You R My Life part 46


Hi friends….here’s the nxt part..hope u luv nd like it more.

The episode starts with ishu going home.
Amma: ishu…u cam so early?
Ishu: ha amma…actually there r less appointments today.. Nd that to today’s sunday, probably the work became so easy.
Amma: oh…then u go nd fresh up…I’ll serve u dinner.
Ishu goes to her room…
Ishu: what’s this.? Y am I feeling so guilty…? But at the same time I am angry with him. Ishu…plz don’t think abt it..b cool…!!! U mustn’t feel guilty…but ve to….OMG..!!!! What to do ? I don’t understand anything….( she cries)
Meanwhile vandu comes to ishu…

Vandu: ishu…appa is calling u.
Ishu wipes her tears nd turns: ha..akka, say him ki I’ll come later.
Vandu: arey ishu…what happened? Y r u crying?
Ishu: no akka… I’m not crying.
Vandu: ishu…jhoot math bol..main jaanthi hoon tujhe (don’t lie…i know u ishu). Say me what happened?
Ishu: nothing akka.
Vandu: ishu won’t u say it to ur akka..?

Ishu: akka…voh..Raman.
Vandu: Raman ? What did he do? Do t know the reason y u left him… But y did he come back again? Did he misbehaved with u ?
Ishu: no akka…actually… (she says the whole thing to vandu) akka…u say what shld I do…? I know it’s saurav nd Kavya who did the mistake who trappd me…. But Raman if loves me that much, he shld believe me Na…. He’s saying ki he was shocked nd confused at that time. Shld I believe him ?
Vandu: u think Raman won’t believe u. Do u really think? See I think at that moment even I will be so confused nd will be thinking what to do nd how save u… Nd if u think once being in his place… u will understand.. If not then don’t believe him.
Ishu: what akka…everyone r saying to think being in his place.this
Vandu laughs: who else said u to do so..?
Ishu: u, shagun nd even Raman said the same.

Vandu: then…jst do that if everyone says u to do.
Ishu: OK… I will do. Nd thank u I feel so relaxed aftr sharing this with u.(hugs her)
Vandu: hmmm..can I say u one thing ?
Ishu: ha akka…say Na !
Vandu: u have to say truth.
Ishu: ha akka…say Na..!
Vandu: u…still ..luv Raman Na…soo much.
Ishu: whats this akka. I don’t.
Vandu: see ishu the one whom we don’t like the most… He is the one whom u luv most..I know u still luv him…nd I also know ki u will return to him…. ?. OK fine appa is calling u come fast…!
Ishu: ha akka I’m coming…! (Vandu goes) really…!!! Ya akka…I still luv him a lot.. But I’m some what anger as voh pagal Raman didn’t believe… Ho sry he delayed in believing me..iska punishment, I will be angry for some more days…as he ve to regret his mistake for making me cry these 3 yrs.

She smiles nd goes out.
Then at the mean time…shagun, aakash nd Raman talking…sitting in the balcony.
Shagun: vaise Raman…what ve u told her..?
Raman: I ve convinced her..apologized…but she’s not ready to accept my apology. Hadh hai yaar…bechara pati ko koi itni pareshaan karte hai kya.? ( will anyone trouble their husband this much?)

Shagun: ohhh….sooo sad…!!!!!?
Aakash: hmm…v both r same yaar, hum ko pareshaan karne wali biwiyaan aa rahi hai hamare zindagi mein…(we r having the one who troubles in our lives).
Shagun: oh ..really akhi…I troubles u ?
Raman: I was dreaming for the day when ishu forgives me…nd we both will fighting like u both..???…isn’t it cool?
Shagun: ha..! So what’s the nxt plan?
Aakash: Raman I forgot to say ki…Mr. Malhotra hai Na he decided to ve a meeting tomorrow.. In Royal park hotel..voh Jo Malaysia clients came Na that’s y.
Raman: oh ..when did he said it?
Aakash: today mrng.
Raman: arey yaar…did u prepare anything for the meeting..?
Aakash: ha ha I ve prepared the documents…if u want check then I’ll bring..(he goes nd brings those documents) here check once.

Raman checks those nd signs on it.
Raman: so Mr. Aakash… It’s perfect. Nd I ve signed too.
Aakash: thank u Mr. Bhalla.
Shagun: oh hello…stop this office wali drama.
(They laugh..) Raman then what abt ishu..?
Raman: today I ve shown her the teaser..let us give her some time to watch the film. I’m sure it’s gonna make a big hit.
Aakash: which film yaar..u three went to movie..? Without me?
Raman nd shagun: ??
Shagun: this duffer can’t understand yaar.
Raman: akhi…u r a grt businessman..y don’t u understand..? OMG…!!! It’s the most hilarious joke I ve ever heard.

Aakash: shut up..idiot.
Shagun: y do u always try to become stupid through ur stupid jokes yaar…?
Shagun: oh..I’m sry patiji.
Raman: sry yaar sarle Saab…don’t keep this face..pretending to b sad.
Aakash: he he…so funny.
Raman: OK guys I’m sleepy..I’m going bed..will u come akhi?
Aakash: no…latér u go.
Raman smiles nd he goes…aakash came close to shagun..
Aakash: baby..isn’t the sky beautiful… With stars, Moon nd…
Shagun: nd?
Aakash: nd…u !

Shagun: romantic ha..?!
Aakash: ya..coz kisi ne kaha hai ki I’m n unromantic type of guy nd don’t know such these things… Like a duffer. So I thought of being romantic.
Shagun: oh…heard my’s so bad. Nd I’m sry..shldnt say like that.
Aakash: it’s OK. .I jstcame to say u something nd heard u.
Shagun: what’s the matter?
Aakash: actually… I thought of holidaying to some hilly u know it’s summer.. It’s too hot in Delhi.
Shagun : wow nice idea..!!!! I think u r right..we ve to go.

Raman meets Rahul… Nd gets to know something which makes him happy.

Credit to: Priya k

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