You R My Life part 3


The episode starts with all the 4 shopping for ishu’s engagement. Shagun nd ishu does all the shopping. But the ring for groom is left.

Aakash: hm… shagun is ur shopping done ? we’v e completed ours…!!!
Shagun: ya aakash almost done but…the ring for groom is left.
Aakash: then come let’s do it.
All the 4 went to the section of rings.
Shagun: bhayyai will u plz show u some rings for our to be jiju…I mean for the groom?
The man: sure mam! Plz tell me the size?
Shagun: ishu say the size…
Ishu; I don’t know
Shagun: then how’ll u buy the ring for groom?
Aakash: idea we’ll choose a person similar to the groom!!!
Ishu: ya good idea… but I didn’t see him right…
Shagun: we’ll think of ur groom as aakash.
Ishu: no yaaar aakash is too…
Aakash: what am I fat? Don’t say that to me ishu…
No yaar u r too thin…I don’t think the groom’ll be like u…may be Raman‘ll be perfect.
Raman, who’s busy in playing games in his mobile, gets shocked.
Raman: what? Me?
Ishu: yes raman u r perfect for this plzz?
Raman: r u sure?
Ishu: ya.. 100% sure!!!
Raman: ok ok ok… I’ll.
Ishu: thank u …. U became so sweet!!! Ok come…
Raman sits beside ishu. They r selecting the ring nd finally choose one, all liked it
Tha man: this is the best piece in our shop sir…plz make a trail.
Shagun: yes raman… jst do it
Meanwhile ishu makes raman wear the ring. Raman was in shock, he saw this with teared eyes nd is vry happy.
Ishu: I liked it vry much…actually I loved it!!!
Shagun: yse it’s vry nice!!!
Aakash: hmm…. Superb it suits u raman!
Ishu holds raman hand. And when she tried to separate, her bracelate got caught to to raman’s watch.
Raman: (in his mind) she ishu god also wants us to unite but maybe u don’t want this to happen. I don’t ever feel sad for ur decision becoz I LOVE U.
He separates her bracelet.

All the shopping is over nd all went to their respective homes… into their rooms.
Raman in his room…opens his diary nd writes today’s movements in it. He smiles seeing ishu’s pic nd remembers the moment when ishu makes him wear the ring… the same time feels sad realizing she’s going to engage. Meanwhile he gets a msg frm ishu…
Ishu: raman thank you sooo much.
He replies back: it’s ok…. Good night Bye…
Ishu (thinks): what had happened to him? He’s behaving soo strnge…this’s happening when he heard abt my engmt…behaving like a person whose love is failed…is he in love with me..?
Thinking this she slept

Ishu nd shagun talking abt Raman’s strange behavior… aakash to know abt Raman that he loves ishu.

Credit to: priya

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  1. Wow very nice be updating it’s superb

  2. Gd 1 i thought ishitha also luvz raman according 2 yesterday’s epi bt no

  3. Awwwww…u broke my heart….I think ishra engagement will be happening….but ok I like the love story with ups and downs…

  4. Amazing precap

  5. Cool yaar

  6. hey Beautiful moments between ishra. waiting eagarly for the next update

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    I also think that it’s actually Ishra engagement… But .,….It’s OK..keep gng yaar….I think The precap have some hopes……Eagerly waiting for your next update….. plz update it sooooonnnnnnnn…..

  8. Super dued looking forward

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