You R My Life part 33

Hi guys….here’s the nxt episode.

The episode starts with bhallaji nd ishu were shocked seeing each other.
Bhallaji: ishita beta….!
Ishu: papaji how r u..? R u fine?
Bhallaji: I’m fine beta.
Ishu: papaji.. Have a seat Na..!
Bhallaji: ha..( he sits on the chair) how r u beta?
Ishu: ha I’m fine papaji…how is mummyji..?
Bhallaji: toshi is absolutely fine beta.
Ishu: oh…! Ha papaji.. What’s the problem? Aap yaha iss clinic mein aya hai toh kuch toh problem haina.( as u came to this clinic there shld be a problem right.)
Bhallaji: nothing beta….my BP became low nd frm the past few days I’m suffering with severe headache.
Ishu: oh papaji..! Wait I’ll give u some medicines nd u’ll get cured…OK?
(Ishu makes a note nd give it to him.) Hmm…papaji u jst have these medicines twice a days.
Bhallaji: thank u beta…!
Ishu: that OK papaji.
Bhallaji: ishu beta can I ask u something…?
Ishu: yes papaji…?
Bhallaji: actually a proposal… Plz ishu beta kya tum hamare ghar ki bahu bankar aaogi…..?( will u become our daughter in law nd come to our home..?)
Ishu was shocked….nd was soo confused. She don’t know what to say.
Ishu: papaji…
Bhallaji: plz beta… After u left him he was totally changed…he became so depressed..he’s not living with us in our home as he remembers all those moments spend with u in that house….he became silent matured nd made
his career with aakash.. He is waiting for u to come back…. He loves u a lot even now he didn’t marry as he has a hope U’ll come back to him. Plz ishu beta….plz.
Ishu: papaji plz…u don’t know what he did….I can’t do that papaji…!
Plz leave me.
Bhallaji: par ishu…Raman tumse apne jaan se zyaada pyaar karta hai…( he loves u a lot more than his life…) (Ishu stood silent.) OK ishu beta…I’m going but I’ve said what I have to say. It’s ur decision nxt. Bye.
He goes nd ishu keeps on thinking his words….
Ishu: what is this now papaji came nd asked….it looks awkward to refuse him nor I can’t accept Raman anymore….I don’t want him in my life…..kaha phas gayi tu ishu…!(where ve u strucked ishu…!)
Meanwhile ishu’s mobile rings…its shagun she picks.
Ishu: ha shagun.
Shagun: r u busy…?
Ishu: no yaar…I’m not jst now all the appointments were finished. .so I’m free now.
Shagun: oh…! Then will u accompany me for shopping?
Ishu: really…? Shopping?
Shagun: ha. ..jst now I’ve submitted my projects to my boss….nd thought of going for shopping… So I called u to accompany me.
Ishu: of course yaar..I’ll.
Shagun: OK then u jst arrive to the mall beside ur clinic I’ll be waiting there. OK?
Ishu: OK fine…! Bye.
Ends the calls. Shagun then calls to aakash nd asks them to come for the same mall.
In the office…..aaksh after attending shagun’s call goes to Raman who’s working.
Aakash: Raman….
Raman: ha..akhi… anything serious?
Aakash: no no actually… There’s a problem…
Raman: what?
Aakash: I ve done everything for this weekend but my sherwani….it’s pending….so…
Raman: so?
Aakash: Raman will u help me in choosing my sherwani..?
Raman: what..? No no I won’t.
aakash: plz Raman plz plz plz…..!
Raman: akhi…u know that I hate shopping… Plz don’t eat my brain.
Aakash: arey u went for shopping when ishu called but not coming when I called. This is cheating Raman…!
Raman: akhi….what’s this nonsense..? I ve soo much work. Plz..akhi..!
Aakash: Raman for me..! Plz for shagun..tume ishu ki kasam….Raman… U ve to come.
Raman: OK OK ….! I’ll fine?
Aakash: thank u meri Bhai…! Come let’s go.

Precap is the same….sry for the short episode there’s a prblm in net connection.plz forgive me.

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