You R My Life part 37


Hi everyone….here’s my nxt part…..

The episode starts with simmi cleaning Raman’s room.
Simmi: omg…!! Bhai doesn’t make his room clean…as he’s not staying here so dont care…i ve to do everything.
She cleans nd finds some photos of ishita & Raman.
Simmi thinks : bhai loves ishita soo much…i ve to make him happy..also meri shaitaan annanya.
Meanwhile annanya comes calling mumma….
Annanya: mumma…!!! mumma, what r u doing here in maamu’s room?
Simmi: nothing beta…i jst came to clean the room.
Annanya: oh…( she looks at the pic of ishra) this is maamu…but who’s she?
Simmi: voh..
Annanya: is she my maami? (Simmi nods) really she’s my maami..oh..she’s soo pretty.. looking soo cute.
Simmi smiles : pk say me whats the matter?
Annanya: actually mamma.. my tooth is paining…im not able to eat anything.
Simmi: oh…!! My baby..ok then wait a second… i’ll change nd come we will go to the doctor ok…?
Annanya: ok mamma…!!
Annanya goesSimmi calla to a clinic nd asks forn appointment for annanya.

Meanwhile ishu comes to her clinic….calls her asst.
Ishu: riya…plz come to my room.
Riya: yes mam…!
Ishu: ha riya r there any appointments for today…?
Riya: s mam….but along there’s n appointment for a child.
Ishu: child..?
Riya: ha mam..!! Its n emergency… they’ll arrive along 10:00am. Until then they there r appointments for adults.
Ishu: ok then sen them.
Ishu treats them. At the same time simmi nd annanya gets ready to go to the doctor.
Simmi: ma…! Im taking annanya to the doctor.
Toshi: arey what happened to her?
Simmi: actually she’s having toothache.
Toshi: then come back soon…take care of her.
Simmi: ok maa..bye.
Annanya: bye naani…!!
Toshi: bye bye…!!

They went to the clinic…nd sat at the reception.
Annanya: mumma..sussu.
Simmi: now..?(Annanya nods…) ok come i’ll take u.( she goes to the receptionist) hmmm…where’s wash room?
Riya: there at that corner.
Simmi: thanks…
She goes, then ishu came out talking on the phone nd simmi couldnt see ishu.
Ishu: riya…whats there signal in ur phone?
Riya: wait mam I’ll check….no mam there r no signals here.
Ishu: omg!! What to do..i ve to make n important call To my amma.
Riya: u can msg the network comes it will be delivered to ir amma.
Ishu: ha thats gud…thanks. nd by the way whers the child patient… its already 10:00.
Riya: mam they jat went to the washroom I’ll send as soon as they come.
Ishu: ok fine I’ll be waiting in my rom send them.
Meanwhile shagun arranging the venue for the event going to be held tomorrow.
Shagun: arey bhai saab….voh lillies shld be there at the corner…nd those roses shld cover the entire stage..nd also the chair but in different colors ok? Nxt..use only pink nd light blue color clothes for the decoration…nd for chairs use white. Coming to the catering…. here’s the list of dishes shld be prepared…it shld be the bst.

ur section i.e., dinner section will be there at the corner, ok?
Decorator: ok madam.
Shagun: listen..! Everything shld be perfect
tomorrow is my day…so there shldnt be any mistake done by u guys.
Decorator: mam u dont worry…everything willbe fine. Then we’ll start our job this evening.
Shgun: but flowers shld be attached in the mrng.
Decorator: ok madam…now let us do our work.
He goes saying this.
Shagun: itna akkadh…stupid. not at all listening
to me. Let him do a mistake then I’ll show him who am i. Now ill go home…this heat is making me mad.
Meanwhile in the clinic…
Simmi nd annanya comes to riya….she directs them to go to ishu’s room. They went in nd gets shocked seeing ishu as so ishu.

Precap is same….sry for that:

Credit to: Priya K

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