You R My Life part 30


Hi friends….thanks for ur comments nd I’m sure I’m not going to end my ff until I ve ur support…. So thanks for ur support. Nd here’s the next part.

The episode starts with door knocks at the bhalla’s house, toshi opens itnd gets surprised seeing appa, amma, ishu, shagun nd aakash in their traditional clothes.
Toshi: ohyey….!!! Tu pura Tamil nadu lakar aya hai kya….?( ve u brought full Tamil nadu to my house…?)

Amma: ayyo..! Santoshi..we came here for some purpose.
Toshi: but what is that ?
Amma: I will say but first let us come in.
They went in…meanwhile Raman nd bhallaji together came there. Raman was mesmerized seeing ishu in red saree….he stares at her lovingly nd she notices Raman. Raman signals what’s going on…? She replys him to wait.
Toshi: arrey madhu …what happen y this sudden entry in this costume…?
Amma: actually mein apni damaadh ke liye shagun lekhe ayi hoon…kya tum use sweekar kar logi ?( I ve brought shagun for my son-in-law…will accept it ?)

Raman was shocked…he smiles nd looks at ishu…ishu smiles, while aakash comes to Raman nd whispers…
Aakash: actually yeh bhabhi ji ka plan hai.( this is bhabhi’s plan).
Raman: what? But she said she don’t want to marry now. But…
Aakash: ha…yes but she said no to marriage not for engagement right?
Raman: really…?!!! I’m soo happy yaar akhi.
Aakash: zyada Kush math hona…todi rakh lo apne paas.( don’t be happy too much…save it for later use)
Toshi: what? I don’t understand.
Shagun: arey auntyji….aapki hone wali bahu ayi hai aur aap ne nahi pahchan kiya…yeh raha aap ki bahu…Dr. Ishita Raman Bhalla.( ur bahu came home nd u didn’t identify her….here is ur bahu…Dr. Ishita Raman Bhalla.)
Toshi: OMG….! Really ishita….I’m soo glad that u want my pagal son as ur husband…really he’s soo lucky to have u.
Ishu came forward nd takes toshi’s nd bhallaji’s blessings… They hug her nd kisses her on forehead.
Ishu: mummyji…papaji…actually I’m lucky to be such a pretty family as my sasural…love u all.
Shagun: oh..! R u saying to Raman or to auntyji….?
Raman: shut up shagun..!

Aakash: oh…!
Toshi: oh puttarji come here…frm when is this love track going on ?
Raman: ma..what’s this? Koi bachon se yeh puchte hai kya?( will anyone ask kids such these questions..?)
Bhallaji: u re not a kid nd see u re going to become a family man like me …
All laugh.
Raman: vaise thank u amma appa….u ve given ur daughter to me…nd I promise that I’ll make her happy all my life.
He takes their blessings too.
Appa: arey madhu..! Samdhan ji ko shagun toh dedo…! (hand this shagun to the in-laws)
Amma: ha chalo we’ll start exchanging the shagun.
Toshi: OK wait I’ll bring our shagun.
Soon they exchanged shagun. Ayt the same time Kavya nd saurav came frm shopping with shopping bags in their hands nd were shocked to see the situation there.
Saurav: dhi what going on?
Kavya: what do I know saurav…? Come let’s go nd see.

They went in…shagun notices them nd came there.
Shagun: arewy guys…u jst missed it yaar…Raman nd ishita ki rishta pakka hai…everyone r happy with their relationship… Soon They r going to be engaged. Cm let’s congrats them.
She takes them to ishra who r busy in talking.
Shagun: balai ho…Bhai. An aapki shadi jald hi hone wala hai.( congrats bro ur wedding is going to happen soon)
Saurav nd Kavya r shocked…

Saurav: what ishita ji is getting married ? Arey how can thia happen ?
Aakash: ycant it happen?
Saurav: arey she s too young to marry…. How will she..? See ishitaji…u cant do this. Old people will marry not like u girls…so lisaten dinat marry now.
Kavya: saurav…!
Ishu: oh..saurav u care for me soo much. But for ur information I’m not going To marry now…I’m going to engage fine.
Raman: ha…vaise saale…u r over reacting..e careful she’s my fiance…!
Saurav: OK Raman… It’s not a big deal.

Kavya: congrats for ur engagement Raman nd ishita.
Ishra: thank u Kavya…!
Kavya: that’s ok. Vaise I ve some work u guys carry on.
She goes frm there to her room. She locks the room door nd throws her bag on the bed with much force.
Kavya: now these love birds became a pair….I wont let this happen. I’ll ruin their love nd win mine….I hate ishita…I hate her…but I won’t leave u Raman I’ll win u. U re mine….think Kavya tHink . do something orelse they’ll engage on some fine day nd u may loose ur Raman. This shldnt happen.

She thinks off some plan nd laughs evilly.

Ishu mistakenly hugs saurav thinking Raman… Raman see This frm back nd gets shocked.

Credit to: Priya k

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