You R My Life part 40

Hello guys…. Thank u so much for ur support.. Nd here’s the next part. Hope u like it.
The episode starts with shagun taking ishu her room.
Shagun: come ishu I’ll take u to my room.
Ishu: hmm..shagun it’s nice…so cool flat.
Shagun: actually it’s Raman’s choice Na…it shld be perfect. (She looks on). Acha by the way..u jst wait here I’ll come. OK?
Ishu: ya ya..go ahead.
Shagun goes…ishu looks round the flat…nd goes to Raman’s nd aakash’s room. She went in.
Ishu: I think this is his room….see how the things r scattered.
She goes near them nd picks one of the shirt…smells it nd smiles.
Ishu: the same smell….does he still use the perfume..which I suggested him….such a sweet smell…!! ( hugs the shirt…she remembers a moment..
Where ishu came to Raman’s room
Ishu: omg..!! What’s this Raman….is this a room or dust bin…y don’t u make it neat.
Raman: arey ishu…u came to say this.
Ishu: see Raman I don’t like if u maintain our room like this aftr marriage.
Raman: u r there Na…to make it neat.
Ishu: means u won’t do any to keep it clean..?
Raman: see ishu I hate such these things.
Ishu: then what u love ha..? U hate shopping, u hate cleaning…nd all.
Raman: u know ki..I love…u.
Ishu looks at him: acha..! Actually I ve brought u a gift.
Raman: gift..?

Ishu: ya…it’s a perfume…ve it.
Raman: hmm….perfume… Nice smell. Loved it.
Ishu: really…!
Raman: ya…it’s ur choice baby, it shld be gud. I love ur taste nd also u.
Ishu blushes…fb ends
She then suddenly throws the shirt away.
Ishu: what’s this is ishu…u r diverting ! It’s not gud. ( her bracelet attached to Raman’s shirt which is not noticed by ishu)
She heads to leave jst then shagun came.
Shagun: what’s this ishu….I’m searching for u nd u r here, in Raman’s room… Missing him?
Ishu: shut up yaar… Mind that ki this is also akhi’s. So I jst came here to see that’s it.
Shagun: oh. OK come… Orelse would u like to be here.
Ishu: no no …come let’s go.
They went. Meanwhile at the venue…
Raman: arey Bhai Saab…..what’s this, u ve to check it before Na. Now how will we manage…?
Aakash: don’t worry Raman…. We can.
Raman: but how..see this chain is so damaged.. How will u gift her the other?
Aakash: no prblm…we’ll gift something more.
Delivery boy: sir I’m sry I didn’t notice… I may exchange it with other sir.
Aakash: not needed…leave it..u take it back.
Delivery boy: I’m sry once again sir.
Raman: OK Fine u go.
He goes.

Aakash: no we will plan something more for her.
Raman: but we don’t ve time… Today is ur day.
Aakash: see Raman I’ve a perfect gift for shagun more expensive than any gifts.
Raman: acha what’s that..?
Aakash: u jst wait nd watch.
In mean time… Shagun shows ishu her jewels nd her lehanga.
Shagun: so ishu how r these…?
Ishu: wow beautiful..!!! So pretty… Like u.
Shagun: ha ha not more than u…. That guy is so lucky to ve u.
Ishu: shagun plz…. How many times shld I say not to take Raman’s name.
Shagun: what…Raman? I didn’t take his name. I think u re thinking abt him more… Ure missing him so much… Y don’t u realize it ishu… U love him so much… Nd he’s not les s than u…. He loves u too so much ki… His life became hell aftr ur going. He couldn’t forgive himself he’s feeling so guilty for his delay. He believes u so much than himself ishu. Plz forgive him nd come back to his life.
Ishu: shagun plz…. He don’t believe me nd doubted on me…on my love. I can’t forgive him.
Shagun: who said ki he don’t believe u…. On that day he was in a hell shock ki what to do… He was confused. Nd by the way it’s not Raman’s fault at all. That Kavya ruined ur life. Even that saurav. U re not angry on them, but on Raman..? It’s so mean ishu…. It’s unfair.
Ishu: but…
Shagun: ishu… I’m sry I shldnt speak like that but I ve to ur sake. Plz try to understand. Jst once be in Raman’s place nd think peacefully abt it. U will understand.
Ishu: hmm…
Shagun: ha not now but, later… Now it’s my day u shld think abt me.
Ishu: OK!
They both smile.

Ishra meet.

Credit to: Priya K


  1. ude

    Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww priya it fantastic yaar…………….will they get reunited even now?……..will ishu forgive Raman?………will they too get married?…….. Those questions ar struggling in my mind dr……soooooooooo please update the next part soon……

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome As usual…… Soooo Excited to read the next update…….. IshRa Meet….Woww…..

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