgive him na shagun…!!
Shagun: Raman…r u part of this trick..?
Raman: no no.. I just went out to get my phone which is in the car. I didn’t know abt his plan.
Aakash: arey Bhai… u r trapping me again..?

Raman: oh brother….it’s not me…it’s u who trapped urself.
Shagun: Ok…end this now. Come on let’s go..I’m hungry.
Aakash: so that’s y I’d planned a dinner for us.
Raman nd shagun: what dinner..?
Aakash: I know y shagun git surprised..but buddy y did u get surprised..?
Raman: what will happen to me if u both go for dinner..? I had already said I won’t cm..but u idiot.
Aakash: arey u just drop us nd go to ishu.
Shagun: hey gud idea…what if u both too join us..for he dinner.
Aakash: arey baby…ishu nd Raman shldnt ve privacy na…let them leave alone.
Raman: hello boss…stop Ur bakwaas… nothing like that is going to happen ki we want privacy. Nd by the way I think u guys want to spend time alone u guys just carry on. Come I’ll drop . (He goes.)
Shagun: really akhi..?!

Aakash: yaar…I want to spend time with you alone. Like some romantic dinner. This is what u want na.
Shagun: ha…!!! Luv u akhi.
Aakash: luv u too…(they both hug) Ok Ok cm it’s getting late.
Raman drops aakash nd shagun in a restaurant. He was going to ishu’s clinic.

Meanwhile ishu is on the way to home… her bike tire got punctured. She got down…Nd checks the tire.

Ishu: oh god…this tire shld get puncture now..? Here in this highway road..? Now how will I go home… there’s no puncture shop nearby. What shld I do?
She tries to call rahul for help…. but mobile networks is off…
Ishu: ha.. now this network is off. what a situation yaar..? U r too lucky ishu.?then she sees a car coming nd gets glad. She stops the car.
Ishu: sir…excuse me, my bike tire got punctured…so if u don’t mind will u plz give me lift until my home…? Its near.
The person in the car opens the glass window..Nd ishu gets shocked seeing him.
Ishu: u..?!

Raman: ya it’s me. What happened drlng…is anything wrong..?
Ishu: nothing…just carry Ur work.
He got down from the car nd came to ishu.
Raman: actually I’m coming to u.. mann kaha hai ki tumse Milan hai..toh yun aagaya…!!!! (heart ordered me to meet came…!!!)
Ishu: oh god..will u plz go..u r irritating.
Raman: look baby.. I know u want some y will I miss the chance…?
Ishu: see I don’t want Ur help..thanks for coming..Nd plz just go.
Raman: r u sure…u don’t any help..?
Ishu: ya..I’m sure.?
Raman: Ok then…I’m going bye darling. See u soon. (He gets into the car.) Really u don’t want my help.
Ishu: no..!!!
Raman: Ok fine. Bye.?

He goes.
Ishu: chala gaya…(went off) !!!! If I refused to it…but he ve to do it forcefully na he luv me…will anyone leave their luv like this… Cha..!! He’s such a duffer…ki don’t understand the intentions of mine. Stupid… idiot… duffer….now what I ve to do. Even u ishu..y did u miss the chance of getting help from him yaar. Even u too r stupid, idiot, nd duffer ishu.
She then tries to get Mobile network but failed.
Meanwhile aakash nd shagun were having a romantic candlelight dinner.
Shagun: really akhi…I’m so happy ki u became some romantic.
Aakash: what do u I not romantic..?
Shagun: no..u r not.. nowadays u developed so much. Gud very gud baby.
Aakash: ha ha… thank you so much… dear. Vaise did u like my surprise…?
Shagun:’s awesome..!

Aakash: so u think I ve to be like this… romantic type…?
Shagun: no..but sometimes…I like u as how u need to change for me.
Aakash: okay…my baby I luv u. Hmm what would u like to ve for dessert…?
Shagun: Ur choice is mine.

Aakash: Ok fine..I’ll order.
At the same time ishu is waiting for anyone to come as well she’s searching for the signals.
Ishu: I think no one is going to come… I think I’ll park the bike here aside nd go by walk. That’s better. But I’m tired nd hungry too.
She sits on the footpath holding her stomach nd legs.

Ishu: see ishu.. this is a get experience for u in Ur life. Aha..I’m hungry.

A boy helps ishu.

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