You R My Life part 16


hey guys….. vry vry vry long gap betwn us right. but i’m really sry for that.i hope this episode makes u all feel u got…..

the episode starts with ishra having a tight nd emotional hug. they broke their hug. raman stares at ishu.
ishu: oh my prince… crying like a baby…?(wipes his tears)
raman: no yaaar…. actually i thought i’ll lost u….but… u re amazing.
ishu: raman don’t ever say that i’m always urs….nd ll be with u forever….i love u.
raman smiles.
ishu: will u jst stare or do something.
raman: what shld i ve to do?
ishu: i’m soo hungry raman….
raman: oh i’m sry let’s have it.
they had a romantic candle night dinner.after they were talking talking nd talking abt their chilhood movements…. their first meet…. raman’s love for ishu… nd ishu’s for raman…so on…..
ishu: raman do u know?

raman what?
iahu: actually i had dreamt this incident i mean our confession befoe i realized my love towards u!!!!
raman: what really?
ishu: yes raman believe me. the same place…same dress sane word….wow how cute.
raman: i can’t beleave it…. anyways i’m happy that we re unite.
after a while when ishu remember’s her home…
ishu: omg what’s the time?
raman: oh…it’s 11: 55.
ishu: what?!!!! 11:55!!!…..raman come let’s leave oeelse it’ll be a big prblm.
raman: ishu calm down nothing ll happen… i’m there na.
ishu: that’s what my prblm….if anyone knew that i’m not at home ?….don’t know what to explain.
raman: y ll u girls be so tensed for a small thing ? jst relax.
ishu: u don’t know raman we girls ll have many questions to face frm our elders at home. by the way it’s no time for explaining ll u come.
raman: ishu ishu plz jst relax.i’m here with u u trust me right.
ishu: but raman…
raman: ishu jst close ur eyes
(she refuses…he insists…she closes her eyes.he came close to ishu… holds he waist nd puts her too close to him….)
ishu: raman what re u doing?
ishu: jst close ur eyes nd do not try to open.
his watch makes a beep sound which reminds 12:00 am.
raman whispers to ishu: happy valentines day ishu.
ishu opens her eyes smiling.
ishu: same to u my prince….

saying this she hugs. he hugs her back.
raman: so let’s go
ishu: ya… it’s getting late.
raman drops ishu home.later he toogoes to his home. they both slept think their date.

valentine’s day celebrations…. aakash nd shagun’s gift…..raman’s fight for ishu.

sry for making this episode so smalll next time i ll make sure it’ll be big one. sry once again….nd the next part ll be in 2 or 3 days.

Credit to: priya k

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  1. Plz update regularly…

  2. Its OK yaar…….But only 2 or 3 days gap na……….Make the next one bit long ………& This one is just Awesome……???????

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