You R My Life part 19


thanks for ur support even after a long time guys.
so here’s the next part.
the episode starts with the next morning, shagun preparing to impress her boss nd make a leave for this week. aakash going to arrange for the catreering, decores nd all for this weekend. nd raman busy in his office managing the work.
in shagun’s office….
shagun: good morning sir.
boss: good morning ms. shagun!
shagun: sir, if know what i ve done, u may give me a week leave sir.
boss: oh really? what ve u done?
shagun: sir i ve done my work of one week in the past 2 days sir… i ve finished my 3 projects u gave me to do within 2 days.
boss: omg! ms. shagun, u re great…! really i’m proud of u.
shagun: thank u sir.

boss: ok then here u go with another 2 projects u ve to complete, so complete them in this week.
shagun: sir, sir what’s this sir?
boss: ur project!
shagun: but sir i ve worked hard for a week leave.
boss: what ?! a week leave. r u mad ms. shagun?
shagun: sir actually…i’m going to get engaged sir…i ve to make all preparations na…so plz sir. i beg u
boss: but i gave u leave on that day of ur engagement right…? but again u want a week. no no i can’t.
shagun: sis sir plz sir.
boss: no no no way.
shagun: sir u give me these projects nd i’ll fininsh them by thursday, like WORK AT HOME sir. plz
boss: hm… not a bad idea. but..
shagun: trust me sir, plz.
boss: ok ms. shagun but nd only if u complete them by thurs nd submit me, okay?
shagun: sure, sir. thank u so much. sir don’t forget to come on my engagement sir.
boss: oh if i didn’t permit u leave won’t u invite me?
shagun: no no sir.
boss: oh jst kidding.

shagun: thank u sir once again.
she leave the office along with her projects. she then calls aakash nd raman in conference.
shagun: hey how’s the day?
raman: yah fine. did u get leave ?
shagun: yeah it’s a type of leave, like work at home. that idiot gave me 2 projects nd odered to complete within 3 days on thursday.
raman: oh. so aakash how’s ur day?
aakash: nothing fine i’m little busy. call u guys later.(ends the call)
shagun:oh… mere mangethar na bahuth kamkar raha hai…bechara.(oh my fiance is working so har, poor fellow)
raman: much love na? jst i missed it…becoz of my mistake…
shagun: raman plz forget it. jst calm down
raman: no shagun i can’t.
shagun: raman…
raman: ok fine…so have a happy work at home, make something special dor tonight dinner…we’ll have a party.
shagun: arey achanak kya hua?( what happened suddenly?)
raman: kuch nahi…party karne ka mood hai.( nothing i jst want to party) ok i’ll come home soon.i’ll have to manage both mine nd akhi’s work right.
shagun: ok bye.
raman: bye.(ends the call)
shagun while talking hits a lady….her mob falls nd the lady’s belongings fall.
shagun: oh…i’m sry…. i didn’t see
picks her mob nd turns to the lady.shagun gets shocked seeing the lady.
shagun: u here.

the lady is vandita.
vandu: hey shagun!!! how r u? what a pleasent surprise.!
shagun: i’m fine vandu akka…how r u guys…? appa, amma nd…..ishu.
vandu: ya they re fine.
shagun: how’s abhi jiju…is he fine?
vandu: ya.. absolutely. u know v had a baby girl too named sritija.
shagun: oh….that’s u guys r leaving here?
vandu: yah here in this area…come let’s go to our home. we’ll have some coffee nd i’ll show u my pretty girl.
shagun: but akka…
vandu: shagun, no formalities…come along with me na come.
shagun thinks: i can meet ishu there, nd she’s the one who can make raman back to his life. i can do this for him as a friend.
shagun: ok akka.
they got into vandu’s car.

shagun meets ishu.

Credit to: priya k

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  1. Its Awesome…….. I am Really very Eagerly to waiting for read Ur next episode………I am Soooo excited to know what happened between ISHRA???????????????

    1. Yes u ll soon find the reason btw ishra s separation in the coming episodes…
      And by d way thanks for Ur comment.

  2. Wow episode was too good.. My brain is just cracking to know what happened to ishra.. I think they got separated due to some misunderstanding .. As Raman said its due to my small mistake.. But hope ishra patches up soon..

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