You R My Life part 22


Sry for d late update guys…here’s the naxt part.

The episode starts with Raman working in the office…nd meanwhile he gets a call from aakash.
Raman: ha akhi? ( while working)
Aakash: my dear boss…if u permit me, then may I join the office as my works r done??
Raman: ( laughs) of course my buddy.?
Aakash: u worked so much Na…mine nd also urs abt our tomorrow s conference ?
Raman: ya…!!!??
Aakash: OK then I’ll join u afternoon. Bye Mr.bhalla.
Raman: ha Mr. Duffer.( ends the call)

Meanwhile the office PA came to Raman s cabin.
PA: may I come in sir..?
Raman: yes come in.
PA: sir actually… Clients nd business associates came for the conference… Even the press is there sir…all r waiting as the conference is going to start in 30 mins.
Raman: what? But it’ s tomorrow right?
PA: yes sir but….I don’t know. I think it have been postponed.
Raman: k OK u jst arrange everything I’ll be coming.
PA: sure sir.
The PA goes from there. Raman gets everything ready for the conference… He is confident with his presentation. He then entes the conference hall.

Mr. Malhotra: hello Mr. Bhalla.
Raman: hello Mr. Malhotra… How r u?
Mr. Malhotra: ya ya I’m fine.
Mr. Khurana: hi Raman ji…seems to be confident?
Mr. Malhotra: aur nahi toh kya ? Hai Na Mr. Bhalla?( then what else? Right Mr. Bhalla)
Raman: absolutely Mr. Malhotra. Aur Mr. Khurana…I’m confident that our team will be able to make sure that the contract is ours.
Mr. Khurana: by the way where s aakash?
Raman: he’s actually in leave. He jst thought that the conference is tomorrow so..
Mr.malhotra: actually tomorrow all the clients were backing off so this was a sudden postpone.
Raman: yah it’s alright.
Nd in d meantime the conference starts. Raman was giving his presentation… All were impressed through his presentation. He came back to his seat while others were giving their presentation. At last Mr. Khurana nd Mr. Malhotra had announced that the contract goes to AR s company. Raman is glad ?
Mr.malhotra: congratulations Mr. Bhalla !!!!!
Raman: thank u .
Mr. Khurana: oh Mr. Bhalla… Really what a presentation? I’m impressed !
Raman: Thank you Mr. Khurana.
Mr. Khurana: ha my pleasure.
All congrats Raman on his success. Then one of the news reporter asked Raman for a small interview.
Reporter: sir what is according to u a secret of success?
Raman: well… There s no secret for a success…. It’s jst the hard work of a person, nd a determination to be successful. But to me my secret is that support, that support which is given to me by my wife, my friends nd my family. That’s my secret.

Reproter: sir…r u married ? Well…. According to us we didn’t know abt ur ur marriage ? I’m sry to say but…
Raman: no no there’s no need to be sry…yes I’m not married yet but my love…( saying this a drop of tear rolled frm his eyes) I’m sry…my love I can’t forget her. Nd I ve married her in my heart a long time…she’s my wife.
Reporter: sir…one my re question.. That, what r ur future plans to improve economy?
Raman: Hmm..not yet decided, but I’m sure I’ll never forget my responsibility.
Reporter: Thank you sir for ur words… Nd all the vry best for ur business world.
Raman: My pleasure.?
saying this he leaves on his car to the flat. Knocks the door. Shagun goes to open.
Shagun: hey Raman…!( Suddenly he hugs her) what happened? Everything s fine?
Raman: shhh….!!! Everything s fine yaar.
Shagun: then what happened?
Raman: where’s akhi?…akhi…akhi..
Aakash comes from inside.
Aakash: Raman I told u I’ll join Na…y did u come now?
Raman: arrey duffer first listen….
Aakash: what?
Raman: we got the contract…!!!!
Aakash: which one…?
Raman: yaar which we want to get it tomorrow.!
Aakash: really! But how do I know?
Raman narrates the whole incident.
Aakash: OMG!!!! Raman…!!!! I’m soo happy, reply but I jst miised our success.
Shagun: congratulations both of u….!!!!
They had a group hug.

Raman: shagun.. See we thought today we’ll celebrate… But it’s really time for celebration…!!!!??
Aakash: ya ya…what shall we do?
Shagun: hmm…we’ll jst go to pub nd enjoy tonight.
Aakash: really r u saying this?
Raman: yaar shagun toh badal gayi…!!! Kya kiya tune akhi…?( yaar…shagun ve changed a lot..! What ve u done to her akhi?)
Shagun: oh..dramebaazz..!!! Stop ur drame…! I thought of having fun with u guys where u both feel fun. That’s what do you say?
Raman: ok then we’ll go.
Aakash: of course we’ll go.
Shagun: after a long time we r going to end y at peaks. So guys get ready.

Raman aakash nd shagun celebrate their night at the pub….
Ishu to get emotional seeing Raman on the cover page of a weekly business magazine

Credit to: Priya k

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  1. Postpone means tranferring to the coming day
    It should be preponed means plannin a day earlier
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  2. Awesome
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    Ishu gets emotional while she sees Raman’s photo………. But I got emotional while reading ur ff………..
    Really and truly love ur ff……..

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