You R My Life part 24


sry sry really vry sry for this delay in uploading my ff….u guys must be waiting nd scolding….sry for it. nd guys…plz do keep on commenting me…sry once again…so

the episode starts with aakash’s parents arriving to their flat….aakash nd shagun takes their blessings. aakash’s mom – jaanvi nd his dad – arjun.
jaanvi: jeethe raho beta….(live long…son nd my bahu)
arjun: ha ha….stay happy for lonf years….may god bless u.
shagun: thank u mummmyji… papaji…!!
jaanvi: yeh kya…formality hai…thank u bolne ka…?(is this a formality to say thank u?)
aakash: maa..papa…will u guys…talk only to ur bahu…aap ko yaad hai ki aapka beta kadi hai yaha pe?( do u remember that ur son is standing here?)
arjun: oh nautanki !! how can i forget u man….jaao jaake…hamara samanleke aao ( go nd bring our luggage home )
aakash: hmmm ab yeh hi kaam bacha hai mere ko. din bar office me kaam karna aur ghar aake shagun ka kaam karna…ab aap dono ka samaan leke aana….zindagi bar aise kaam hi karhte rahoon ga toh life ko kab njoy karoon ga? bhagwaan kuch karo na…!!!! (what is this ? am i a machine to work always…i’ll work in office for the whole day… nd after cominf home nd work for shagun…nd now u r telling me to bring ur luggage? if i go on working then when will i enjoy my life? o0h my god go something…!0
jaanvi: ha ha mujhe sah patha hai… kal raath ko tune kya kiya..?( i know everything…what have u done yesterday?)
aakash gets tensed ns says: nothing ma…i brng ur lggage na u dont worry….( goes nd brings their luggage home)
shagun to aakash nd says: isi liye…log kehte hai ki kam bilna chahiye…!!! (that’s y….pepople say to talk less !!!)
jaanvi: sahi kaha hai tune bahu…! (u have said right…bahu !)
arjun, jaanvi nd shagun laugh at aakash.
aaksh: so u have said mom everything.. that we njoyed in pub yesterday night?
shagun: i didnt said anything….u said by urself jst now….!!! (laughs again)
aaksh is shocked nd says: what?!
jaanvi: u lied to me akhi…?

aaksh: no maa…after talking to u we went to the pub u know…!
jaanvi holds his ear nd pinches it..: acchha beta…lying to me now.
aakash: sry ma…!! (making a pout face…)
jaanvi: ok ok …forget it. u can njoy as much as u can be hereafter dont lie to me in such these matters.
aakash: fine…thank u.
jaanvi smiles…
shagun: mummyji…papaji u go fresh i’ll serve u breakfast.
arjun: ya…im tooo hungry…lets go jaanvi.
shagun shows them their room nd comes back to kitchen…meanwhile aakash hugs her frm behind.
shagun: aakash…..what r u doing? anyone can see us.
aaksh: what have u done ? drama queen…made me tell abt yesterday’s night….nd made fun of me ?
shagun: voh….leave me…i ve such to do.
aakash: no no not easily…i ve to punish u for ur mistake.
shagun: if mummyji or papaji see it looks weird akhi…plz leave.
aakash: what punishment shld i give u…
shagun: i said like that becoz i dont want to lie to them…mummyji asked me what happened yesterday…i said ask ur son…but she insisted nd i ve planned this as i cant say as i promised u not to say.

aakash: oh…u became soo intelligent…let me be too…i ve to give such punishment that u shldnt try to do such things.
shgaun: akhi….ok fine im srry.
aaksh: no it’s not acceptable…!hmmm…. ah! i got it.
shagun: what?!
aaksh: nothing…it’s ur punishment ki…u have to…lock my lips with ur.
shagun: r u crazy ?!!!!…no no i wont.
aakash: u have to baby…that’s ur punishment.
shagun: akhi plz yaar i said u sry na.
aakash: ok another one for u…u have to not scold me untill our marriage, see not engagement…it’s marriage. if u did so…then i’m gonna give u my first punishment when u scold me.
shagun: what? u r mAking me mad.
aakash: see u had 2 option either this or…that. think nd say.
shagun: hmmmm….ok fine…i’ll go with…the….first one.
aakash: wow! that’s grt.
shagun: i cant live withour scolding u…it became a habit for me like breathing….so how can live without breathing right? so i’ll go with first one.
aakash: oh…! then ur choice proceed.
aaksh makes her too closer to him….shagun closes her eyes…slowly moves to lock his lips…almost half inch distance is abt to give……jaanvi nd arjun came out calling aakash.
jaanvi: akhi…! akhi…!

