You R My Life part 4


The episode starts with shagun aakash, nd Raman coming to ishu’s home…In the morning. all the preparations were going on for ishu’s engmt.
Shagun: aunty where’s dhulhan..?
Amma: oh ishu… She’s in her room. Go there
Shagun: ok aunty – u guys be here nd help aunty I’ll call ishu…. (To Raman nd aakash)
She goes to ishu’s room nd sees ishu sitting alone in her room thinking vry deeply abt something.
Shagun: ishu… (She doesn’t respond) ishu….. (Shakes her)
Ishu: ha shagun..? U here…when did u came?
Shagun: jst now…where have u lost my dear dhulhan…? Thinking abt dhule…?
Ishu: no no ….i’m jst thinking abt Raman.
Shagun: Raman? What happened to him?

Ishu: nowadays he’s behaving strange yaar….accepting for my every wish…yesterday he came for shopping which he doesn’t like it at all and even helped me. But at the same time when I call him or msg him he doesn’t respond to it. This is happening when I told u guys abt my engmt.. I don’t know what’s going in his mind…… I think he’s in love with me.
Shagun: what? But how can u say?
Ishu: because I saw my pic in his personal diary yesterday when iwent to his home to pick him up…nd if we observe on the day when I told u guys abt my relation Raman was upset nd went away frm there saying some excuse… so I had a doubt..?
Shagun: hmm… may be u r right….wait we’ll clarify abt it.
Ishu: no no don’t ask him abt it … I’ll clarify him later.
Aakash hears all this and gets shocked…ishu sees him…
Ishu: aakash.. What r u doing here?
Aakash: actually ishu… aunty called u…

Ishu: oh.. I’ll come u go.
Aakash goes nd thinks to get the truth out of Raman…he gets an idea nd goes to Raman.
Aakash: Raman… Come with me…yaar
Raman: where r we going?
Aakash: come on…
Aakash nd Raman reach a gift shop.
Raman: what r we going to do here?
Aakash: actually Raman, ishu told us to buy a gift for the groom. So suggest na yaar.
Raman: oh for groom…hm… Then how it would be a perfume…?
Aakash: wow great idea!!! But which perfume..?
Raman: I think it would be nice if we bought BONNEVILLE perfume, I heard thet it’s new in the market.

Aakash: hmm…. No bad I’ll go nd pay for it.
They choose it went to pay the bill. Aakash thought to act well to make his plan success.
Aakash: OMG! I forgot my purse yaar…. Raman could u plz give me yours?
Raman: ya of course…take it aakash takes nd opens it. He sees ishu’s pic nd gets surprised. He takes the pic nd throws it down (unknown to Raman), nd pays the bill. Jst then a man stamps the pic unknowingly nd Raman sees this nd pushes the man, picks the pic and caressens it. The man falls down and this leads a huge fight between Raman nd the man. Aakash took Raman away frm there.
Aakash: what’s this Raman? Why did u push him?
Raman: becoz he stamped ishu’s pic. This is the most memorable one for me…
Aakash: what? Ishu’s pic in ur purse?
Raman: yes… how dare he stamp it? She’s my life….i’ll break his legs.
Aakash smiles nd says: u r caught Raman!!!!

Ishu asks raman the reason for his strange behavior. Will Raman confess or not? How’ll he manage?

Credit to: priya

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  1. nice plan of aakash. finally raman’s heart brusted out in anger.
    plz continue the story.

  2. Cute Raman finally caught

  3. Woww priya very nice…..finally its again in suspense…cute episode

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Oh….so cute……..Finally Raman caught……Nice plan aakash…..But how will Raman manage when Ishu ask abt it…….I think the scene become Awesome……plzzzzz UPDATE ur next one sooonnnnnn& make it much longgggggggggg

  5. Priya its nice and story line is intrestung upload daily

  6. Super cute raavan Kumar…amazing..update soon and make it longer..

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