You R My Life part 25


Hi guys…’s the next part.

The episode starts with Raman nd simmi talking abt the past.
Simmi: Bhai clarify me what happened in these 3 years…? I want to know.
Raman: simmi what will u do knowing this…it’s jst a past. I don’t want to recall it.
Simmi: Bhai plz….I want u to be happy. You gave me much happiness in my life….always supported me in my mean times…so plz it’s my turn now to make u happy….I will help u.
Raman: but simmi….
Raman: Bhai plz let me do it…… I’m for ur happiness nd also make my daughter wish become true…uski buaa ko Jo Lana hai Na??( I ve to bring her buaa soon right?)
Raman: OK…fine.
Simmi: what did Kavya do you u?
Raman: she made my life hell…the day she came Na…that’s it all my happiness gone the fed away.
FLASH BACK starts…..
It’s a sunny day where IshRa r spending their time talking in the park.
Ishu: Raman…how much do u love me?
Raman: u girls Na….always there’s only one question to ask for? There’s no more question or what?
Ishu: this is not answer for my question.
Raman: shld I prove ?
Ishu: no not like that…but if u want u can.
Raman: oh…! What’s this drama ishu like others do. Don’t you know how much I love you?
Ishu: I..know… That u love me soo much…nd u love ur life more than me…becoz I’m ur life. Right?
Raman: hmmm…( holds her closer…) U know soo much.
Ishu: yah…! Kyunki main tum se bahuth pyaar karthi hoon Raman. ( I love you soo mu h Raman) I lucky to have u whom he loves his love soo much ki her love became his life.?
Raman: OMG ! Ishu I feel like giving u nd kiss u but see Na all India is here in front of us.
Ishu: Raman…?
YHM plays….they smile seeing each other. Meanwhile Raman gets a call frm toshi.
Raman: ha ma..?
Toshi: u ve to pick Kavya Na…did u leave to station?
Raman: oh maa! I jst forgot…I’ll leave now…( ends the call) ishu I vwe to go.?
Ishu: but where?
Raman: u know Na..Kavya my cousin…she’s coming from today…I ve to go to pick her.
Ishu: oh that Kavya whom u loved to play with her in our childhood ?
Raman: ya…nd by the way I play with her only to jealous u so that u will play me…don’t think odd.
Ishu: ?
Raman smiles : OK then will u join me?
Ishu: no I ve some work…. U jst carry on. Bye ( hugs him)
Raman: bye..!
Ishu: call me when u reach home.
Raman: ha sure…!
Raman goes nd ishu also teaches her home.
In the station…. All the passengers were getting down frm the train. A girl with light pink nd white chuddi gets down. She seems to be in trouble with her luggage nd so Raman sees nd helps her.
Kavya: thanks a lot for ur help.
Raman: it’s OK.
Kavya looks at him nd smiles. Raman began to search for Kavya.
Raman: what’s this ?where is she?

Kavya too waits for Raman out of the station. Raman gets irritated nd Calls toshi nd asked her to send her pic nd so she does. Raman sees the pic nd gets surprised. He again searches for Kavya.. Finally he sees her. He goes to her.
Raman: Kavya…!( she turns)
Kavya: hey how do u know my name?
Raman: it’s me ! Raman..! Do u remember me?
Kavya: oh…! Raman! How will I forget u….? We r such a good friends.
Raman: yah..! Come on let’s mfo home.
Kavya: yah sure.
They went to their home. Kavya was welcomed nd took blessings frm everyone.
Bhallaji: Raman… Show Kavya her room.
Raman: ha Papa…come on Kavya.(shows her, her room.) Here is ur room…
Kavya: thanks for…..
Raman: for carrying ur luggage?.. Oh that’s ok.
Kavya laughs: u know Raman…
Raman: what?
Kavya: u aren’t changed… naughty, funny nd as cute as u re before.
Raman: hmm..of course…y will I change…but nowadays my say me that I became lovely.
Kavya: may be soon I too will notice it.
Raman: OK then into nd rest.
He goes by saying this….while Kavya looks at him lovingly. Raman goes to his room lies on bed.
Raman: oh I ve to call madam…orelse she would kill me.
He calls her nd amma pick the call.
Raman: hey baby…
Amma: baby? Who r u?
Raman: arey kamaal hai….don’t u know me? U jst love kissing me right?
Amma: u know to whom u re speaking to?
Raman: y don’t I know u re my sweet GF my fiance… My love meri jaan.
Amma: OMG…! What is he talking?
Raman: darling jst stop kidding me.
Amma: main ishu ki amma hoon….!
Raman: amma…..?!!!! Aap…sry wrong number. ( ends the call) what’s this Raman ?what ve u done talking to us saas like that? U ve to respect her. Again u shlnt repeat it.

