You R My Life part 32

Hi friends…. How r u missed u guys sooo much…as this website is not accepting ff frm the past 2 days I couldn’t post it….nd now I’m back with my ff to entertain u guys…hope u like this episode.

The episode starts with Raman crying saying the past whi!e simmi consoling him.
Simmi: Bhai…means ishu cheated u? How could she ?
Raman: simmi…..! ishita didn’t cheat me….what she said was true…she was trapped.
Simmi: but can u say it…she loved saurav Na she also had a tattoo….!
Raman: simmi..ishu can’t cheat me…she loves me a lot….it is me who did a mistake…nd coming to the tattoo saurav did it…he made that when he holded ishu’ s hand. Nd that chain…ishu thought I gifted her nd I was standing there in the terrace. She was totally trapped…. Kavya nd saurav trapped her….this is becoz Kavya loved me nd want me in her life. So she planned this.
Simmi: bit how do u know this Bhai ?
Raman: saurav said this to me…he doesn’t want to do this actually… But was forced by Kavya. She asked her brother to do…u know emotional blackmail….even he felt soo sry for what he did…he thought of saying the
truth to ishu…but before she left somewhere…soo far frm us..I miss her soo much simmi…soo much.
Simmi: but Bhai…! If u miss her, love her soo much..then y didn’t u response to her when she asked her for ur belief…? It’s so wrong Bhai…!
Raman: yes simmi…! It’s my mistake. Actually I was shocked… I didn’t know what to say…my mind was blank at that moment…! I didn’t even thought of that situation will come in my life…a doubt on my love. That delay changed my life simmi. Really it’s my mistake… How could I ? Chah…!!! Not ishu even I can’t forgive my self.
Simmi: Bhai..! Plz calm down. I brother is so good, great nd nice Na ki…ishu bhabhi will definitely forgive u. I think I’ll help in this.
Raman: thanks simmi but…i don’t know where is my ishu.
Simmi: Bhai..! Don’t worry…I’ll help u…not only for but also for my daughter ! (Raman smiles.) hmm Bhai.. U keep smiling like this nd I’ll solve ur problem. OK?
Raman wipes his tears nd smiles: teek hai meri pyaari behna…love u (hugs)( OK my lovely sis..)
Simmi: love u too Bhai.
They both went out.
Raman: vaise maa I’ll leave now…its getting late.
Toshi: what…?! Wait till I make lunch…!
Raman: nahi maa…I ve to attend some meetings so plz…other time. Bye…!
Raman goes out meanwhile he notices annanya sitting near the door upset. Raman remembers the moment he scolded her nd feels sad. He
goes to her.
Raman: annanya…! I’m going. Won’t u bid good bye to ur maamu? (She stood silent) naraaz ho, Apni maamu se?( r u angry on ur maamu?)( the same silence) OK then maamu wants to tell u something…actually I’m sry beta…really sry. Hmm…if u say I will….bring u ur maamu..OK ?
Annanya gets happy nd hugs him.
Annanya: Sacchi maamu.
Raman: mucchi !
Annanya: thank u soo much…but when will bring her?
Raman: tofda time lage ga….par jaldi Lane ki koshish karoon ga.( it takes some time but I’ll try to bring her soon) OK?
Annanya: OK…! Love u maamu.
Raman: maamu too loves annanya soo much…! OK now I’ll go. Bye
Annanya: bye maamu but come back soon.
Raman: OK meri maa. Bye.
He goes. Annanya informs the family that Raman will get her maamu soon to home. Toshi nd bhallaji feels soo happy abt Raman’s decision.
At the same time aakash nd shagun were busy in the service for their parents as the date of engagement is coming soon within 2 days.

Meanwhile ishu in her clinic thinking abt Raman.
Ishu: what is this I thought of forgetting everything abt my past but this is not possible for me…y? Raman plz leave me alone… Y r u chasing me? Plz I don’t want u in my life plz go away. Nd I may be disturbed as I ve to attend shagun’s engagement. Wait ishu y shld u be disturbed? No need to
be disturbed ishu…if u don’t want him means that’s it…he won’t enter ur life…u no need to get disturbed nd no need to escape frm him. So be cool. OK? ( door knocks) yes come in..!
Asst.: mam…a came patient came for some treatment… Shall I send him?
Ishu: ya sure send him.
Asst. Came to patient it’s bhallaji : sir..! Mam asked u to come.
Bhallaji: ok. Thank u. ( he goes nd knoxcks the door)
Ishu: come in.
Bhallaji goes in nd gets shocked seeing ishu….as well as ishu.

Shagun nd ishu went for shopping, aakash forcefully dragged Raman for the same shopping mall.

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