You R My Life part 26


Hi everyone…. Thanks for ur comments nd do keep on commenting…. Nd shukar hai ki aap logon ko yeh track bore nahi laga ( thank God that u people didn’t feel bored abt this track) so here’s next part…

The episode starts with Raman chasing ishu….for making him fool,
Raman: ishu wait…y did u make this much drama…..Drama Queen..!!!!
Ishu: no Raman u know Na I love kidding u.?
Raman: ha…?
He then finally catches her in his arms nd make her fall on the bed…on him…
Ishu: Raman what the hell are you doing? Leave me..!
Raman: hold on baby…(He unrties her hair….nd plays with it….) U know I love ur hair…..nd even u look beautiful in open hair..I jst loved it?
Ishu: accha….
Raman: still I can’t believe that amma excepted our relation…
Ishu: yes as u said its all becoz of my lovely BF, sweet jaan right?….Love u Mr. Raman Kumar Bhalla !!!
Raman: Love u too…Mrs. Ishita Raman Bhalla.
They both hug each other. YHM plays..
Meanwhile there’s a knock at the door….Raman opens…it’s Kavya.

Kavya: Raman… Buaa is calling u.
Raman: ya I’ll come u jst go.
Kavya: OK…come soon.?
Kavya doesn’t notice ishu there….she goes.
Raman: ishu come out all may think odd…we both akele akele in the room. Nd by the way what if I think we can say abt our relation to maa nd Papa right.
Ishu: ya..but I ve done some over action there like taking their blessings… Mummyji Na she asked nd I said it’s a secret.
Raman: u jst do such things right? Hmmm…not now..we’ll say it on one fine day….let it be. OK come let’s go for now.
Ishu: OK!
They went out. Kavya sees ishu….nd gets surprised. So as ishu.
Ishu: hey Kavya…?
Kavya: ya..
Ishu: do u remember me? Ishita?
Kavya: oh ! Ishita! Hi.
Ishu: hi, pleasure to meet u. Come sit.
They had a lil talk…Raman stares at ishu nd Kavya thinks that he’s looking at her nd blushes. Meanwhile toshi comes.
Toshi: hairabba!!! Ishita plz say Na what’s that secret…? Im dieing to know.
Ishu: mummyji..voh…. ( looks at Raman nd he signals her not to do so)
Toshi: plz ishita putthar…main Teri ma jaisi hoon Na…apni ma ko tumari secret batayegi nahi? ( I’m like ur mom right…so won’t u share ur secret with ur mom?)
Ishu: kuch nahi mummyji… Mere ko Na…job milgaya…kisi ek hospital ki kaam karne jaa rahi hoon main…! Finally meri sapna pura ho gaya. ( nothing mummyji… I ve got job in a hospital…. I’m going to work as a doctor nd finally my dreams became true…!)

Toshi: Sacchi…yeh toh bahuth khush khabri hai….congratulations meri bacchi…! (Really…this vry good news..congratulations my child..!)(she his her nd gives her blessings)
Raman: what?! U didn’t even inform me ishu?
Ishu: vahi toh…main yeh khush khabri pehle meri mummyji ko hi batana chahti hoon….saath hi tum bhi sun gaya Na.( that’s what the matter is…I wanted to tell this good news first to my mummyji… Even u too heard it along right?)
Kavya: oh congrats ishita…!
Ishu: thank u (both shake their hands)
Raman: anyways… Congrats ishu…( hugs her)
Ishu: thank u…sooo much.
Kavya sees it nd gets jealous of her….while Raman hugging her.
Toshi: wait ishu….I’ll make ur fav sweet….badaam halwa.
Ishu: oh….! That’s sooo sweet of u mummyji. Thank u.
Toshi goes meanwhile.. Aakash nd shagun comes together.
Raman: kya yaar saale….itne Dino baad time there friend yaad aaya?
(what’s this idiot… after so many days u remember that u have a friend?)
Aakash: no Raman it’s not like that..
Shagun: that like what.? Do u know Raman… I insisted him to come
here…orelse he wouldn’t come wvn now. Don’t know what happened to him. – hey who’s this…? ( pointing towards Kavya )
Raman: she’s Kavya.
Shagun: oh hi Kavya..!! Shagun.
Kavya: hi…shagun…o I think he’s aakash right?
Aakash: ya..! Hi Kavya
Kavya: hi aakash.
Ishu: arey akhi what happened? Is there any problem? Come on share it with us.
Aakash: nothing ishu…is this segment common for every lover or what?
Shagun: which segment?
Raman: and kya ho sakta pagal ne kisi ko propose kiya and usne reject kardiya….haina akhi? ( what else can it be? This idiot have proposed some girl nd she would have rejected…. Right akhi?)
Aakash: ha…..! Raman…kyun yeh mere saath hota hai?( y this happens to me?)
Ishu: itthi so baath ko lekhe do din se bahar nahi AA rahe ho kya? ( frm 2 days u r not coming out taking it serious what’s this yaar?)
Aakash: ishu…is this common for everyone?
Kavya: aakash if u don’t mind…can I say something….?
Aakash: ya sure…!
Kavya: this is not love..I mean to say, u re not in love with her…if u re in love you will know it…she may definitely know it too….this is infatuation that’s it..I’m sry for these words if it hurts u so.
Shagun feels something abt aakash their lovely nok-jhok……nd smiles.
Raman: I think yahi lecture…ishu have u too….thank for I’m lucky in that….by the way Kavya… Good lecture.
Kavya stares at him: ?
Raman: I’m jst kidding Kavya….I’m sry if u don’t like it so.
Kavya: no no actually I love anyone kidding me especially my buddies.
Ishu: oh toh Raman hai Na voh time bahuth entertain karega..joker Jo hai…( oh then Raman will entertain u the most….new joker Na…!)
All laugh at Raman. Kavya stares at him? lovingly.

Full masti of the gang…a man enter ishra life.

As this is flash back..aakash nd shagun were not still love with each other. So enjoy this track but when ever u feel bored jst inform I may finish it soon. Nd don’t forget to comment.

Credit to: Priya k

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