You R My Life part 43

Hi friends here’s the nxt part…u go with..hope u luv it again.

The episode starts with ishu breaking their hugs. She looks at him with anger nd heads to leave. But Raman hold her hand.
Raman: ishu… plz im sry for my mistake but plz dont go away frm….plz..i dont want u to go away again frm my life….i beg u….plz.
Tears rolled down frm her eyes…she cries..

Ishu: who r u to stop me ? jst leave.
Raman: ishu dont say like that….i luv u..coz u r my life ishu.
Ishu: yeh filmy dialogues… u jst keep them with u..coz u jst say but no react..i know u types of guys vry well…i ve a vry gud experience… nd by the way idont lub u at all…i jst hate..plz leave.
Raman: no…u r lying…i know u luv me…ur eyes r saying..that u luv me nd want me in ur life.
Ishu wipes her tears: rubbish…its jst ur misunderstanding… cm out of it. Nd plz leave me its getting late…shagun is waiti g for me.
Raman: i won’t leave u.
Ishu:leave me..orelse..I’ll..
Raman: ha…what will u do?
Ishu: I’ll… I’ll shout…I’ll.. cry..i..i dont but the result will be serious.
Raman smiles at her childish behavior :u didnt change…!! The same naughtiness…as before.
Ishu: jst shut up…leave me..!!!!
Raman: oh…dont shout..ok go…go where u want. But jst remenber ki where u will go, u will reach me.

Ishu: nonsense.
He leaves her..she runs away. He smiles seeing her.
Raman: i know ishu u love me..when i hugged u that feel said me u luv me…nd those tears said ki u want me…. but u dont realize.. i will make u realize it. Get ready to fall for me again….Mrs. Ishita Raman Bhalla.
Meanwhile… ishu came to shagun running..
Shagun: arey ishu…what happened?
Aakash: u came running as if u ve seen a devil there.

Ishu: voh nothing… im so tired..i want to go home. Plz
Shagun: r u mad…i won’t agree for it. U ve to be here until the end.
Aakash: yah ishu…its not fair leaving before start.
Ishu: plz guys…i want to.
Aakash: arey ishu…will u let us go if we came to ur engagement nd left in the middle.
Shagun: she’s jst joking..ishu
Annanya on the stage calls everyone.
Annanya: hello…. everyone.. gud evening. Today my dearest chachu nd lovely chachi r going to engage to plz welcome them with a big round of applause.
All clap for them.. nd aakash nd shagun were surprised at her welcome speech. They went on to the stage.
Shagun: wow annanya… this much speech vry gud. Any help?
Annanya: chachi maamu hepled me in this
Aakash: maamu helped u…? But where’s he??

Jst then annanya saw ishu.
Annanya: maami..!! Woow.. so glad ki u came..(goes nd higs her) chachu u invited her..?
Shagun: i invited her annanya. U know ur maami is my best frnd.
Annanya: oh..maami…u nd i r matching…pink nd pink.
Ishu: arey whats going on?
Shagun: I’ll explain u later…first let u do this ishu…come its my day.
Then Raman came nd announces…
Raman: so frnds…. my sister shagun, my bst frnd aakash r going to engage…pit ur hands together nd let them exchange their rings….!!!!
Aakash nd shagun smile seeing eachother…they took the rings. Aakash is going to put the ring but stops.
Aakash: shagun… before this i ve to say something.
Jaanvi: u gone mad…will u propose her or what.
Arjun: jaanvi…
Shagun: what akhi really..? U gonna propose me here.
Aakash: ha ha…zyada math socho..(dont think too much)(She looks at him.) I ve something special for u.
Shagun: what a gift..?
Aakash: vahi samajlo… a special gift frm me… ur lovable one.
Raman: arey break the suspense yaar….
Shagun: ha ha im so excited… cm on akhi.

Aakash: ok ok… here u go..see there.
He points towards the entrance…. all looked there… a person is walking in…shagun gets shocked seeing the person. He came onto the stage. Tears rolled frm shagun’s eyes…she cries seeing him.

Shagun: pa….papa!!
Sharad: beta…. kya tum tumari papa ko maaf karogi.? ( will u forgive ur father?)
(She stood still…) i know i ve done a mistake. I always misbehaved with u…nd even scoled u cursed u for being born… but trust me..i never actually thought of it…. i kept myself away frm u so that i can forget ur mom…as she left me alone. Im sry beta…im really sry…i realized my mistake…. will u forgive.

Will shagun forgive her dad nd accept him…?

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Credit to: Priya k


  1. Varsha

    Awesome epi……update soon….next time a bit longer please……i want Shagun to forgive her dad as i am a dad ki ladli :)…….

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