You R My Life part 47


Hi friends…thanks for ur support..nd here’s the nxt part.. hope u luv it more again.

The episode starts with the nxt mrng Raman nd aakash going to Royal park for the business meeting.
They went to the conference hall nd the meeting started.
Meanwhile in ishu’s clinic…she treats a person.
Patient: Dr. Will it get cured soon?
Ishu: no need to worry. I ve done the root canal surgery there will be no pain at all in future…if so then consult me…. nd here I’ve prescribed some medicines, apply to the tooth evryday.
Patient: ok Dr.thank u…(she goes)

Ishu then goes to her desk nd sits. Meanwhile rahul came there.
Rahul: hello ishu…!
Ishu: hi rahul..! Sry I didn’t meet u aftr that.
Rahul: ha ha that’s ok…vaise who’s that girl…who made drama over there.
Ishu: oh…she’s best frnd.
Rahul: such a drama queen hai na.?
Ishu laughs…!!!
Rahul: nd he’s the guys whom u loved Na. (She stood silent) ishu…I’m asking u something.
Ishu: ya…he’s the one.
Rahul: hmm…he’s ok but not as handsome as me.
Ishu: shut up Raman.
Rahul: Raman..? Hello madam it’s me rahul !!!

Ishu: oh..I’m sry Rahul…I was jst…
Rahul: thinking abt him?
Ishu: no.
Rahul: ok..fine I don’t ve time for such these things… actually I came to say ki..I’m going to Royal park ‘s hotel…I ve a meeting there.
Ishu: with whom.?
Rahul: actually…it’s a secret.
Ishu: arey secret…? Come on yaar… say it.
Rahul: ok…I’m going to meet a girl.
Ishu: ohhhh…!!! Dating ha?

Rahul: no…mom said to meet her…as she’s going to make my life hell.
Ishu: hey…congrats yar..who’s she…?
Rahul: hello but let me meet her…I ve to like her…nd she ve to impress me.
Ishu: oho..badi aya prince charming…!
Rahul: ok…I’ll say u all later..but first I ve to go…bye ishu.
Ishu: ok…all the best Rahul…!!!
Rahul: thanks yaar…bye. (they both hug nd he left)
At mean time… shagun in her office…thinks abt aakash ‘s words.
Shagun: ya..akhi is right…! We ve to go for a holiday trip…nd even it’s summer Delhi became too hot. But where shall we go..? What it will with darjling..? I will talk aakash abt it.
Meanwhile…Rahul came to the hotel Royal park. He went to the coffee shop in it. He sees a girl waiting at a table nd goes to her.
Rahul: hi…I’m Rahul..Rahul verma.
Girl: hi..plz take ur seat.

Rahul: sry for coming late.
Girl: ha that’s ok..!
Rahul: what’s ur name..?
Girl: oh…I’m Kavya…Kavya mehra.
Rahul: nice name…Kavya.
Kavya: thank u.
Rahul: so as u know our parents r making us to get married…I think v shld know abt eachother bfor the d-day..u know like dating..!
Kavya: oh..but dating?

Rahul: these days it’s so common…u know I’m not that type of guy..whom u r think. I’m so kabhi kushi kabhi gham mein hrithik type…I luv my family….nd I want everyone to be happy. Either it’s my family member or my enemy…I want them to b happy.
Kavya: oh..nice.
Rahul: arey I’m going on talking but u… what’s this yaar…speak up. Ok how am I looking..?
Kavya: hmm…gud looking handsome but I think u r talkative. Sry but u only said to speak up.
Rahul: oh…! No bad…now I understood ki u r not talking as I’m new to u….orelse u too can talk…hai Na..?
Kavya laughs : ya…u r right. Vaise… I’m ur type…the same pooja type.
Rahul: oh..!!! That’s grt. …so when shall we start our date…?
Kavya: as u say.
Rahul: oh..ok then as I’m a dr. So busy..well let’s start tomorrow itself…when I’m free I’ll buzz u.

Kavya: u r Dr….hm…nice. nd its u wish….Dr. Saab.!!!
Rahul: vaise what do u do.?
Kavya: I’m working as n interior designer.
Rahul: gud.
They smile….they both exchanged their no.s nd were involved in talking.
Jst then Raman nd aakash were happily coming out frm the conference hall.
Aakash:’s so superb… wonderful…. Mr. Malhotra approved our idea..nd even our project.
Raman: vahi toh…plan kis ka hai..?(then planned it ?) My best shld be gud.
Aakash: its all ur training boss….!!!!
Raman: nd frm today we r free for five days….what can u do..?

Aakash: I ve a plan…shall v go to a holiday trip..? To any hill station.?
Raman: grt yaar… but who will look aftr the company..?
Aakash: arey vimal hai Na….he’s the senior most employee he can manage.
Raman: ok..let’s discuss with everyone. Let’s go for now.
They go downstairs… through the coffee shop.
In the coffee shop…
Rahul: ok..I’ll leave now..I ve some work.
Kavya: ya sure.
Rahul: so bye..!!!

Kavya: bye.
They both shake their hands. Rahul goes to the door nd opens it.. he walks out nd collides with Raman.
Rahul: sry…sry

Raman: no I’m sry…(they see eachother) r u Rahul..?
Rahul: hey Raman..!!!
Raman: hey hi..Dr. Rahul.
Aakash: hello will anyone say that’s going on..?
Raman: akhi…he’s Dr. Rahul.. ishu’s colleague. Nd Rahul it’s akhi.. aakash we all r a gang.
Rahul: Hi aakash .
Aakash: hi.
Rahul: actually Raman..I ve to say u something.
Raman: oh.. anything serious.
Rahul: no no not actually abt ishu..but not now..I ve some work…some other time…so here’s my visiting card.
Raman: oh..thanks..nd here’s mine.
Rahul: thanks bye Raman…bye aakash.
He went..
Aakash: so he’s the one who fought with shagun.?

Raman: ya but that’s not a fight.
Aakash: what ever..? Ok come let’s go.
Raman: but what he actually wanted to say abt ishu yaar..?
Aakash: u,he nd God shld know abt it. What will other know..?
Raman: he he he…super joke. Ok let’s go. W ve to share this happy news with everyone.
Aakash: ya..come.

No precap

as I even don’t know what’s the nxt track….so until then stay tuned…nd don’t forget to comment.

Credit to: Priya k

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