You R My Life part 21.


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Here’s my nxt part.
The episode starts with ishu nd shagun sharing a tight hug.
Shagun: ishu….how r u?
Ishu: I’m fine yaar…how r u darling….wait I know u re fine right?
Shagun: ya ya…I’m fine.
Ishu: how r ur mom nd dad?
Shagun: ya fine.
Ishu: Hmm….then aakash?
Shagun: ya he’s fine too.
Ishu: nd…
Shagun: nd…Raman? No. He’s not at all fine. He’s gone mad thinking abt u ishu.
Ishu looks on.?
Shagun: ishu r u listening?
Ishu: did I ask u abt him?
Shagun: it’s not abt that…
Ishu: plz shagun…
Shagun : r u still angry on him?
Ishu: OK by the way, now tell me abt ur career!
Shagun: nothing much.
Ishu: come on yaar..tell me Na
Shagun: there’s a good news… This Saturday we I mean… Me nd aakash r going to engage!!!
Ishu: what? R u serious!???!!!!?
Shagun: yes…of course..!!!!
Ishu: u nd akhi…OMG! I can’t believe it. Really yaar congrats !!!!
Shagun: thank u by the way….what abt u…?
Ishu: see darling u know na…. Im not interested in this. I jst wanna focus on my career. So…I’m not yet married….but I’m in love with my profession as a doctor.
Shagun: let it be…but jst one well be in touch here onwards. OK ?
Ishu: yes sure!…by the way text me akhi’s no. Jst wanna wish him.
Shagun: ya.

They both exchanged their new no.s,
Shagun: u all have to attend our engagement… Here’s the invitation… It’s must nd must if u forget na I’ll jst kill u.
Ishu OK meri ma of course I’ll come…how my darling get engaged without me?….this Saturday right? I’ll cancel all my appointments on Friday itself nd be there with u. I’ll do all the arrangements. OK?
Shagun: that s all…what I want? So I’ll be with me on Friday right…? So. Chalo, I’ll leave I ve so much to do for this weekend.
Ishu: I’ll leave?
Shagun:’s soo late…my idiot boss soo much work na…he gave a holiday but with work…its like work at home. So I’ll be busy for these two days.
Ishu: OK fine but…on Friday…pakka Na??
Shagun: ha pakka.? OK chalti hoon bye.
Ishu: teek hai bye.
they both hug nd bid bye to each other. Shagun leaves to her flat carrying all her stuff. She works on her projects. Meanwhile doorbell rings. Shagun goes to open the door. It’s aakash.
Shagun: hey…worked so hard?
Aakash: ya baby…I’m tired. OMG I’ve not done this much work in my life…it’s all bcoz of our marriage.
Shagun brings juice for him.
Shagun: here have some juice.. You’ll feel better.
Aakash: ha…thanks baby?. Love you.
Shagun: I have some news.
Aakash while sipping juice…: what..?
Shagun: first, u jst fresh urself…then I’ll tell u.
Aakash: y? Romance karna hai kya?( y to romance?)
Shagun: shut up… Akhi I’m serious. Jst go nd fresh so that you ll be relaxed.
Aakash: OK..!
After a while aakash comes from washroom…where shagun serves lunch.
Shagun: hey come on akhi… for lunch
Aakash: ya but…
Shagun: come on Na.

They r having their lunch.
Shagun: I’m supposed to say u something right?
Aakash: ya?
Shagun: hmm…today I met someone.
Aakash: whom?
Shagun: it’s ishu.
Aakash: what? R u serious?
Shagun: yes…I told her to come to our engagement.
Aakash: means…wait.what’s cooking in ur mind?
Shagun: nothing jst to bring back my Raman.
Aakash: will it work?
Shagun: well jst trail. Nd I’m sure I’ll do it. Will u join?
Aakash: of course dear…I too want my buddy back.
They both hug.
Shagun: by the way, how’s ur day? Did all the work completed ?
Aakash: ha baba…I’ve completed all. Decors were decided nd catreres were booked..everything was fixed.
Shagun: vry gud…aaj kal Na mera magetar bahuth zimmedari ho gayi..( nowadays my fianc√® is becoming so responsable)…love u baby.
Aakash: hmm…only when I impress u right.
Shagun: then every time u won’t impress me na. Baby.
They both laugh nd finished their lunch.

Shaun nd aakash plan for the love bird reunion….whereas ishu gets emotional seeing Raman on the cover page of a weekly business magazine.

Aren’t you excited to know what happened btwn ishra?
Aren’t you excited about reunion of ishra…nd their first meet after leap?
So guys stay tuned to know abt it.nd once again plz do comment yaar.

Credit to: Priya k

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