You R My Life part 19

thanks for ur support even after a long time guys.
so here’s the next part.
the episode starts with the next morning, shagun preparing to impress her boss nd make a leave for this week. aakash going to arrange for the catreering, decores nd all for this weekend. nd raman busy in his office managing the work.
in shagun’s office….
shagun: good morning sir.
boss: good morning ms. shagun!
shagun: sir, if know what i ve done, u may give me a week leave sir.
boss: oh really? what ve u done?
shagun: sir i ve done my work of one week in the past 2 days sir… i ve finished my 3 projects u gave me to do within 2 days.
boss: omg! ms. shagun, u re great…! really i’m proud of u.
shagun: thank u sir.

boss: ok then here u go with another 2 projects u ve to complete, so complete them in this week.
shagun: sir, sir what’s this sir?
boss: ur project!
shagun: but sir i ve worked hard for a week leave.
boss: what ?! a week leave. r u mad ms. shagun?
shagun: sir actually…i’m going to get engaged sir…i ve to make all preparations na…so plz sir. i beg u
boss: but i gave u leave on that day of ur engagement right…? but again u want a week. no no i can’t.
shagun: sis sir plz sir.
boss: no no no way.
shagun: sir u give me these projects nd i’ll fininsh them by thursday, like WORK AT HOME sir. plz
boss: hm… not a bad idea. but..
shagun: trust me sir, plz.
boss: ok ms. shagun but nd only if u complete them by thurs nd submit me, okay?
shagun: sure, sir. thank u so much. sir don’t forget to come on my engagement sir.
boss: oh if i didn’t permit u leave won’t u invite me?
shagun: no no sir.
boss: oh jst kidding.

shagun: thank u sir once again.
she leave the office along with her projects. she then calls aakash nd raman in conference.
shagun: hey how’s the day?
raman: yah fine. did u get leave ?
shagun: yeah it’s a type of leave, like work at home. that idiot gave me 2 projects nd odered to complete within 3 days on thursday.
raman: oh. so aakash how’s ur day?
aakash: nothing fine i’m little busy. call u guys later.(ends the call)
shagun:oh… mere mangethar na bahuth kamkar raha hai…bechara.(oh my fiance is working so har, poor fellow)
raman: much love na? jst i missed it…becoz of my mistake…
shagun: raman plz forget it. jst calm down
raman: no shagun i can’t.
shagun: raman…
raman: ok fine…so have a happy work at home, make something special dor tonight dinner…we’ll have a party.
shagun: arey achanak kya hua?( what happened suddenly?)
raman: kuch nahi…party karne ka mood hai.( nothing i jst want to party) ok i’ll come home soon.i’ll have to manage both mine nd akhi’s work right.
shagun: ok bye.
raman: bye.(ends the call)
shagun while talking hits a lady….her mob falls nd the lady’s belongings fall.
shagun: oh…i’m sry…. i didn’t see
picks her mob nd turns to the lady.shagun gets shocked seeing the lady.
shagun: u here.

the lady is vandita.
vandu: hey shagun!!! how r u? what a pleasent surprise.!
shagun: i’m fine vandu akka…how r u guys…? appa, amma nd…..ishu.
vandu: ya they re fine.
shagun: how’s abhi jiju…is he fine?
vandu: ya.. absolutely. u know v had a baby girl too named sritija.
shagun: oh….that’s u guys r leaving here?
vandu: yah here in this area…come let’s go to our home. we’ll have some coffee nd i’ll show u my pretty girl.
shagun: but akka…
vandu: shagun, no formalities…come along with me na come.
shagun thinks: i can meet ishu there, nd she’s the one who can make raman back to his life. i can do this for him as a friend.
shagun: ok akka.
they got into vandu’s car.

shagun meets ishu.

Credit to: priya k


  1. Its Awesome…….. I am Really very Eagerly to waiting for read Ur next episode………I am Soooo excited to know what happened between ISHRA???????????????

  2. Varsha

    Wow episode was too good.. My brain is just cracking to know what happened to ishra.. I think they got separated due to some misunderstanding .. As Raman said its due to my small mistake.. But hope ishra patches up soon..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.