Meanwhile ishu comes searching for her mob…she sees amma talking with.
Ishu : amma that’s my phone.
Amma: ur phone? But where’s mine…I thought it’s mine…sry ishu I don’t ve my spects right so…
Ishu: that’s OK amma.
Amma: wait ishu….there’s someone who called u….calling u baby, darling, jaan nd all. What’s all this?
Ishu is tensed nd thinks : OMG ! Amma came to know abt it.
Amma: ishu reply me.
Ishu: Im sry amma. Actually me nd Raman….
Amma: what?!!!
Ishu: yes amma…I love him soo much. I wanna marry him but not now after settling. Plz amma….let this relation grow.
Amma shouts at ishu…..ishu last she agrees.
Ishu: thank u soo much amma.
Amma: see ishu…I was angry with u shouted becoz u hidden it frm me so…aayinda size math karna ( don’t repeat it again)
Ishu: OK amma.
Amma: u know like Raman a lot….his nature attitude nd all. He’s a good match for u…. All the best.
Ishu: thank u amma…. Love u ( hugs)
She then goes to her room running, dances in joy……gets ready to go to Raman s home to say this news. She reaches….knocks the door…top shi opens….ishu gets glad seeing her….nd takes her blessings.
Toshi: what ishita? What happened to u suddenly…taking my blessings?
Ishu: kyun ki mummyji….that’s a secret I’ll tell u after wards… the way where’s Raman?
Toshi: he’s in his room. Arey say Na what’s that secret?
Ishu: mummyji u ve to wit until I say u. Bye.
Toshi: see how she made me mad by saying half of the matter. OK I ve work….I’ll go.
Ishu knocks is Raman ‘ s door.
Raman: coming…!( opens)
Ishu: Raman….!!! ( makes a cry face)?
Raman: ishu what happeneRaman: ? Y r u crying? Come in.( ishu comes in nd closes the door)
Ishu: Raman…! ( cries nd hugs him)
Raman: don’t cry baby what happened?
Ishu: voh Raman amma….!
Raman: what amma…? Did she got to that I’ve called u?
Ishu: ha Raman…. Nd…
Raman: nd…?
Ishu: nd….she agreed for our marriage Raman…. Hahaaaa..haaa!!! ( axta like criying)
Raman: what….? OMG what ve I done??. Sry ishu it’s all becoz of me….amma agreed for our marriage….. Ha? Wait a sec. Amma agreed for our marriage?
Ishu: ha Raman?
Raman: OMG r u serious ishu? I. Can’t believe it.!!!!! I love u ( hugs her)
Ishu smiles nd laughs…..
Raman: pagal banaraha hai mujhe..ha?….chodoonga nahi( r u making me fool? WaIt I won’t leave u)
He chases ishu nd ishu runs all the room.
YHM plays….

Kavya falls in love with Raman teies to get closer to him.

Guys if u get bored with this track say it to me…I may change it nd finish it soon. Plz comment below to k ow ur opinion abt this present track.

Credit to: Priya k

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  1. Its not boringgggggg yaar…………..Its Superbbbbbbbb……………. Loved it soooooooooooooooooooooo Much……………Plzzzzz don’t finish it soon yaar…………I really love it……..& Haaaaa CONGRATULATIONS …….for the completion of 25 Episodes!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Oh really… Thank u soo much…? Reshma pradeep….ya it’s Silver Jublieee

  2. nice episodeeee

    1. Thank u Chery☺

  3. It’s not boring very nice

    1. Thanks yaar kumud☺

  4. Nice episode.. … ..

    1. Thank a lot shree?

  5. stry is goin good..jst luv ur ff…bt pls make sure tat their misunderstanding does not occur by a mere reason…its just a comment n dnt take it otherwise…anyways eager fr the nxt episode

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