You R My Life part 23


hello guys here’s my next part which a long one nd a excited one.

so,….the episode starts with the trio going to a pub to celebrate their night. shagun was dress in a black nd white top nd jeans. whreas raman nd aakash were dressed in black t-shirt nd jeans.they were sitting near a table.
aakash: so raman what shall we prefer?
raman: as usually our fav…!
aakash: shagun baby do u want the same?
shagun: r u mad akhi? stupid. i jst want a coke tin that’s it.
aakash: ok i’ll get it.
raman: no no i’ll get it as the treat is mine.
aakash: arrey but it’s our both success right?
raman: ya but today i’ll give u guys the treat.
saying this he goes. shagun goes on staring at raman while he’s going. aakash notices.
aakash: kya hua…aaj kal main bore ho gaya kya? ( what happened.. nowadays u get bored with?)
shagun gives a weird look.: pagal ho gayeho kya? kya batein kar raheho? ( r u mad? what nonsense r u talking?)
aakash: u feel for raman right? u dodn’t love me i think u love him…see how r u staring at him.
shgun laughs nd says: arrey buddu jealous ha? nd by the way…i love u not that idiot. understand. i’m looking him as after a long time he’s in a good mood….he’s happy now. did u notice dis? no ! u’ll jst notice while i’m staring at raman. idiot
aakash: arrey mazak kar raha hoon yaar.( jst kidding yaar.)
shagun: always kidding na? nd by the way how if we call ishu here to join us?
aakash: no no. u said na she’s still angry with raman so…it wont be good if we call him.
shagun: then what will we do to unite these angry love birds ?
aakash: hmm….see darling, if the saw eachother na they will automatically be united so don’t worry…wait till our engagement.
shagun: r u sure?
aakash: yah !!! if no we’ll do something then… but not now. ok?
shagun: yah fine.

in meantime raman comes with the treat.
raman: hey guys here’s our treat!!
they took their respective drinks…..were enjoying.
mean while ishu going to home frm her clinic in her bike….suddenly rain falls when she’s in a road driving.
ishu: oh god this rain shld fall at this time?
so she notices the pub there nd parks her bike nd goes under the roof of the pub near the entrance door.
ishu: i think this wont stop….how will i reach home? i’ll jst msg amma that i’ll reach home late due to rain.
she msgs amma. then the pub manager notices ishu there near the door.
manager: excuse me mam…? do u need any help?
ishu: actually i’m going home then this rain…so thought to stop here nd wait till the rain stops
manager: of course mam u can jst come in.
ishu: no prblm. thanks i’ll wait here.
manager: mam that’s ok u can come…wait there inside.
ishu: actually i don’t this types places where people drink nd dance in a loud music….so plz.
manager: if u want u can rest in my room up stairs. my daughter is also there u can share a talk with her.
ishu: ok then if u r insisting.
manager: come in.

mean while aakash raman nd shagun were drinking….
aakash: hey baby… shall we dance?
shagun: no yaar akhi.
aakash: who the hell did u ask? i asked her…hey ms. shall we dance?
shagun: ha…? keeping me infront asking another girl to dance ?…idiot!!!
shagun beats aakash nd raman laughs seeing that…
raman: arrey chod dho na shagun bechara… mar jaye ga.( leave him na shagun…poor fellow he’ll die)
aakash: arrey stop na baby… can u notive a girl near me? u wanna know whom i asked….see there.
aakash points to the airror types glass which has shagun’s reflection. shagun see nd gets surprised. shagun: oh baby i’m sorry….maaf karo na…plz? (forgive me plzzz? )
aakash: ha acchha teek hai maaf kiya…( it’s ok i’ll forgive u.) then shall we dance ?
shagun: hmmm…. okay !!!!
they both went to the dance floor…nd raman recalls their moments nd get sad.
raman: where r u ishu i miss u a lot…plz come back. i love u.
the manager takes ishu to his room.
manager: here u can rest….asha…asha.
asha: yes papa coming…!! (she comes)
manager: asha…take care of her ok.
asha: ok papa.( the manager goes) mam plz come in.
ishu: don’t call me mam…hi i’m ishita call me ishu (forwards her hand)
asha: oh i’m asha, pleasure to meet u. come have a seat.(ishu sits) hmm…u jst read these magazines i’ll go nd get some thing for u like coffee.
ishu: no no thanks, i don’t need.
asha: arrey plz u r our guest nd if i send u without having anything na my dad gonna kill me. so plz have some.
ishu laughs nd says: ok.
asha goes to get coffee. ishu takes a magazine nd starts reding it…after sometime she notices other having raman’s pic. she gets shocked seeing it. her eyes were moist….slowly tears dropped frm her eyes….she touches that magazine nd caresses raman face.
ishu: RAMAN !!!!!
she cries. she then suddenly remembers that incident which made them separate.

