You R My Life part 18


hi guys…. i know u guys r in a little confusion i’ll jst clear it. there’s 3 yrs leap in my story, where raman shagun nd aakash live together in delhi in one apartment.
so coming to today’s episode…it starts with aakash nd shagun r worried abt raman whereas raman in his room opens his diary nd writes something.
in mean time he founds ishu’s pic in that diary. he took her pic nd cries.
raman: ishu….in theen saalon mein mera sab kuch badal gaya…..par ek cheez hai jo nahi badli… aur vo hai tere liye mera pyaar. ha ishu mein abhi bhi tumse bahuth pyaar kartha hun…meri jaan se jyada.( in these 3 yrs everything has changed but one thing which was n’t changed is my love towards u, yes ishu i love the most more than my life.)
i can’t even regret my mistake what i have done…. i’m sry ishu….i’m reallly really sry. plz ishu forgive me.

meanwhile door knocks
aakash: raman…. open the yaar
shagun: i’m sorry raman forgive yaar….. it jst came by anger…plz open the door.
raman: plz guys i want some time to adjust myself…plz leave me alone for sometime.
shagun: i don’t know how can we bring back our raman yaar? i’m missing him.
aakash: don’t worry baby everything will be alright.
they both hug each other.
after n hour raman came out.
shagun sees him nd says: thank god u came out raman, orelse..
aakash: orelse she would eat my brain to do something nd get u out.
raman laughs….
shagun: u think like this abt me…?
aakash: then what u ve done?
shagun: i would ve begged u.
aakash: ooo drama queen stop ur drama…..i know u vry well.
shagun: aakash….( beats him)
raman couldn’t control his laughter.

aakash: ok meri ma i’m sry…see this duffer na laughing seeing our fight…
raman: arey what did i do yaar…u both r fighting… y to involve me?
shagun: ok ok stop ur fight nd come let’s have dinner it’s already 9:00 pm.
raman nd aakash look at each other.they whisper to each other…
aakash: drama isne shuru kiya aur ilzam hum pe..?(she started drama nd blaming on us)
raman: hah yaar…badi drama queen hai… kaise jelogi zindagi bar is drama queen ko?(yes she’s a big drama queen…how will u bear this dq for ur life long?)
aakash: mujhe bhi ye samaj nahi araha hai… (i too don’t know what to do)
shagun: kya chip chip kar rahe ho? (what r u guys whispering?)
aakash: ha…nothing darling…come yaar raman let’s have dinner.
they had their dinner nd went to balcony…
raman: akhi tell me one thing when will ur d- day come..?
aakash: which d- day?
raman: bhool gayi…?( forgot..?)
aakash: arey tell me clearly na.
raman: the day which spoils ur bachelorhood.
shagun: raman y r u saying it..? by the way it’s this saturday…weekend na.
aakash: what r u guys talking abt?
raman: this duffer can’t reach yaar hagun u jst explain him…i’m fed up with him.
shagun: aakash baby… raman is talking abt our engagement… do u get that.

aakash: oh…! yah it’s this saturday, there’s lot to do yaar…lot of office work nd lot of shopping.
raman: don’t worry abt office i’ll manage ur’s nd mine.
shagun: even i ve to take nd dad r arriving friday…when will ur parents come aakash?
aakash: u know na they’ll come on that day itself.
raman: so all the arrangements r done?

shagun: no yaar some were left…venue was decided nd invitations were sent but…decorator was not decided yet, also catreering
aakash: don’t worry i’ll manage it tomorrow…u jst focus on ur work…as my boss gave me permision, right raman.
raman: yah yah.
shagun: ok fine i’m sleepy, moreover i ve to impress my boss with my work nd grab a leave for this week.
aaksh: yah i too have to roam here nd there for my d-day.
shagun: goodnight baby.bye
aakash: goodnight.
shagun goes.
aakash: let’s sleep yaar.

raman: u jst go i’ll come later.
aaksh: but…
raman: plz akhi.
aakash: ok but come fast to sleep.

shagun talking on phone nd hits a lady.
shagun: i’m sry..i didn’t see..
the lady turns….shagun is shocked seeing the lady.

Credit to: priya k

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