You R My Life part 14

hi everyone…. thank u for ur support… nd plz comment as i’ll have a feeling that my ff’s liked by u all nd i may get new thoughts…. so plz comment below.
so here’s the next part….

precap: there’s a lil misunderstanding in the accident… scene …. ishu thinks it raman… but raman is safe…
the episode starts with raman in his room thinking how to prpose ishu. whwereas ishu in her room thinking abt raman….
ishu: this raman na made my life vry complicable…. how can i say him that i love him…. what ishu? it’s ur results day tmr… but ur thinking abt raman? evry year u won’t sleep… thinking abt the results.. but today u’re not sleeping thinking how to express ur feeling to that idiot…?!!!!…..but it’s a matter to think right….Hm…yes! i’ll say it to him tmr…but what if he don’t have those feeling towards me?…. i’ll express them indirectly…OMG!!! it’s 11:00 pm… come on ishu sleep orelse u’ll sleep in the collage tmr.
saying this she sleeps .

The next morning in the collage…. prnciple gave a huge speech nd motivates the students to be serious in their careers hereafters…. nd announced that ishu was topper in medical section… all were clapping for her….. raman, aakash nd shagun congrts her… she took her medal nd certificate, aft a while it’s for MBA students…. the principal announced that… raman was 1st, raman was in hell shock he didn’t believed….he took his medal nd certificate with him…. but was in still shock. then principal announced the second as shagun nd third as aakash. they too were in hell shock. they took their medals nd certificate.
the 4 friends were in full josh nd happy with their results. aftr they went to a cafe near by…..
aakash: yaar raman did u ever thought of being first in the collage…?
raman: no yaar…
shagun: u know i didn’t even think in my drms… even still i’m in a delema that is this real or dream?
ishu pinches shagun.

shagun: aaaa…..!!!!
ishu: i think now u came to know what is reality right?
shagun: wow ishu… thank u for making me realise….( she pinches her)
ishu: aaaa!!!! r u mad shagun? i thought of aking u realise.
aakash nd raman laughs.
raman: shagun…. u shld have pinched her even more harder.
ishu: oh really? ( pinches ramana)
raman: aa…!!
ishu: raman is this hardness enough or….
raman: r u mad… iknow that u r JHANSI KI RANI… no need to prove it ok?
ishu makes n angry face….aakash pulls raman aside nd says….
aakash: yaar raman u told that u’ll prpose her today… but if u fight with her nd make her angry then how’ll u propse her?
raman: akhi i ve my plans…
aakash: oh what’s that? ( raman whispers something to aakash) ok ok fine i’ll do it.
raman: but be careful that ishu shuldn’t know this.
aakash: ok ok. come le’ts do it.( they went near the girls)
shagun:where ve u guys gone?
aakash: washroom.

ishu: at a time…?
shagun: may be the want company for eachother…! ( shagun nd ishu laugh…. the boys were making nd embarassing face)
aakash: ok shagun let’s go.
shgun: but where?
aakash: yaar i told u abt my shopping na…( he signals her she understood)
shagun: oh….!!! sry aakash i jst forgot abt it…. u told me yesterday na…hm. ok come let’s go
ishu: ok then let’s go.
raman: no no how’ll u go? u shldn’t.
ishu: but y?

shagun: actually we re going to ….
aakash: shop for u as u won this medal… so it’s a surprise… it won’t be a surprise if u come with us right? ok le’ts go shagun.( they went away)
ishu: hm… so raman re u happy that u won this medal…?
raman: u know i was in a shock… my mind was blocked hearing my name… really i’m happy. moreover i was happy for u too.
ishu: an i’m happy for me nd for u too…actually raman i want to ask u a thing.
raman: oh come on ask me.
ishu; i jst wanna ask what i’m for u ?…. i mean.. what do u think abt me…?
ramn: hm… ur an intelligent student.. in fact a medical student, nd good, kindhearted, well mannered girl…hm..
ishu: raman did i ask u to say my character…. plz answer for my question properly.
raman: ok then u re beautiful, courageous, cute, gorgeous, nd…
ishu: raman..!!!! stop it yaar… i’m fed up with u. will u say or not?
raman: okok i’ll say….. u re . my… jhansi ki rani, my best friend, nd my well wisher .
ishu: that’s it?

raman smiles nd says: yah… that’s it… what did u expect frm me?
ishu angrily: nothing. nd thanks for ur compliments…( turns to leave)
raman hold her hand nd stops: re u leaving…?
ishu angrily: yes… leave me.
raman: alteast have this coffe nd go… it’ll be wasted na.
ishu: jst leave me raman i don’t need it… nd here’s my bill.u no need to pay for it
raman: see ishu.. i can’t bear ur anger… so sorry for making u anger, plz talk with me i jst joked .

ishu smiles a lil but hides.
raman: sry meri ma talk with me.
ishu: ok.
raman: hm… that’s my ishu… then come have coffee
ishu: no i don’t have mood.i’m going home.
raman: wait i’ll drop u.but wait i’ll go nd pay the bill.
ishu smiles seeing him.

ishra confession.

My next episode will be on valentine’s day i.e. sunday… so get ready for the confession of ishra, nd it’ll be a long episode…. it’s especially for u guys.

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