they moved apart….nd aakash went out.
aakash: ha maa…
jaanvi: akhi…where have u been? come lets have breakfast.
aakash: i was jst helping shagun in preparing brakfast.
arjun: what? u learnt to cook?
aakash: no papa…i was guiding shagun abt ur choice…she dont know right…what type of food u like nd how much spicy or salty…like that.
jaanvi: oh…u care for us soo much na.
meanwhile shagun comes with brakfast to dining table nd serves to them. they were busy in having it.
at the same time….raman was with his family spending his timie having breakfast.
toshi: raman i missed u a lot beta….!
raman: even i missed u, papa…simmi nd ananya nd especially ur food….i used to remember it when ever i eat.
ananya: then maamu y cant u stay with us…u know since my papa left me nd u arent here expect dadu….all my friends were playing with their father but im that unlucky girl whom i cant have a father’s love. ( she gets sad saying this)
[ note: simmi is raman’s sister…nd ananya is her daughter…simmi’s husband had died in an accident, since his death raman takes of ananya nd plays with her nd gave her a father’s love.] all the others feel bad for ananya.
raman hugs her nd says: see my darling…who said u re unlucky? come on show me…actually they get jealous of u.
ananya: jealous? but y?
raman: will a have toys like u have or will any one have that much love frm their family like u have….u re not unlucky…u r world’s lucky girl…whom ur maamu love soo much not even maamu….dadi, dadi, mummy, chachu, chachi nd buaa many more.
ananya: really…am i lucky?!!!!
raman: yes my baby…!!
ananya: but maamu who’s buaa?
raman: buaa….
ananya: i know every one. dadi, dadu, maa, shagun chachi, aakash chachu nd all but i don’t know who’s my buaa…?
raman: there’s someone…u dont’ know.
saying this he leaves.
ananya: dadi say na who’s my buaa?
todhi: voh…

simmi: ananya..come on…ga nd play with ur friends.
ananya: no i want to know who’s my buaa.
bhallaji: arey ananya beta…u know ur maamu is not married, nd when he gets married his wife is ur buaa.
ananya: oh…ok then wheres my buaa?
bhallaji: how do we know? ur maamu is not married yet. u go nd ask him to get married nd get ur buaa.
ananya: ok then i’ll ask maamu.(she goes to raman nd asks abt it…to get her her buaa)
toshi: arey bhalllaji what have u done? u know na raman wont agree for marriage.
bhallaji: that’s y i sent ananya…he wont refuse ananya’s wish right?
toshi: but bhallaji….he’s not ready to marry anyone except ishita na.
simmi: what r u talking ma? ishita? raman loves her?
toshi: yes he does but all went bad in these 3 yrs…..u were not there na…u went to ur shaila buaa at that time.
bhallaji: we can jst try na toshiji. we’ll wait nd see what happens.
raman nd ananya in a room
raman: ananya beta…..
ananya: plz maamu get me my buaa plz…
raman: how can i?
ananya: u r not married yet na…so marry someone u like nd get me my buaaa.
raman: no i cant marry.
ananya: but y?

raman: ananya….what’s this? is this the way to behave with elders…? go nd play. ( he shouts at her…ananya gets sad nd goes out. simmi sees this nd goes to raman.)
simmi: bhai….what’s this? y cant u make her wish?
raman: simmi u dont know anything. she’s asking me to marry….how can i marry someone else?
simmi: y cant u bhai? say me. it’s becoz u love ishita?
raman gets shocked: how do u know?
simmi: mummy said it to me. nd by the way may she’s married….anything can be happen in these 3 yrs bhai.
raman: see simmi i can’t marry anyone except ishita.
simmi: then go nd ask her to mary u.
raman: i dont know where she is. nd that lady who spoiled my life i wont forgive her at all.she amde me mad nd made ishita away frm my life.
simmi: who’s she? what she had done like that ur life got spoiled?
raman: it’s our cousin….ms. kavya. she’s the reason for my pain my sorrow.
simmi: kavya? but what happened bhai?

who’s kavya? what she had done ?
r u guys excited to know what had happend ?
so u’ll get the answer in the next part….so until then stay tuned nd follow my ff.

nd plz dont forget to comment guys…!!!

Credit to: Priya k

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  1. I was waiting for this……….nd again suspense mein daal diya..kya yaar….update soon cant wait for nxt one.And today Akash was naughty.Want Ishra together soon

    1. Thank you Varsha?

  2. Superb….but again suspense huh…eagerly waiting for ur update

  3. Superb….but again suspense huh…eagerly waiting for ur update ?

    1. Thank you sharwani? ?.

  4. Nice episode waiting for next episode.. ..

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  5. Don’t worry guys…jst a short nd sweet flash back…… Soon ishra wi!! Be together nd everything will be back as normal.☺??

  6. Wow……..Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar……Where were u Yesterday??? I waited a lot for this ff Yesterday……….Again Suspense!!!!!Oh……….I am Eagerly waiting for your next Episode………..

    1. Ya….I’m sry for that actually it’s a vacation right…we went to a holiday camp like pic… So I could not post my ff.

      Anyways thanks for your comment ?

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