You R My Life part 15 (second half)

here’s the 2nd part….
the manager leaves shaowing the table to ishra.
ishu: wow raman i love this surprise…nd thank u for that.
raman: this is now the actual surpise.
he make ishu stand in the middle of the garden…. nd took a box with diamond ring….he bent on his knees nd said…
raman: ishu… u wanna know what u re for me right i wanna say it now….the day when u came into my life…i’ve deciede that u re the important person in my life…whenever i had a smile in my face it means i think abt u nd that’s the reason for my smile…. i love u ishu will u marry me?
ishu then remembers the same incident came in her dreams… same place nd same clothes.she was totally impressed….but no expression on her face.
raman: yaar ishu say something.
ishu: i don’t know how to react raman.
raman: what do u mean?
ishu: really raman i didn’t expect this frm u.
raman: mean u don’t love me?
ishu: i’m sry if it hurts u but no.
raman: plz ishu don’t play with my emotions. say it.
ishu: really raman…. i don’t love u… i love someone else.
raman is shocked…. he’s almost to cry….he turns to leave.
ishu: re u leaving?(he nods) at least have the food nah it’ll be wasted.
raman: i’m sry but can’t.bye.
ishu: i don’t love u raman…(he stops while going) yes what u have heard is right i don’t love u. i love my best friend, my well wisher nd my idiot RAMAN KUMAR BHALLA..the most most nd the most.
he gets shocked hearing this. he turns to ishu nd sees ishu smiling.
ishu: yes….only u have right to joke?
he remembers the morning incident where he joked with her nd laughs.he came near ishu.
raman: means u…(ishu smiles nd nods) will u say it once again?
ishu: see raman bhalla… ishita bhalla will say anything once… i’m sry i can’t do anything if u didn’t hear.
raman smiles nd says: ishu plz for me once.
ishu: ok….. i love you raman…… fine.
raman gets emotional nd hugs her. she hugs him back. he makes ishu wear the diamond ring. she feels happy nd hugs.

valentine’s day celebration’s

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