You R My Life part 20


Hi gud mrng guys…here’s my nxt part.
The episode starts with shagun nd vandu going to iyers home. They reached.
Vandu: come on shagun, here this is our sweet home.
Shagun: wow ! Akka it looks grt.
Vandu: let’s get in.
Shagun: ya sure.
They went inside. Knocks the door. Amma opens it.
Amma: what’s this vandu…too late u re.
Vandu: amma see who’s here….
Amma: shagun beta…( hugs her) how r u ?
Shagun : I’m fine amma ( takes her blessings).
Amma: come come, come in.
They went in. Amma brings coffee nd give it to shagun. She sips it.
Shagun: hmm…. Wah amma ! Wah! Aapki coffee pine ke badh main bahuth prasann Hui.. Sach mein..aapki coffee miss kiya Maine…( wow amma! After tasting ur coffee I’m feeling very happy..really..I missed ur coffee).??
Amma: ha ha itna tarif math karo ( dont praise so much )?.
Vandu: achha by the way, where r u working now?
Shagun: Hmm… I’m working here in this area… In Android company….as a project manager.
Amma: oh… How much salary?
Vandu: amma koi aise salary puchte hai kya? ( amma will anyone ask their salary like that?)
Shagun: no problem akka….amma my salary is ₹75,000/- month.
Amma: oh..accha vry gud girl…vry gud salary nd gud job u have.
Vandu: leave all that wait I’ll show u my daughter. I’ll get her.
After a while vandu getas sritija. Nd show to shagun.
Shagun: OMG!!! She’s so cute and pretty. Can I hold her?
Vandu: of course !!! Her take her.( give her to shagun).
Shagun: she’s so light. Bilkul mamma pe gayi hai ( she went on her mom).
Amma: some says that she looks like ishu.
Shagun: oh.
Vandu : shagun wait I’ll just call ishu nd inform that u came.
Vandu goes.
Meanwhile scene shifts to a lady who’s scolding a man.
Lady: r u mad…can’t u see a person walking by…. Just got a chance so proceeded right. I know it type guys vry well.
Man: oh madam…. Boldiya Na galti hogayi mujhse.( l told Na I ve done a mistake).
Lady: u jst shut up…see how she’s troubling abt u. Poor old lady – auntyji apko lagi nahi Na? (Auntyji u re nt hurt right?)
Old lady: nahi beta…main teek hoon.( nothing my dear I’m fine.)
Lady to the man : tum toh aaj Bach gayi..auntyji ko much nahi hua..varna…( u re saved today…auntyji isn’t hurt…..orelse…)
Man: plz madam ….I’m sry for my big mistake. Leave now.???
The goes from there nd the lady helps old lady to get up nd make her catch a taxi nd sent her to her home.
Old lady: thank u soo much beta….tumara Nam…?( ur name…?)
Lady : that s OK auntyji… Mera naam hai ishita.
Old lady : oh nice name…. Thank u once again. Bye.
Ishu: bye auntyji.
Meanwhile ishu gets a call…nd she picks.
Ishu: hello ?
vandu: ishu…kaha ho? ( where r u? )
Ishu: akka….what happened?
Vandu: nothing but jst come home there’s a surprise waiting for u.
Ishu: surprise ?
Vandu : ha jst come Na.
Ishu: OK fine I’ll be there in 5 mins. Bye.
Vandu goes to shagun nd amma.
Amma: accha shagun u re married?
Shagun : no amma ….. I’m not… But going to.
Amma: wow!really….when?
Shagun: amma this Saturday me nd aakashr getting engaged.
Vandu: what u nd aakash?
Shagun: ha akkand amma.
Meanwhile they heard car sound. Vandu goes nd checks whether it’s ishu….yes it is.
Vandu : shagun u jst go nd sit in her room , I’ll jst send ishu there.
Shagun: ok. But…
Vandu: u jst go.
Vandu pushes her to ishus room. Nd meanwhile ishu came home.
Ishu: what akka what’s the surprise?
Vandu: cool baby….jst go to ur room…ur have a big surprise!!!!
Ishu: akka u re not fooling me right.
Vandu: no no, not at all. Jst go Na.
Ishu:OK OK.I’m going.
Ishu goes to her room….sees shagun there nd gets surprised.
Ishu: Shagun!!!!!……am I dreaming?
Shagun: no pagal u re not.I’m here infront of u.
They both cry nd share a tight hug.
Shagun: where have u been these days? I jst hate no call nor msg…do u know whether I’m dead or alive?
Ishu slaps shagun: pagal hogayi ho kya? Much bhi batein kah rahi ho…( r u mad? Talking nonsense.) I love u …I missed u a lot…I’m sry I didn’t contact u these yrs but I really really missed u a lot.
They both again cry nd hug each other.
Ishu : how r ur mum dad?
Shagun: ya fine.
Ishu: oh..then aakash..?
Shagun: he’s fine too.
ishu: nd..
Shagun: nd Raman?….he’s not fine…he’s gone mad thinking abt u.
Ishu looks on.

Plz yaar who ever reads my ff…I beg u plz comment Na. It’ll give a writer some feeling that makes me think more about the story…nd I may feel energetic to continue the story. So my dear silent readers….plz plz plz do comment…plz!!!!!??

Credit to: Priya k

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