flash back is shown……….
ishu: raman atleast u believe me…..i haven’t done it. plz raman i love u. i love u soo much, believe me raman.
raman don’t know what to do….he’s totally in a confused state.
ishu: y don’t u say something raman…? utter a word…do u believe me…i don’t want anyone’s belief except ur’s.
raman: ishu….i don’t know what to say. how can u…?( he cries, ishu is shocked…)
ishu: means u don’t believe me?
raman: it’s not like that… but..
ishu: so u don’t believe me? ( she cries)
raman while coming towards ishu: no ishu…i… i believe u but..
ishu: no raman…plz i came to know u don’t believe me…it’s ok i dont want anyone’s belief…see i ve done this nd i’m a cheat. ive nothing to say when my love don’t support me nd don’t believe me. thank u raman for not believing me nd thanks for ur lesson. i ve learnt a vry good lesson.
saying this she goes meanwhile raman hold her hand. ishu turns…
raman: i don’t want u to go… i love u nd believe u.
ishu: i don’t want u nd ur love…
she leaves leaving raman alone there.
FB ends.

ishu cries recalling the past. mean while asha comes with coffee.
asha: hmm…
ishu wipes her tears nd smiles.
ishu: thanks.
asha: ishita where ‘s ur clinic ?
ishu: how do u know i’ll work in a clinic.
asha: as i saw this stethoscope in ur bag ( pointing towards it)
ishu: hmm… intelligent. well i work in this area…near the GVK mall.
asha: oh really i too work there near GVK mall in AR’s company.
ishu: AR’s company ?
asha: yes…i work there. i love to work there.
ishu: y is there any speciality ?
asha: no jst because our boss, Mr. Raman kumar Bhalla. such a nice boss, so handsome, energetic, so lovely…nd moreover all the business associates love to work with him.he’s such a simple man.
ishu: oh.
asha: you know he loves his love soo much that even she’s far away frm himabt 3 yrs even though he married her in his heart nd gave a vry important place to her in his life. don’t know who’s that girl but definitely i say she’s lucky.
ishu: he still remember her…!!
asha: yes of course… he loves her a lot. nd his friend aakash he too is a good person.
ishu: asha i’ll leave now…. i’m getting late.
asha: ok i’ll drop u down.
ishu: no no no need. bye nd thank for everything.
saying this she goes out to her bike. she cries recalling asha’s words. meanwhile aakash gets a call.

aakash: shagun jst go to raman i’ll be there i ve n important call to attend.
shagun: what’s that call?
aaksh: arrey yaar mom. she’s calling.
shagun: ok u go i’ll be with raman.
aakash goes out so that he can avoid the loud music in the pub nd attends the call.
aakash: ha ma…?
aakash’s mom: akhi beta where r u?
aakash: what’s this ma ? i’m at home where will i be? doing office work.
aakash’s mom: accha…i’m srry to disturb, but i call u as we r coming tomorrow to u.
aakash: oh that’s grt…but u said u r coming on….
aakash’s mom: ha ha i know but we ve to do arrangements na…so coming tomorrow. by the way how our bahu..?
aakash: bahu? ha…she’s fine sleeping as has done so much work.
aakash’s mom: ok ok convey my greeting to her…nd don’t wake for long time ok? sleep early. take care bye.
aakash: ha mom. u too take care bye.
he ends the call…while going he sees ishu nd gets surprised.

aakash: ishu….!
ishu turns… wipes her tears.
ishu: aakash !!! what a surprise ? (hugs him nd cries )
aakash: hey what happened? r u okay? y r u cring?
ishu: nothing missed u for 3 yrs.
aakash: ya i too missed u. by the way u came to this pub? u don’t like it right?
ishu: no. but i came as rain’s falling before , so i took some shelter here.
aakash: oh come on na…all our gang is here.
ishu: no no akhi…i ve to leave it’s getting late. see u in ur engagement.
aakash: did u meet shagun? i know she must have said u abt our engagement right?
ishu: yah !!!
aakash: see what a wild guess na, i’m an intelligent always !!!!
shagun frm back : accha ji toh aap kabse wild guess karne laga (oh frm when u learn to guess wildly?)
aakash: mardiya….hya ishu u have inform na that this devil is there?
shagun: ha…akhi am i a devil?…ha….u called me devil…!!!
she pinches him…
aakash: aaa…u u mad shagun?
shagun: when did u came to know… that i’m mad ? u r grt !!!
aakash: ha mein toh bachpan se aise hi hoon na. (ya frm childhood i’m like this)
she again pinches.
aakash: aaaa….ouccchh !!!
shagun: main bhi bachpan se aise hi hoon.
ishu laughs seeing their silly fight.
ishu: u guys na bilkul mere aur raman ki tarah ladthe ho….! ( u guys fight like me nd raman)
shagun nd aakash were surprised to her that frm ishu. ishu came into her senses nd was shocked too to hear what she had said.
ishu: ok shagun nd aakash…i’ll leave i’m getting late. bye
she leaves saying this in her bike. shagun pinches aakash again.
aakash ouch !! shagun r u blind ishu went away, y r u pinching me?
shagun: is this a dream? did u hear aakash our first plan worked. i’m glad that ishu misse raman. so it’s easy to us to unite them.
aakash: yah.we r succeeded.
they both hug each other for their success.

arrangements for the engagement, aakash’s nd shagun’s parents arrive to their flat.
raman goes to meet his family.

Credit to: Priya k

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