You R My Life part 15 (first half)


hello everyone here is the special episode for u all guys….as it is long i ve made it 2 parts… is first half of the episode……
the episode starts with raman paying the bill nd coming towards ishu…
raman: come on let’s go.
ishu: ok fine.
they went out finds raman car no where…
raman: OMG!!! i think akhi took my car… how’ll we go now.?
ishu: no prblm raman let’s go by train…
raman: yah even we don’t have other option..come on
they went to the station nd found a train redy waitnig for them. they went in….. after a while a huge crowd… came in the train….all were sticked to each other. ishra was soo close to eachother.
raman: ishu u asked me to tell my secret right.
ishu: yes will u tell now?

raman: no no not now… actually it’s surprise… i think it’s the right time to express it…. so i wanna say it in this eve….
ishu: really?
raman: yes… so get redy for that surprise… for now u jst go home…. nd i’ll pick u up in eve. to show ur… surprise.
ishu: i’ll be waiting for….
saying this she goes to her home….
ishu: i think raman wants to propose me….. omg… i soo excited… i shld look beautiful.
she goes to her room nd searches for a perfect dress…. she selects a beautiful saree nd irons it. kept aside.she gets ready in that saree. meanwhile vandu comes nd sees her.
vandu: arrey wah ishu looking beautiful r u going to any marriage.
ishu: no aaka… i’m…ah… going to a party… we four friends want to celebrates so kept a party for our success.
vandu: party?
ishu: ah..
vandu: ishu will anyone go to a party in kanjivaram saree u re too bring ishu all will laugh at u.
ishu: y akka isn’t it good?
vandu: that’s what i’m saying….. u ve to be stylish don’t have any other clothes accept these sarees?
ishu:no akka…
vandu: u re disgusting ishu wait…(she goes nd came back with a dress) here ishu wear this it’s my dress… it is gifted to me by abhi on vatentine’s day when he proposed me…
ishu: but how can i/ jiju gifted u na…it wont be nice.
vandu: actually ishu now this won’t fit me as i became soo fat… i think this ‘ll fit u more than me so try it once… nd no more arguments.

ishu: ok akka… nd thanxs.
after few mins ishu came out in a beautiful pink nd white long frock… with open hair.
seeing her vandu says: wow ishu this perfectly suits u…. really looking gorgeous… if anyone sees u na i’m sure ki he’ll propose u.
ishu: really akka? thenk u
vandu: ok ishu u enjoy ur party i’m going for dinner with abhi… he jst called me ok bye.
ishu: bye akka enjoy!! (vandu goes)
ishu waits for raman…. looses her patience nd calls him
ishu: hello raman where re u ?
raman: i’m in my home.
ishu: what re u doing?
raman:u know ishu today is india finals with australia… the match is soo intresting nd i think india will win for sure.
ishu: r u crazy raman? u said me that u’ll give me a surprise….. made me wait here…..i won’t talk to u.
raman: oh… i jst forgot abt it…sry ishu i’ll be there in 5 mins. ok?( cuts the call) how did u forget abt her raman… it’s all becoz of this stupid match….raman is this u? u called the match stupid….omg u ve changed… ok ok let’s get ready…
he went to his room…. took his best grey coat nd got redy…. went to his car… drove fast to ishu’s home. he calls ishu.
raman: ishu i’m here out of ur house come fast.

ishu: i said u na i won’t talk with… i don’t need any surprise.
raman: ishu don’t become childish come fast… think it’s a big surprise…..
ishu: even i don’t want it keep it with u.
raman: accha sry i really forget seeing that stupid match.
ishu: is this u who called the match stupid…? ok i’ll come
ends nd came down to raman…… raman was mesmerized seeing ishu in that frock….
raman: wow ishu looking soo goegeous… i though u’ll come in that boring saree but really i have no words.
ishu: oh thank u.
raman: ok come let’s go
ishu: hm.. where r we going..?
raman: i don’t want to reveal my surprise. so pls i request u not to start ur rapid fire round ok.
ishu made a puppy face.
ishu: ok i won’t start ask u any ques.
raman: then let’s go.

they went to a restaurent.raman goes to the manager.
raman; i ve booked a table in the name of raman bhalla cld u show it to me?
manager: yes ofcourse sir come with me.
the manager takes them to the top floor… to the terrace….there it’s like a garden like atmosphere with full of diffrent colours of roses nd table for two. ishu thinks that she ve seen this palce somewhere.
the manager: sir here’s ur table…with hot meals… enjoy the evening sir.
saying this he leaves.

(the remaining part in the next half i’ll be soon posting it)

Credit to: priya

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar……….Soooooo Romantic.. …………….WoW……..I loved it…… Eagerly waiting for your next half yaar………Don’t make it post late……….

  2. i was waiting for ur ff since a long its super waiting for nxt episode

  3. Nice surprise i think

  4. Where is d second part ma……. I’m waiting from that time

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