You R My Life part 39


Hi guys…aftr a long time I’m back with next episode of my fan fiction…hope u like this…nd support me with ur comments plz plz do it yaar orelse how will I know ki my ff is interesting or plz do.
Recap: annanya meets ishu nd calls her maami which makes ishu shock, Raman gets to know abt ishu nd feels happy nd even he dreams abt her meeting in the event, aakash nd shagun plan for ishra reunion.

Nd coming to the episode which starts with…..the nxt mrng all were busy for the evening event. Meanwhile ishu in her house is confused whether to go there or not.
Ishu: where r u strucked ishu….btwn ur bst frnd nd ur bst prblm. If u go there shagun will feel happy..but also Raman will be there, how manage him…I don’t even want to see his face, I jst don’t like him. what can I do?
Amma: ishu…
Ishu turns: Amma…!
Amma: sry ishu ki….I ve heard ur words, I feel u must go.
Ishu: but amma…
Amma: I know u ve prblm with him so u jst ignore him if u don’t. But if u go there ur bst frnd will feel happy that u re prsnt on her big day.
Ishu: that’s fine, but what shall I do if Raman came to me nd talk with me?
Amma: what a silly question…? U do what u like it’s ur wish nd ur life…u wanna forgive him or ignore him that’s ur choice… U ve to make right decision ki that u shld be happy abt it. (Ishu nods) OK then now u jst try this saree, I ve bought for u.
Ishu: but what can I do with the lehanga I ve brought?
Amma: tu bhi Na ishu, will wear this lehanga the whole day? U will now go to shagun nd help her so wear this saree…. Nd then for the event u wear this lehanga.
Ishu: thank u amma… Nd by the way aren’t u all coming for the event? Shagun has invited u all too.
Amma: arey ishu v ve so much work so v’ll attend evening. OK u get ready nd go fast.
Ishu: ok amma.
Amma goes nd ishu gets ready.
Mean time shagun goes to Raman.
Shagun: Raman… A small favour.
Raman: what ?
Shagun: nothing ki that decorator is a duffer….he’s so confused at my plan of decoration. So u plz take akhi with u nd make the venue decorated with my plan.
Raman: but how do v know ur plan..?
Shagun: ya….ha actually I ve a pic of it…I’ll msg u.
Raman: pic?
Shagun: ha I ve seen that pic in some interiors samples I ve taken nd thought of planning the same, so here u go I ve sent the pic to u. Those flowers nd clothes shld be as it is in the pic….be careful ki no mistake.
Raman: oh oh okay madam…. I’ll do it. Sry we’ll do it.
Shagun: OK but u guys stay there until the work is done….nd call me if it’s done. OK?
Raman: ha ha OK….
Jst then aakash came.
Aakash: r u going out…? If so plz bring me some headache pills….I’m dieing with the pain.
Raman: arey I’m not alone going but with u. Com let’s go.
Aakash: but where nd y?
Shagun: to the venue…for decoration.
Aakash: y r the decorators had a leave today..? May they ve..coz shagun’s plans r soo impossible types hai Na.
Shagun: akhi shut up…!
Raman: arey u both don’t fight on ur D-day, com on akhi let’s go.
He grabs him out nd they both went to the venue.
At the mean time, ishu came to the flat…jaanvi welcomes her.
Jaanvi: ishu beta…come in. I’m so glad u came.
Ishu takes her blessings: I’m too so happy to meet you, aunty. How’s uncle?
Jaanvi: ya he’s fine, he may b busy in some arrangements. Come….
Shagun: ishu…..!!!!!!! I’m so surprised that u came now, I thought u won’t.
Ishu: how will I…coz it’s my bestie’s day.
Jaanvi: hmm, bahu.. U take ishu in I’ll be there.
Shagun: OK maa. (Jaanvi goes) OK ishu come let’s go.

Ishu remembers Raman nd their moments

Credit to: Priya K

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