You R My Life part 42


Hi friends… here’s my nxt part.. hope u love it.

The episode starts with shagun entering the venue nd all were admiring her beauty.
Ishu: see shagun… all r admiring u.
Shagun: ha…?
Ishu: but where is ur hero yaar…?
Shagun: dont know… i think he’s busy in some work.
Ishu: arey always works ha.. wait I’ll call him nd say how pretty my bestie is.
Shagun: no yaar… he mst understand na.. he ve to cm on his own.
Ishu: no im going…u jst wait here.
She goes for searching aakash.
In mean time…
Aakash: Raman cm on…. matter came until here.. u ve face her yaar.
Raman: but will she accept me again…?
Aakash: arey u first come nd meet her… i know u can convince her.
Raman: but im so worried… tensed nd feeling nervous.
Aakash: ok fine… u…u jst go to restroom relax nd think how to convince her. Now go.
Raman: r u sure..?
Aakash: yes ofcourse im.
Raman: ok.

He goes… then ishu came to aakash searching.
Ishu: arey hi akhi.
Aakash: ishu… hey hi. What a sudden surprise..!!
Ishu: hmm .. i thinl u look so excited.
Aakash: ya… more excited than anyone. Nd by the way where is ur frnd.
Ishu: ha… she’s feeling alonethere looking for u to cm…. isn’t she looking stunning.
Aakash:oh… wow she’s always royal my queen…!!!
Ishu: hmm… royal queen…hey even u both r matching eachother.
Aakash: yah… u r right…red nd red..! Even u both match eachother… its a coincidence.
Ishu:what…?! We both… who’s the other..?
Aakash: ha…Ok ishu im sry i ve to go to her… if u excuse.
Ishu: ya ya ofcourse… go actually im came to send u there.
Aakash goes. Ishu laughs.

Meanwhile annanya nd simmi came there.
Annanya: wow mumma….its really beautiful. Nice flowers… i luv them.
Simmi: do u want them..?
Annanya: ya.. shall v take them home…?
Simmi: ok then we will ask ur maamu to het them for u. Ok?
Annanya: ok.
Shagun: arey.. simmi..annanya..!!!
Simmi: arey shagun looking pretty gud.
Shagun: oh thanks.. where r aunty nd uncle?
Simmi: voh.. actually mumma is not feeling well so They both couldn’t cm.
Shagun: ph thats ok.. is aunty fine now?
Simmi: ya.
Annanya: chachi…!!!
Shagun: r u baby.. wow…!!looking so pretty in this lehanga.
Annanya: really chachi…. maamu gave me this lehanga.
Shagun: hm..nice.
Annanya: nd u too look beautiful…. like a real nd traditional bride.
Shagun: oh..thank you baby girl.

Jst then aakash came…
Aakash: arey yeh kaun aagayi….
Annanya: chachu its me annanya.
Aakash: oh…(he lifts nd kisses her) wow u looking so gorgeous in this lehanga… even more beautiful than ur chachi.
Annanya: thank u chachu.
Shagun: really aakash..??
Aakash: yes yaar…(she looks at him, he gets scared) no baby jst kidding…u nd my annanya bothr equal fine.
Shagun: yeh hui na baath.
Aakash: hm..hey hi simmi.
Simmi: hi..u both na looking so beautiful nd cute couple. I wish u both live happy together..forever.
Shagun nd aakash together: thanks simmi.
They all smile.

Meanwhile Raman in washroom…facing the mirror.
Raman: yaar… y r u so tensed… feel gud. U ve to rock it today…meet her, convince her, nd bring her back to ur life. Its simple… ha ha it seems to be simple but what to do…yeh jo karna padega (I’ve to do). Ok ok b cool..u can do it Raman. Go…go ahead.
He then opens the door nd gos out… nd suddenly collides with a girl. She falls down. He couldn’t see her face as her lehanga pallu came on to her face nd so as the girl.
Girl: aaaaahhhh…!!
Raman: im…im really so sry… i didnt see sry…com on i’ll help u.
He forwards her his hand…she with the help of Raman stood up nd took the pallu frm her face. It none other than ishu. Raman geta shocked seeing her..but she’s busy in checking her lehanga.
Ishu: kya aap teek se chal nahi sakte hai…andhe ho..(cant u walk properly.. r u blind..)(she looks at him and gets shocked as well)
Raman smiles seeing her…he began to cry with happiness nd hugs her.
Raman: ishu… so happy that u r….u r here…came back here. Thank u ishu…thank u soo much..i knew it ki u will cm… u made me alive…iluv u ishu luv u soo much.
He cries…. ishu too cries nd smiles… she feels like hugging him back….but suddenly breaks the hug.

Aakash: shagun.. before this..i ve something for u.
Shagun: Whats that..?
Aakash: so r u excited..then here u go.
A person comes walking nd Shagun gets shocked seeing the person.

Credit to: Priya K

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