You R My Life PART 2


Here’s the episode 2 ………

The episode starts with….Raman is seen in his room balcony, upset nd thinking abt ishu. Meanwhile he gets a msg frm ishu……
Ishu: Raman…what had happened to u…..more important work than me..?
Raman see it with teared eyes…nd replies her back
Raman: no yaar ishu…my best friend is more important than any work… but it’s a little urgent so.
Ishu: even u shld ‘ve told me once….u hurted me Raman
Raman: sorry….i’ll com tomorrow ok bye.
Ishu: arey… u used to chat with me for hours…… what happened now!!!!?
Raman: nothing.. I’m jst sleepy…soo..Bye good night.
Ishu thinks what had happened to him…and sleeps.2 days went on Raman doesm’t speaks to ishu properly…and slowly he avoids her. This hurts her very much. One day she went to Raman’s home to talk o him……
Toshi: hey ishita congrats …I heard that u r going to engage right..?
Ishu: yes auntyji ….. u have to come for sure.
Toshi: ha ha we’ll come for sure!
Ishu: aunty where’s Raman?
Toshi: Raman is in his room. Wait I’ll call him…
Ishu: no no auntyji… I’ll go there.
Toshi: ok ok… carry on.
She goes to raman’s room she knocks …but no reply so she opens the door nd goes in, she observes his room and thinks it’s so clean nd not like other boys room. She goes besides his diary.. nd it falls down on the floor… all the papers in it falls over.. She picks one by one…she sees her pic there nd gets shocked. Mean while raman comes out of washroom nd gets shocked to see ishu holding his diary…
Raman: (to himself) did she get to know everything…OMG how to manage…

Ishu …. What r doing here…?
Ishu: what is this raman? My pic in ur diary…what’s going on… by the way y r u not picking my calls nor responding to my msgs…ha..What do u think of urselfr u avoiding me?
Raman: no ishu it’s nothing like that..i’m not feeling well since two days..That’s the matter… nothing else.
Ishu : oh.. I’m srry but us hld say to once…, ok how r feeling now?
Raman: ya.. I’m fine…
Ishu: ok then change nd come I’ll wait out. We’re going somewhere.
Raman: where?
Ishu: no need to ask me. I won’t leave taking u frm here… so jst do what I say…come fast I’m waiting…
He changed and came out…ishu dragged him out in her car and takes him somewhere.
Raman: where r we going?
Ishu: plz Raman don’t ask me jst come.

They reach amall. There they saw shagun nd aakashcoming towards them…
Shagun: what/ will any takes this much time..?
Ishu: it’s not me this idiot who took this much time… (Pointing towards Raman)
Aakash: Raman did you learnt the habits of shagun or ishu took this much time to get ready..?
Shagun nd ishu stared him
Raman: stop it yaar akhi…by the way why we came here?
Shagun: it’s ishu’s engagement right so we came here for shopping.
Ishu: yes Raman, if I said u that we’r going for shopping then u won’t come with me so..
Raman: (in his mind) ishu if u hold my hand nd drag me anywhere I’ll come with u even it’s hell or heaven….
Aakash shakes him: hello… where‘ve u gone… r u here?
Raman: hmm… what akhi?
Ishu: shall we go for shopping? plz…?
Raman: sure ishu… for u.
Shagun: wow what a wonder? …… Raman for shopping?!
Raman: ha aha aha vry come let’s go…!!

Ishu makes raman wear ring… raman in shock.

Credit to: priya

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