You R My Life part 41


Hi everyone…. I’m so glad that I ve secured gud marks in my board exams… Today I’m so happy nd I want to share it with u guys.. I hope this episode makes u happy… Njoy this guys.

The nxt episode starts with Raman calling simmi.
Raman: simmi,
Simmi: ha Bhai… What happened?
Raman: nothing but do u remember that today u ve to bring the whole family to the event… So r u guys coming?
Simmi: ha Bhai… How will we won’t come.. Of course we will… Acha annanya is so excited to come thwre. She’s asking for a new dress nd now I’m going to buy it.
Raman: simmi… But wait a sec. I ve a surprise for annanya.
Simmi: but Bhai…
Raman: I know her so much… So u don’t come in btw us OK..?
Simmi smiles: OK k…(calling Bell rings) I think someone came.
Raman: not someone it’s my gift for my girl. OK go nd give it to her….bye simmi.
He ends the call. Simmi goes to the door nd receives a parcel. She call annanya.
Simmi: annanya beta….
Annanya: ha mumma… Coming.
Simmi: look here ur maamu bought u a gift.
Annanya: gift..?! For me..?!
Simmi: ha…guess what ?
Annanya: hmm….a toy or…a story book?no by looking at the box it seems to b…. A dress?
Simmi: arey say it clearly.
Annanya: hmm… Mumma I think it’s a dress.
Simmi: really… My baby became so clever….she guessed right. Ya it’s a dress for u… For tonight’s event.
Annanya: really mumma…(unwraps the box) wow… A pink lehanga…!!! Chotu sa size..kitna pretty hai…maamu always know my choice. Love u so much maamu. Thank u.
Simmi: ha… Ur maamu loves u so much. But also ur mumma.
Annanya: I love u too mumma.
Simmi smiles nd hugs her.

Meanwhile aakash is busy guiding the decorators… Then Raman came to him.
Raman: kya saale Saab…. Busy ho… Apne hone wali patni Jo kaam diya that Na voh teek se kar rahe ho kya? (R u busy in doing the work properly what ur to b wife said..?)
Aakash: meri mazaak math udao… Meri bhi time jald hi and wake hai…Teri mazaak udaneka.(don’t kid me… Even my time is going to come to kid u)
Raman: acha… Cause what’s ur surprise yaar… That u gonna give shagun tonight.
Aakash: see I ve already planned it…. U ve to wait till tonight then u will know.
Raman: Abey say it Na… What’s that much secret betwn us.
Aakash: ve patience idiot.
Raman looks at him.

Then shagun nd ishu came to parlour nd were having some facial makeups. They were jst enjoying the day as well as preparing for the event. Nd soon they went home. Ishu nd jaanvi helped shagun get ready…. In red lehanga with white stoned jewels nd a light makeup of red – eyeshades, lipstick, etc. Almost looking like a Queen.
Shagun: wow… Kya baath hai yaar… Kya yeh main hoon…(is it me?) It’s unbelievable.. Maa I don’t know ki I will look so pretty like this. OMG!!!!!
Ishu: ha ha… If Akhi sees u Na then he may again fall in love with you once more. U r soo pretty darling.
Jaanvi: yes… Kisi ki nazar ba lage meri bahu ko. U r soo beautiful bahu.
(All smile.) OK OK now ishu make her wear gungat on her face… Orelse all eyes will be on my bahu. Nd u also get ready…I’m ready.
Ishu: ha ha aunty.(she does)
Ishu gets ready in her pink lehanga same as shagun’s, with white stoned jewels nd light pink makeup. Theb came to shagun nd jaanvi.
Jaanvi: arey really… U both look like sisters. Really ishu u r also gud.
Ishu: thank u aunty.
Then arjun came there.
Arjun: jaanvi… Where’s akhi?
Shagun: Papa… Akhi said that Raman nd he will get ready in a room at the venue. So no need to worry.
Arjun: oh… Is it. Nd by the way bahu u r soo pretty nd beautiful.
Shagun: thank u Papa.
She takes his nd jaanvi’s blessings.
Arjun: OK beta come on… Car is waiting down there come fast.
Jaanvi: ha u go ji… We will come.(he goes) so girls shall v go?
Ishu: yes of course aunty.
Shagun: ha ha… Vaise grand entry toh Marni hai. (V ve to enter grandly)
Jaanvi: OK come let’s go.
They went down… Got into the car… Going to the venue.

Then in the venue.. In a room.
Raman: akhi.. How much time will u take to get ready…r u a girl?
Aakash: y..only girls take time?
Raman: see I think shagun got ready earlier than u.
Aakash: arey y r u so worried…oh !!! I jst forgot ki ur princess to is coming here Na. I got it.
Raman: ya.. U r right idiot.
Aakash: don’t worry Bhai… My sis is gonna come today.. It’s for sure.
Raman: really..?
Aakash: yah. Ok how am I looking?
Raman: fine gud…nd me?
Aakash: super.
Raman: OK cone let’s go.
Aakash: arey where?
Raman: I’m so tensed yaar… come we’ll check once.
Aakash: u R too worried no need …she’ll come yaar don’t worry. ACH help me in arranging things.
Raman: ya u R right…. Come let’s go.
Jst then the car arrives….from which arjun, jaanvi, ishu nd shagun get down. They went in…. All the guests were arrived nd we busy in chit chatting with each other. As soon as shagun came all were admiring her.
Shagun checks the arrangements nd gets impressed by the work.

Raman nd ishu’s romantic moment…. Shagun gets shocked seeing

Credit to: Priya K

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