You R My Life part 17


Hi guys….soo sorry for the laaaaatttteee update….as I’m having my board exams…they were completed nd i m a free bird now…??.hope u guys forgive me.
Nd coming to the track there’s a leap in these episodes….
Precap : ishra’ s romantic dinner nd Raman ‘s proposal.
The episode starts with a man sitting on a bench in a park, who was lost in his memories which were binded with that park. He was none other than Raman Kumar Bhalla. He’s having spects looking class wearing a black suit. Meanwhile a person from behind hold him. Raman turn nd looked at him.

Raman: akhi….u here ?
Aakash: why r u doing here man? Won’t you leave this place….I’m searching for u nd see, u here r lost in some other world.
Raman : how can I forget this place akhi, which the most close to my heart, which makes me smile nd which reminds me that I’m….( a small drop of tear rolled frm his eyes).
Aakash: shhh…calm down Raman. OK come let’s go it’s a big day for us right.
Raman: ya of course I m sry I troubled u on it day.
Aakash: shut up Raman how many times I should tell you that no srrys btw buddies.
Raman: OK OK let’s go.
They went to their flat nd rang the doorbell. A lady opens the door. She looks angrily at them.
Àakash : baby I’m really sorry. It’s all this duffer’s mistake…there’s no part of mine in this.
Raman: yaar akhi blaming me ?

Aakash: yah bcoz it’s ur fault to go there nd make my darling baby angry.
Lady: will u guys just shut up. How many times shld I tell u not to blame each other for ur mistake ? See Raman y r u always running towards that park. Plz yaar don’t again tell any other story.
Raman: but shagun…y guys feel happy with each other nd what abt myself…what shld I do with my happiness…. I search my happiness in that park.
Shagun: oh… So u feel happy staying there in that lonely park ? But not with us right.
Raman: it’s not like that shagun.
Aakash: Raman…
Shagun: leave Na aakash, let him do what he wants to do.
Raman angrily goes to his room, locks his room door nd cries.
Aakash, shagun worry for him.

shagun: how can we bring our Raman back yard? I’m so worried for him.
Aakash: baby don’t worry everything will be alright.
Both hug each other.

Credit to: Priya k

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  1. Happy that u r back.. But what happened in ishra life? Where is ishu? Hope the answer comes in next epi.. Waiting. .

    1. oh.. thank u… nd ofcourse u’ll know the answer soon in the coming epiosdes

  2. Welcome priya

    1. thank u angel for ur greetings.

  3. Welcome Back………..But What Happened in ISHRA’S life?????Where is Ishu ?????Plzzzzz Update regularly now onwards…….Plzzzzz….I am eagerly waiting to read what happens next????

    1. oh thank u soo much…reshma pradeep.
      yah i ve already uploaded the next part.

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