You R My Life part 48


Hi friends..I’m so sorry for the late update…I’m really sry…as I went for my vacation…I don’t be time for updating. So how r u guys enjoying Ur hols…hope very well…Nd here’s the next part of mine..hope u njoy this..Ve a nice vacation.

Recap: Kavya came back as rahul’s fiance…what’s her intention now..will she again separate ishra..let’s check it out.

The episode starts with rahul’s coming to ishu.
Ishu: hey rahul…! How’s the date..?
Rahul: gud..u know she is so pretty..same my type…who loves her family Nd wants their happiness. I fell in love with her at first sight. Nd we both exchanged our views too.
Ishu: oh..u Ve interviewed her?
Rahul: no actually we Ve to know abt each other na.
Ishu: oho…so do u like her ?
Rahul: ya..she’s perfect for me..don’t know whether she like me or not.
Ishu: oh. don’t wry yaar…she will like u..u r so gud.
Rahul: Acha..if I’m that much gud then y did u reject me?
Ishu was stunned: rahul..?!!! What’s this..r u mad.. you know I luv Raman…nd don’t want anyone in my life except him…nd by the way I Ve said u this before..then y r u again pointing on me..?
Rahul: oho..madam..I’m just kidding. Y will u always become kaali maata..? I know u luv him the most..u know ishu Raman is so lucky…even u r lucky too to Ve him.
Ishu: ya I know.. but shut up..u became shaitan nowadays.
Rahul: OK..nd by the way do u wanna know my fiance’s name…
Ishu: oh. Ya come on say me.
Rahul: she is..Ka..(suddenly his phone rings) ha..I’ll talk to u later ishu…she’s calling bye.
He goes.
Ishu: finally he’s happy. I made him feel sad..but at last he’s happy. That’s I’m not at all feeling guilty.
Meanwhile Raman nd aakash reach their flat…
Jaanvi: oh…u both came early?
Aakash: actually maa.. today work has been less.
Jaanvi: oh. OK u both fresh up I’ll arrange for dinner.
Aakash: where’s shagun?
Jaanvi: she’s busy in office she called me. May be she’ll come late.
Aakash: oh..but how will she come late night, there won’t be any buses after 8. I think I Ve to go.
Jaanvi: ya I too think it’s better.but after Ur dinner. Do one thing u take dinner for her.
Aakash: no maa. I’ll get her now.. we’ll ve together.
Jaanvi: Ok as u wish.(she goes)
Raman: akhi…here ve these keys.
Aakash: ya thanks..but u too come na.
Raman: arey what will I do btwn u both..u guys njoy.
Aakash: shut up yaar. I thought of going to ishu’s clinic on the way. OK fine if u don’t want to cm.
Raman: no no no…I’ll cm yaar idiot. I know u r afraid…but covering na. Let’s go.
They were on the way to shagun’s office.

Meanwhile in ishu’s clinic.
Ishu: I think it’s getting late..I ve to leave…but where’s this rahul..?
She goes to his chamber..but finds him nowhere. She then goes to her room nd finds his Mobile on her desk…which is ringing.
Ishu: rahul..rahul..!!
Rahul: ha ishu..sry I’m using Ur washroom. As mine is out of service.
Ishu: that’s Ok…but ur phone is ringing yaar.
Rahul: who’s that..?
Ishu: wait I’ll’s Mrs. verma.
Rahul: oh..don’t pick it.
Ishu: Ok but…who’s Mrs. Verma..?
Rahul: she’s my to be wife yaar.
Ishu: oh..!!! So Mrs. Verma is Mr. Rahul Verma’s wife..? Very gud. OK..rahul it’s getting late I’m leaving.
Rahul: just wait 2 mins na… I’ll join u.
Ishu: idiot is this the way…OK fine come fast.
Rahul: ya ya..I’ll cm.
At mean time aakash nd Raman reach shagun’s office. They went near the watchman.
Raman: arey Bhai Saab…! Is anyone there in the office…?
WM: ha sir..some employees were working for night duty.
Aakash: shall v go in…we ve meet to a person.
WM: sry sir…u shldnt meet anyone now. If u want, wait u can…sit there in the reception sir.
Raman: Ok.

Then in the clinic…ishu was shouting at rahul.
Ishu: rahul…come out yaar.
Rahul: ha..ishu but let me finish my work.
Ishu: yaar…I’m getting late..plz cm fast.
Rahul: Ok Ok…wait. I’ll conclude.
Ishu: oh…god….what’s this language u r using…it’s irrelevant.?
Rahul came out: ha…now I’m feeling gud.?
Ishu: what ?…OMG…!! I can’t bear u weird language.
Rahul: shut up pagal..Ok. Where’s my phone..?
Ishu: here u go.
Rahul: ha thanks. My baby must be waiting for my call.
Ishu: u call her nd romance i dont ve time for such things. Bye.
Rahul: arey wait buddy…I’m sry… i talk to her later. Let’s go home drop me.
Ishu: y…dont u ve ur car..?
Rahul: i want to njoy bike ride will u…?
Ishu: no yaar i dont ve mood. Not now someother time.
Rahul: ok…but what happened?
Ishu: i dont know…but i think something is not gud. Something bad is going to happen yaar.
Rahul: oho…badi ayi astrologer…. shut up ishu…see everything is gud.
Ishu: but rahul….im scared..I’ll call home
Rahul: ishu.. plz go home… everything is fine. Jst go.
Ishu: okay..!!! Bye u in the mrng.
Rahul: bye ishu.

She goes to her bike nd starts.. going to hr home.
Meanwhile shagun in her office completes her works. She packs her stuff nd heads to leave.
Shagun: ha pia…I’m done. Is urs completed..?
Pia: no.. there’s still some work left.
Shagun: do u want me to wait for u.
Pia: no that’s not needed.
Shagun: arey we r the only girls here. How can I leave u like this?
Pia: arey… amar hai na…he said he’ll drop me home…nd also we thought of going to dinner.
Shagun: oh…!! Gud..ur life is better…my hero is just a different ki he doesn’t think of going to some dinner or whatever.
Pia laughs: that’s Ok..u can plan na.
Shagun: ha ve to do…Ok I’ll leave. U guys njoy….bye pia….bye amar.
Amar: bye shagun.
She leaves..went down stairs. Suddenly light goes..
Shagun:’s so dark..I’ll switch on torch..(she does)
She slowly walks, suddenly a man holds her nd closes her mouth. He takes her to the reception…then light comes back.
The man leaves shagun…she then turns nd looks at him. She gets shocked seeing him.

Ishu: oh god..this tire shldnt b punctured now..?
Then she sees a car coming nd gets glad.
Ishu: hey stop…(she stops the car) excuse me will u plz give me lift…my bike got punctured…I ve to go home so plz..!!!
The man opens the glass window…ishu sea him nd gets shocked.

I hope u guys like it. Nd nd nd don’t forget to comnt.

Credit to: Priya K

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